Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sister Erin Echols 5.4.2015

Hi family! I'm so sorry that this week is going to be another short email! We had lots of fun and the weather was absolutely stunning. It's real now, I'm starting to get super tan and I couldn't be more thrilled. hahaha. There are many people here who ask what ethnicity I am because in certain lights I look really dark and in others, I looks really tan, it confuses people. Especially now, I have a mix between an American, Mexican, and Australian accent, so people really think I'm exotic. Some people think I have a speaking impediment, but really, I'm having a hard time keeping all these languages separate. Ha! A man tossed a gun to me and I for sure thought my life was over, I thought he was going to do a duel and shoot me, but I tossed the gun back at him and told him that missionaries can't hold guns, he laughed and said how he knew I was a good missionary because I followed the rules. HA! It was so scary! I caught a dragon fly out of the air in front of an investigator, and they asked how I did that. I told them… reflexes and the spirit. They then asked how soon they could be baptized so they could get the spirit. Hahahahahahahah! God worlds in mysterious ways!!!!!! MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #nationalstarwarsday I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO MENTION MY TANNESS!!!!!! MOM: Those karate kid pics are epic! We'll have to do fun stuff like that when I come home!!!!! DAD: You seem to be sick a lot lately. What happened to your immune system of steel? JENNIFER: I'm so sorry Dace Face fell on his face! It kind of goes with his name though. hahaha. Poor kiddo. I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks! Do you know if you'll be at the airport yet? MICHAEL: You emailed me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! Literally, it's been about 6 months boi!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your pictures! IT made my day! I can't believe you ran five miles! I can barely make it from my bed to the alarm clock without falling over! Ha! KEVIN: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN"T WAIT TO GO SEE THE AVENGERS 2 WITH ME!!!!! It would have only been 2 weeks!!!! You bum! I guess you'll just have to see it again when I come home! BROOKE: Thanks for all the funny quotes. Ha. I laughed a lot. Is Brayan cool? What's his ethnicity? Are you going to go out with him again? You dating queen you! We WILL be going to Australia! I'll keep an eye out for the chapstick, but it doesn't look familiar at all. NATHA: I can't wait to skype you twice! #mothersday #airport. You're technically my second mom, so it's allowed for you to skype me. :D:D:D:D:D::D RANDOMNESS: ***I was walking next to a bush when a kid jumped out to scare us and I punched him in the chest and shoved him back in the bush #reflex. It was a member's kid who was just trying to scare us, but I got the best of it. Don't worry, I didn't hurt him, it just startled him. Ha. *** I ate pork loin and thanked the family for the delicious turkey loaf. They couldn't stop laughing, *** Everyone has been making fun of me for Elder Steele and I. Hahahahaha. They all face book stalk him! BYE!!! Well I am Off to the Aquarium today! QUESTIONS: 1. What has been your biggest challenge this week? A sister that we're over decided to go all turbo an turn into an alien. She loathes me and is not afraid to make my life Hell. We've been working with the APs and President to get her under control. It's been a nightmare. 2. What has been your biggest concern? Where we're going to skype from. Haha. Our wards are still in shock so nobody is really functioning normal. 3. What has been your biggest success? I gained courage and faith and did what my leaders asked me to do and personally confront the sister. I haven't been so nervous in a long time. 4. Who has been your favorite person this week? Why? The AP's Elders Savage and Pehrson. Them and us are covering both wards so we work a ton together. 5. What has been your most significant tender mercy? We're assigned to both wards for the next several weeks. I get to see all my peeps and new ones too. I'm now in the Roner's ward who served with Brooke in the TKN. 6. What are you looking forward to this coming week? We're going to the aquarium today!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Nobody ever gets permission to leave their zone, but we've done it twice now! 7. Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it. We're going to try to meet most of our new ward members which in total is about 300. Ha. This may take some time! 8. Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week? Jacob 1:19

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