Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sister Brooke 2.23.2015

At the mission office.
Sister Ramon's mom made us mumu's all the way from Micronesia!!)
...Well folks, I'll see you in a couple of days! But first, let me tell you about this crazy week. I'm a klutz...all in one day, I slipped on the ice and bruised my leg, got hit in the face with a falling icicle and scratched my cheek, and drop-kicked our phone into a wall at a baptism. All of that was an accident too. And, it was all in one day. Then......another EMERGECY TRANSFER!!!! (So far, I've had 3 emergency transfers in the last 3 months...) We are now in a quad-panionship. YUP! There's FOUR of us now. It's me, Hales, Ramon, and Rindlisbacher. Crazy!! She'll be with us until transfers on Wednesday. Me and Rindlisbacher go home at the same time. Her comp got really sick and had to go home early, so she's now part of the Pelli-Valley (Pellissippi/Hardin Valley) companionship!!! Well, I love you more than the number of times I'm a klutz! P.S. I haven't been able to get souvenirs because I'm really poor. I'll just be bringing back cigarette butts to show you guys. :) Really though, I haven't got souvenirs. :( Mom: I'm getting a hunch that you can't wait for me to come home... :) I emailed Matt with the address and stuff, but he's going to call you for more details I think. I'm so excited to go to Harley's baby blessing!!! I'm soooo happy Jen waited for me to get home! The Allgaier's are the "area medical doctor" which means that they cover all the southern missions. :) They live in ATL, but they come up to my mission all the time. Dad: I REALLY like the quote by President Reynolds. I'm going to use that. My mission has changed me. Not just ME, but who I'm going to be. I can't wait to work on the car!!!! See you soon! Kevin: I'll miss my mission. But, I love you guys too. My heart is in 2 different places right now. Jen: Harley is stinkin; cute! I can't wait for her baby blessing!!! Erin: I'm dying. I'll see you in a few months! I PROMISE to write you every week! I'm not just saying that either, I'll do it. My word is my bond. Our mission Vision is this... "His work, His way, by His power." Isn't that amazing?! I'll try to talk to people at the airports, but I don't have long layovers. I'll have time to get to my next flight, and that's basically it.

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