Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sister Erin 3.30.2015

Holy. Cow. Family...... This week was so weird! We were running home one night to make it home by curfew and Sis Mahoney tripped and fell and slid on the asphalt and she scraped herself up pretty badly, and she was not able to work for several days because she was in such pain. But, I cleaned her up pretty good and she is well on her way to health and strength again and she's doing great. I'm pretty sure she got a concussion too because she smacked her head on the parking lot and her glasses went flying. I wanted to cry because I felt so bad for her but the only thing that came out of me was an uncontrollable laugher. Ha. I couldn't stop, I felt awful. Ha Ok...... so yesterday, we got 14 member present lessons!!!!!! We had 3 at church!!!!!!!!! We found 6 new investigator families!!!!!!!!!! We passed out 28 #BecauseHeLives cards!!!!!!!!!! We gave 17 blessings to people!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our AP's and other leaders called us because they said that we're the most effective missionaries in the GAM and in the US and possibly the world too because we work so hard! HUZZAH!!! PRAISE GOD!! It's so great! I don't think I've ever been so excited to report our numbers, but it was just an all around fabulous week because yesterday really made up for the rest of it. iHay que fantastica! It's been the craziest storm today. We got special permission to go to the zoo today up in ATL and it's been raining buckets and lightning and thundering insanely. Already, we look outside as we're wearing rain boots and we're wet. I hope it all works out!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you look at the bright side, it won't be too crowded because nobody else is crazy enough to go out in it! Wow! missionary service trains you for everything! Hahaha We're pros at standing out in rain!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN RAIN BOOTS SQUEAK WHEN YOU WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: The yard is absolutely bEaUtIfUl!!!! We just need to replace the brick with cute stones. :D And don't worry, the pictures don't make me homesick at all, I'll see it all in person pretty soon. Dad: You're so kind in helping everyone who comes to your door. I aerated this week, in a skirt. :D You would be so proud of me because I knew how to turn it on and off. My arms felt like a sack of jelly by the time I was about 5 minutes into it so I had to give it back to the man to do. I could barely drive because my arms tingled all day long. Ha #outofshape I need to play some sports so I can get back into shape! Jennifer: I'm so excited that you get to work with Brooke! Have fun at her store this week! Kevin: Weird, your 2 hours of sleep last night reminds me of everyday of my mission thus far! Brooke: Those blast from the past pictures are preciosa! And... I look ridiculously buff in one of them! Hahahaha Aren't my GAM peeps just the bomb diggity??? I love them sooooo much! For sure, we'll be friends for LYFE!!!!!!!!!! The color run looked crazily fun!!!! We have to do fun stuff like that when I get home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Natha: I've decided to include you on this list because you're faithful at writing me. :D You are mi familia! Thanks for letting me email you everything today, my mom's email is wigging out. RANDOMNESS: ***I caught a frog on a random person's doorstep this week and when I was holding it out to take a picture, it jumped up and landed on my name tag, I took a picture, and right after the picture, it jumped up and hit my face and landed and got tangled in my hair. Naturally, I started freaking out and jumped around like a mad woman and some how, I hit it out and still was freaking out and I ended up stepping on the poor thing. #restinpeaceFrankie ***I had an eating competition with a Mexican waiter at a restaurant and I owned him. He ate 9 tacos, I ate 11. I asked someone to hold my camera and take pictures, but they ended up "taking pictures" when the camera was off. But, I now have a lifetime offer of free tacos at this place called Los Mariachis. Muahahahaha ***an old man with Dementia (don't know how to spell it) was flirting with me. He asked me to marry him and I kindly said no. He took that as a yes and kept hitting on me. Ha ***I accidently stepped on a cat and it clawed it's way up my leg. I had no idea cats burrow in piles of leaves! I just jumped in it and found a painful surprise! ***I got bit by 2 dogs this week! 2!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN OLD MEN LIKE TO FLIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#he's4xmyage

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