Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sister Erin 4.13.2015

Family............... This was the moooooooooooooooooooost frustrating week eva! It turns out that I've officially served for over 18 months so they shut down my email account. I couldn't email at all when everyone else was able to. I wanted to punch a cat. I sent a letter yesterday explaining to you all the things that happened on Monday (yesterday) and I seriously thought my mind was going to explode. I was sooooooooo frustrated. This past week, good ol' President Harding had to have another surgery. His tumors in his abdomen have grown back and the whole mission was fasting and praying for him. Poor man. He had surgery on Thursday and was released from the hospital yesterday. Since we couldn't email, we heart attacked the mission home just as the AP's were driving to ATL to pick him up. We smothered his door in corazon and picturas. I'm pretty sure he's going to think we're all weird because we took the most random pictures. The door looked pretty epic afterwards and when we went running, the people driving by starred at us for the longest time because there was a group of girls wearing skirts, just sprinting it down the calle. When I was vacuuming, our vacuum exploded and fire and smoke went everywhere so I threw it off the balcony. It was so intense! When I was in the shower, cleaning all the dust off from the vacuum, a pipe inside the wall of the shower ruptured and water went everywhere. Our apartment flooded and our elders had to come running over to turn off the water. I was soaking wet in my pj's because I threw on the closest clothes I had. It was horrible. So, we pee at gas stations and shower at members' houses and other missionaries' apartments. We have no running water until they can fix our apartment. This past week here in PTC was spring break. And since everybody here works for Delta, for any type of break, everyone travels the world. So, PTC became a ghost town for a week! We knocked on countless doors and no one was home. I got the biggest callace on my knuckle. and we weren't able to share the gospel with ANYBODY that whole week. But, then comes along Sunday night and BAM! Everyone was sooooo interested! In a matter of un hora, we got 9 new investigadores and invited 15 people to be baptized!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!! Trial of our faith right?!!?! Ether 12 really explains our week! That just means milagros are going to happen next semana! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WATER LOVE TO GET EVERYTHING SOAKED! Mom: Hahahahaha. It's hilarious how similar everyone thinks Brooke and I are! She's outgoing and I’m shy! Didn't you just love sister Burckle?????? She's the bomb diggity! Dad: Belgian waffles sound soooooooo good right now! I'm trying to eat gluten free with Mahoney because it's easier for her. She's allergic. But believe me, when I get home, I'll be chowing down on waffles, bread, rice, snacks, crackers, pretzels, and everything else with gluten in it! Jennifer: Kiss your kiddos for me! And help them get excited for when I return! Kevin: No way! Straight A's? Well, there's a first time for everything! Ha. Just kidding! Crazy sauce that you got to see Matt and Bill! I miss those guys! Brooke: I LOVE that you got to meet my GAM peeps!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all soooo much! And, yes, I knew Rawlings was engaged to Kristen Huntsman. They're so funny. It sounds like you're having a ball and a half with mis amigos! Hahaha Natha: Sorry I didn't get to chat with you today; my computer stuff was all wack. RANDOMNESS: ***I killed a total of 87 cockroaches in our apartment this week. I was such a boss! But, I was starting to run out of things to kill them with so I had to use a rolled up Ensign Magazine. Tell me about it.... I felt like such a sinner! But, I said a prayer and told God that if he didn't want his creations to be murdered, don't bring them in our apartment. We had about 35ish last week, and I'm pretty sure God heard my prayer because the numero over doubled the following week. *** when our apartment was flooding, I was running around the apartment trying to find something I could do, so I ran and grabbed my screwdriver and realized that a screwdriver would be powerless agains the cascading water so I ran and grabbed a plunger and started to plunge water down the drain of the tub because it was coming out so fast! *** I called the housing coordinating missionary later in the day about the vacuum incident and she asked what happened when the vacuum caught on fire. I told her that I threw it off the balcony. She paused. After a momento, she had me say it again and so I did. When I repeated myself, on the other line was a room full of people cracking up laughing. She had put the phone on speaker and had everyone listen. I'm now known as a vacuum killer in the mission office among all the senior couples hahahahahahaha *** it down poured so much this week that the only ground your feet don't sink into is concrete or asphalt. Everything else is like quicksand and you get sucked into it! *** I was running on our treadmill and playing with a soccer ball at the same time and I ended up throwing up the soccer ball into the air, laying down on the treadmill, being shot off the back of the tread mill and still catching the soccer ball. Mahoney saw it and asked if I was a ninja por mi vida. ha It was so epic! *** I've eaten more Mexican food in the past couple weeks, than I have my entire mission combined! BUT I LOVE IT! *** by talking to some people, multiple people have said that my English has significantly decreased. Haha. I've noticed that I have a hard time thinking in English. I think in Spanish but I can't speak it, but I can't even speak in English either. Haha. So half the time my tongue is run around in circles. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE SPEED COCKROACHES CAN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #i'mfaster #insectSlayer #NinjaWithAnEnsign #iMuerte! QUESTIONS: 1. What has been your biggest challenge this week? My email account was disabled. Just kidding. My comp gets sick super easy, so we don't really do as much work as I would like to. 2. What has been your biggest concern? Our apartment flooded so we now have no running water. 3. What has been your biggest success? I killed 87 cockroaches in our apartment this week. 4. Who has been your favorite person this week? Why? President Harding. He's such a trooper! And he's doing well from his surgeries! 5. What has been your most significant tender mercy? The Kratchens and Jenkinsons fed us dinner on Sunday. It was way fun and the food was soooo good! 6. What are you looking forward to this coming week? Most of the citizens of PTC are back in town so we'll be able to talk to some people. :D 7. Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it. Even on the days where my comp can't work, I'm going to make a bazillion phone calls to keep the work going from the apartment. 8. Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week? Peace be with thee. My peace I give unto thee. Not as the world giveth unto thee, but as I give unto thee. Something like that.

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