Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sister Erin 4.27.2015

Well family..... Yesterday was such a sad day!!! They split our ward so drastically! 2 wards lost 5% of their members, Whitewater lost 15% of their members and we lost 70% of ours!!!!!! But, amidst all the chaos, there are some blessings. We now have a bishop from the Whitewater ward and the Harding’s are in our ward!!! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week, I made a discovery, the more time I spend out in the sun, the darker I get! I never get burnt! But I just keep getting tanner! :) For PDAY today, we're going to the lake and having a picnic on the docs, I'm super excited. I just love the outdoors and I think I'll never go inside once I get home. Can you believe I only have 3 pdays left? It's crazy sauce, but we'll see how awkward I can be. There’s not much to write about because I have to write President Harding still. Sorry I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MUSHROOMS LIKE TO BE SLIMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM: Can you send me an insurance card? I think it's absolutely hilarious how trunky you are! DAD: I can't believe Elder Perry has cancer!!!!!!!! NO!!! I love him! I'm happy the fence is fixed. Do you remember when we would climb it and just stand on it? Well, it was getting kind of wobbly the last couple of years so we couldn't do it anymore, I'm glad it’ll be brand spankin' knew for when I'm home! JENNIFER/BRIAN: Thanks so much for both of your emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, time is coming quickly to an end, so you will never have a missionary again until your kiddos go in the next 20 years. So, you might as well enjoy writing a missionary while time lasts. KEVIN: I really enjoy your weekly sentence. :) They're always basically the same, but it makes me feel like you care about me> So thanks! Why are you going to Rexburg? BROOKE: Your glow worm lesson must have been amazing!!!! Was it so hard teaching without a companion? There's no way I could ever do that! NATHA: I'm so sad your computer is being lame! Is Montana getting warm yet? Or is there still bunches of snow? Have everyone in MT write me while I still have time!

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