Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, February 9, 2015

Brooke 2.09.2015

Family! I love you all! I LOVE WARM WEATHER! It's not that warm today, but it could be worse. This week was crazy. I'm never with my companions because we're always going on splits. Since we're covering both the Pellissippi ward and the Hardin Valley ward, we have twice as many lessons, appointments, meetings, meals, and team-ups. So, we always split up so we can get everything done. We got 200 more miles given to us, so HAPPY DAY! When we were in the HV ward yesterday, I had been asked to give the closing prayer in Sacrament, and when the time came, I completely forgot I was supposed to do it. I just kept looking around and thinking, "Alrighty folks, come on...who was supposed to give the prayer, it's not that hard." Everyone kept staring at me and I didn't figure out why. Then, a member of the bishopric who was conducting got up and was like, "And Sister Echols will be giving our closing prayer." I just gasped and ran up to the pulpit. Everyone bust up laughing because I finally remembered. What a good first impression for the new ward. Hahahahahaha! At least I didn't trip or start praying in Spanish. That would have been awkward. We had MLC this week. We were in meetings from 8:30 am until lunch for a half hour. Then we went until 6 when we had an hour lunch where me, Sister Hales, and the ZL's and AP's all went to dinner at Steak-n-shake. Then, we were in meetings until 9 pm. What a day. Well, that's all folks. My emails are going to be short because I'll be seeing you all in a couple weeks. I love you more than the number of buds you see on the trees in Tennessee! Mom: I see you're back to the countdown. :) Harley is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! We had 67 degree weather 2 days ago! Last Monday, it was a blizzard, then it was springtime, and today, it's down pouring. I think Tennessee weather is just as crazy as Utah weather. I can't wait for it to REALLY be spring time! Dad: I didn't get Grandma a birthday card!!!!! I feel like such a horrible person!!! Please tell her I'm so sorry! I hope she had a great birthday. I think I'll be able to give a talk about Baptism... Hahahahaha! I should hope I'd be able to speak on that! How long is it supposed to be? It's about baptism, so I could give a General Conference length talk about it... I'm so glad you know how to fix things. I want you to teach me more about that kind of thing when I get home. It's a good skill to have. Michael: I'm glad you emailed me. I'm with Erin on this one...time to write a handwritten letter. You only have a couple more weeks to do it, so you might want to get started. Kevin: I'm so glad you had a great week! I love Keiji. You two must be hilarious together. 1. When was the last time you went for a run/jog? Um, like 6 months ago... We do workout dvd's in the mornings. 2. If you were to join the circus, what would you perform? I would be one of the people to rides elephants probably. 3. List someone you know, and describe them in 5 words. Kevin: Sassy, hilarious, studly, nerdy, and strange. :) LOVE YOU! 4. If you had to be trapped in a 'TV show' for one month, what would it be, and why? Wizards of Waverly place! Hands down. I'd get to be best friends with Selena Gomez! 5. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? Gerard Butler...duh. :) We can see how righteous Erin is by her answer. My questions: If you had to change your accent, what would you change it to? If you had to be a General Authority, what would you choose to be over? When was the last time you read from the Book of Mormon? What was the last home-made meal you made yourself? Jen: Dace is the cutest big brother ever! Erin: I'm super nervous to go home. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. You and your shorts... :) I love it! You are so funny! We went on exchanges this week too!

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