Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, February 2, 2015

Erin 2.2.2015

Notice the Picture of The Bike who BROKE it all.... (Elbow, Wrist, Ulna and Shoulder! Oh Yes Fond Memories... Ok family, listen to this!!!! We had the craziest miracle this week. We had a total of 5 teamups in a span of 3 days with back to back appointments set. We were going to get to many member present lessons, at least 15 in just those 3 days! But, crazy thing happened. Every single one of our appointments fell through. Not a single soul answered the door. We tried our backups. We tried out backups' backups. And we tried our extra backups' backups. And still, nobody would talk with us. As we were driving back to our apartment with our teamup driving. The spirit prompted us to go a different route, so we did. As we were on that different route, I saw a family outside their abandoned house. This was Julia Solorio and her family! (I don't know if you remember me telling you about them or not, but we taught her and her 4 girls in the mission home a year ago). They were our goldenly solid family. On the day of their baptism, the girls were kidnapped so we had to cancel their baptism, a couple weeks later, I went home and never heard of them again. They moved and changed their number since I went home so we had no way to contact them. I yelled at out member to pull over and we ran to their house because I saw Julia. It turns out that their old house had been broken into and everything had been stolen so they had to bring Julia here to help solve it. The only day she would be back and we saw her! She burst into tears!!!! She was so happy to see us! She misses the gospel so very much in her life and her girls are starting to struggle a little bit. I promised her that if she read the Book of Mormon daily and prepared yet again for baptism, everything would fall into its place. She told me how she had been praying harder than ever before for guidance and that the thought of Sister Ellis and I kept popping into her head. She kept thinking about baptism and she didn't know why. HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that a miracle or what??????? I hope you have a splendid week. I love you! Oh! We had stake conference yesterday with Elders Suarez and Meredith of the 70. They came to reorganize the stake presidency, and BISHOP CORBRIDGE GOT CALLED INTO IT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'll miss him so much as our bishop, but now he can not only bless our ward, but our stake as well. He'll do amazing. I have no doubt. I got to talk with Elder Meredith (70) for a few minutes. He was in love with the idea that I had a twin sister serving so close to me. He introduced me to Elder Suarez (70) and we talked for a couple minutes too. I started speaking in Portuguese because he's from Brazil, but then I ran out of Portuguese so I switched to Spanish. He was highly amazed. Hahaha. It was so cool! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN A MISSIONARY LOVES MIRACLES!!!!!! Mom: Can you do me a favor? Can you send me pics, birthdates, and birth places of your siblings and my ancestors up to the 'great grandparents'? The pics need to be pretty little, so their face can fit in an inch's space. Is that making any sense? Dad: I had no idea Brad was even a member! Isn't that Brian's dad? Holy cow! When did he get baptized? Jennifer: I hope Dace Face gets potty trained soon! That'll make things way easier for you! Michael: I hope you're ok. You haven’t' written me in a million years, so I was worried you got paralyzed or something...... Kevin: What are you studying? Would you consider dating a Brazilian? haha. Just kidding, my comp is taken. Brooke: I nearly died of laughter when I read your knife story. It's hilarious. Your trio sounds like a party and a half! RANDOMNESS ***I got to speak with a general authority in 3 different languages! Portuguese, Espanol, and English! Huzzah! I'm still working on my Chinese too!!! *** I brought a bag of kisses into a conference with several hundred people. I leaned over to Shannon Clarke and offered her a kiss. The elders behind me gasped. I think they got the wrong idea. I don't think they knew I was talking about candy. Ha. It was my zone leaders too. Talk about awkward. *** I offered my investigator, Scott, a candy kiss as well. Thankfully he knew what I was talking about, but wow. The elders were still dying. ***We were in an 83 year old lady's house. She lives by herself and when she was walking to her chair, she brushed up against the wall and knocked down a ginormous painting. I leaped forward and dove to catch it. When I caught it, I slid on the ground and hit her chair. I broke one of the pegs with my head. It's a good thing that she's deaf because now when she rocks in her chair there's a huge boing sound every time. Haha. My head had the biggest lump on it for the next couple of hours. At least I saved her painting. *** I got to eat liver cake, it was surprisingly good. I was expecting it to be horrible, but it was so sweet! It was called Ruby Liver cake; it was red and so delicious! I never knew I would like liver! ***Aa cop complimented me on my outfit. I thought my life was over. I was positive he was going to frisk me and arrest me for life. I was so scared. But he just said that he likes my coat and boot combination. haha. I'm pretty sure I was sweating like a pig. (Which is weird because I guess pigs don't even sweat) I LOVE YOU MORE THAN OPERA SINGERS LOVE TO SING!!!!!!

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