Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Despite the weather and all the flight changes and plane transfers....she is HOME!!!!
Former Mission President and Sister Irion with Brooke.
Mr. Dace Face is happy to have his aunty back home.
Funny Story....When Brooke and the other 6 missionaries landed in New York City, they had an hour and a half layover, so they decided to leave the airport and get some food. When they came back they hadn't taken into consideration that they would have to go back through security....well needless to say, they almost missed their flight. Their names were being called over the loudspeaker because their plane was waiting for them. They almost spent more time in NY then they anticipated. They were able to see the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from the air coming into the city and then again leaving. While sitting on the tarmac they had to have the airplane de-iced because they froze up and lost all power in the plane. This delayed the flight by 45 minutes, but they made it out of the city soon.

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