Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brooke's Plane has been Cancelled 2.26.2015

Comedy relief...because Momma needs it right now. She has been put on a another plane and will be home at 8:47 pm. if all goes well.
Brooke's plane that was suppose to come in at 12:53 pm has been cancelled and she is now on a different plane and going from Knoxville Tennessee to Atlanta Georgia to New York to SLC and arriving at 8:47 pm. AND IT IS SNOWING IN ALL THOSE STATES! Here is to praying that she gets home tonight. There are 24 missionaries going home today from her area and only 6 of them are on a plane so far. I am hoping that all the other missionaries get on a flight even if it is one by one. #alotofstorms #someoneneedsthemissionariesmorethantheirfamilies #adventuresofanechols #luckyus
Erin saying goodbye to her Mission Sisters that she came out with, and was suppose to go home with.

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