Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, February 16, 2015

Erin 2.16.2015

Ok ok. This week was a roller coaster and a half. Sister Dutra and I have set up countless teamups and appointments so we could easily get 20 lessons with a member. Well, Satan is a punk as always and of course, EVERYTHING fell through. Our appointments, our back ups, our backups backups, and our members. It was so crazy. We planned exceptionally well, and it all fell through, but we kept trudging along and we eventually had some solid lessons with a member present. It was only a few, but we're working our way up there. Ha. We even had the solid active member guardian of our 2 investigators on date drop us yesterday. She came up to us during church and told us that they weren't ready to be baptized and to take a break from teaching them. I questioned on whether or not they were ready to be baptized or whether or not she was ready for them to be baptized. It was so heart breaking and I didn't know what to do. But, it's ok....... I did self defense on a guy this week! We were on exchanges and we were visiting a less active member of another ward. He's a pot head and super creepy so we decided we'd better leave. His wife was there too and she's also a pot head. As we were walking out the door, he lunged forward and grabbed me. And the wife grabbed my companion. He said he was giving me a big bear hug and wouldn't let go until I hugged him back. (He wasn't hugging me, I was in danger) The spirit clearly told me exactly what I needed to do and I calmly told him that if he didn't let me go, somebody would end up injured, and I knew that wasn't going to be me. He still wouldn't let me go, so.... I ran up the wall next to me and kicked myself off of a bench by their door. I flipped over him and when I was in the air above him, I grabbed one of his arms, when I came back down, I yanked his arm down. Which caused him to tumble to the ground while I landed nicely on my feet. He moaned in pain while his wife ran to his aid. I grabbed my companion and we ran for our lives. As we were running in the night, 2 other guys jumped out of nowhere and ran towards us. I basically was a ninja and slid into the feet of one of the guys which took him out. We evaded the other guy and ran to our car. Talk about a night full of adrenaline. #thanksforthespirit Well....... it's been a nice quiet week this week and I hope yours is full of peaceful moments as well, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE DREAMS!!!!!!! ;D Mom: Harley looks so much like Dace Face it's crazy! I'm so happy you got a good valentines dinner. I'm excited for those splendid meals when I come home. :D Dad: They're reorganizing our ward's boundaries in the next couple weeks!!! I'll be so heart broken when they do PTC and WW this upcoming month. Jennifer: I hope you had a great week with your kiddos! Michael: Write me hermano! Porfavor!!! Kevin: Thanks for the sentence, I'm glad you at least send something. Ha. I LOVE YOU! Brooke: Dear Brooke, meet Matt Laws, the end. RANDOMNESS: *** I ate rice pudding for the first time.... somebody tricked me into thinking I was tried fish eggs. I ate it and asked if they could take my picture with it, Turns out that it was just rice pudding. Ha *** I got such a nice compliment from the ward! Someone told me that before I came back to PTC, everyone was kind of laxidazical and not really doing anything, but when I came back, a fire reignited and everyone wants to jump on board with missionary work! *** I was trying to be nice and I made my companion breakfast. I cooked for like 50 minutes and finished the masterpiece. I made it look beautiful with strawberries and garnishes and it turns out that she's allergic to some of the ingredients I used. Ha. I guess it was the thought that counts? ***we witnessed a drug exchange last night outside of our apartment. We felt the spirit say something was very wrong when we were walking past a van outside. We quickly locked our doors once we got inside and turned off all the lights. We peeked through the window and watched a drug exchange! I poked my camera up and took some pictures of the guys so just in case there was a murder or anything, I could identify them. haha. It was so intense! We watched them for a good 30 minutes outside. #iloveatlanta ***I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF CRAZY PEOPLE I RUN INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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