Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Brooke 2.18.2015

Hello Family! This week is going to be short... as you know, the library was closed for the holiday on Monday. Then, we've had blizzards since Monday morning, so the library has been closed due to the extreme weather. I'm actually emailing this from Sister Hales' aunt's house. Don't worry, I got permission from Prez. :) Well, this week, we've had some pretty exciting things going on around the Taj Mahal here in Knoxville. I'll tell you about it when I get home. Just ask me to tell you about our prayer over the phone. :) Hahahahaha! You'll laugh, I think. Well, I love you more than horses love to pose for pictures! Mom: I'll help you do spring cleaning if you want! I'm excited to do some service in pants! Dad: I love your strong testimony! It always makes me smile. God has blessed me to have grown up in a home where the Gospel was taught in its fullness. Kevin: I'm glad you had a good week! Thanks for writing me! Jen: You and Harley could be twins. Erin: Woah. My mission seems boring compared to yours. :) I’m so happy you're a boss and can take care of yourself. Hopefully, I'll get to meet M**t at Amy's wedding. I invited him, but he might be working, so we'll see. Even if I don't meet him then, I'll go down with Aldous and meet him. :)

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