Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brooke's Plane has been Cancelled 2.26.2015

Comedy relief...because Momma needs it right now. She has been put on a another plane and will be home at 8:47 pm. if all goes well.
Brooke's plane that was suppose to come in at 12:53 pm has been cancelled and she is now on a different plane and going from Knoxville Tennessee to Atlanta Georgia to New York to SLC and arriving at 8:47 pm. AND IT IS SNOWING IN ALL THOSE STATES! Here is to praying that she gets home tonight. There are 24 missionaries going home today from her area and only 6 of them are on a plane so far. I am hoping that all the other missionaries get on a flight even if it is one by one. #alotofstorms #someoneneedsthemissionariesmorethantheirfamilies #adventuresofanechols #luckyus
Erin saying goodbye to her Mission Sisters that she came out with, and was suppose to go home with.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sister Brooke 2.23.2015

At the mission office.
Sister Ramon's mom made us mumu's all the way from Micronesia!!)
...Well folks, I'll see you in a couple of days! But first, let me tell you about this crazy week. I'm a klutz...all in one day, I slipped on the ice and bruised my leg, got hit in the face with a falling icicle and scratched my cheek, and drop-kicked our phone into a wall at a baptism. All of that was an accident too. And, it was all in one day. Then......another EMERGECY TRANSFER!!!! (So far, I've had 3 emergency transfers in the last 3 months...) We are now in a quad-panionship. YUP! There's FOUR of us now. It's me, Hales, Ramon, and Rindlisbacher. Crazy!! She'll be with us until transfers on Wednesday. Me and Rindlisbacher go home at the same time. Her comp got really sick and had to go home early, so she's now part of the Pelli-Valley (Pellissippi/Hardin Valley) companionship!!! Well, I love you more than the number of times I'm a klutz! P.S. I haven't been able to get souvenirs because I'm really poor. I'll just be bringing back cigarette butts to show you guys. :) Really though, I haven't got souvenirs. :( Mom: I'm getting a hunch that you can't wait for me to come home... :) I emailed Matt with the address and stuff, but he's going to call you for more details I think. I'm so excited to go to Harley's baby blessing!!! I'm soooo happy Jen waited for me to get home! The Allgaier's are the "area medical doctor" which means that they cover all the southern missions. :) They live in ATL, but they come up to my mission all the time. Dad: I REALLY like the quote by President Reynolds. I'm going to use that. My mission has changed me. Not just ME, but who I'm going to be. I can't wait to work on the car!!!! See you soon! Kevin: I'll miss my mission. But, I love you guys too. My heart is in 2 different places right now. Jen: Harley is stinkin; cute! I can't wait for her baby blessing!!! Erin: I'm dying. I'll see you in a few months! I PROMISE to write you every week! I'm not just saying that either, I'll do it. My word is my bond. Our mission Vision is this... "His work, His way, by His power." Isn't that amazing?! I'll try to talk to people at the airports, but I don't have long layovers. I'll have time to get to my next flight, and that's basically it.

Yesterdays Screenshot.

Erin 2.23.2015

Ok family!!! I'm kinda freaking out....... my entire PTC district is being transferred!!!.... except for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all found out the news this morning and I basically melted on the floor. I'm still in shock and can't wait to see what the future holds. As a district, we sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer in primary yesterday. I guess we did such a good job that our bishop's wife signed us up to sing in sacrament on the 8th. well! Surprise people!!! I'm the only one staying!!! Does this mean I have to do an Echols solo? I told our bishopric that if I passed out, just leave me on the floor and finish sacrament meeting. Don't worry about me. They all laughed and thought I was joking.... but honestly, I wasn't. I'm the shyest person ever! Why would they still make me sing?!?!?!?! I ate Thai food for the first time. The waitress came out and was trying to take our order (but you know how I am.... I can't understand Asian accents worth my life). She said something and I blankly starred at her. She repeated it to me and I starred again. I looked at my companion to help me out and she looked at me for my response. I gladly picked up my book of Mormon and told her what it was. My companion turned beat red and the waitress looked so confused. She said, no no no. And repeated her inaudible question. My companion then had to translate for me. hahahaha. I guess the waitress was asking if I wanted coconut soup. I have no idea how I confused that with the Book of Mormon! Hahaha. By the end of the dinner hour, we left and, the waitress was somewhat interested in why I would talk about a book more than soup, so she asked if she could have it #fistpump I was so happy. It's a miracle! God confused my brain so I could share the gospel! Ha! I officially cannot believe that Brooke comes home this week. She's basically a celebrity here in the GAM. I'm pretty sure people are more excited to meet her than to see me. Haha. I talk about her all the time! It's happening! I'll fast on Thursday so she can get home safely! (which is big, because I can't fast. Haha) We got to go on several exchanges this week and I got to go with Brynn Stephens from Orem 2nd ward! She's such a focused missionary and is very serious. Haha. It was funny being together again where I'm off the wall and she's all stern. It was so fun getting to see each other again and talk about the old days. :D What are the chances? Growing up together in Orem and being seminary partners and then being her STL and being able to go on exchanges with her???? Small world!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE EXCITEMENT YOU HAVE TO GET BROOKE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: Ok. Harley is a doll! Her big brown eyes just melt your heart! She looks a lot like Dace Face. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're excited to get Brooke back this week. Haha. But don't forget about me! Have everyone you know write me! I know everyone is getting their favorite missionary back, but don't forget about the quiet one! Dad: Ya, for sure, my mission has changed me forever! Look at me now! I actually like talking! Ha. Who knew?! All these hidden talents have come out while I'm a missionary! You should have all your family write me! I haven't gotten a single letter from ANYONE on your side of the family my entire mission (except for gma of course) Jennifer: I hope you had a great week! Don't worry, no ninja stories this week. :D Kevin: What the flagnob??? You're in Studio C? I don't even know what that is! But it sounds cool! It should be Studio E! For Erin, or Echols! E's a pretty good letter. ;) Brooke: Your horse pictures had me cracking up. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEK!!! YOU"LL DO AMAZING AT HOME! ENJOY YOUR LAST COUPLE OF DAYS AS A MISSIONARY! I invite you to talk with as many people as possible in the airports! It brings miracles! I'll tell you about it when I get home. So far, the only people who really know about my whole story are my mission peeps. I'll tell you when I get home! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck meeting Harley!!! RANDOMNESS: ***I got challenged by a Thailander to an eating contest. I got blown out of the water. When they plopped a whole pot of rice on my plate. I nearly died. I never knew little people could eat so much! *** I got bit by 2 dogs this week. My poor boots aren't going to last until the end of my mission. It's never big dogs that bite me, but it's the little ones! *** I killed an entire flock of birds this week. I was driving on a very fast street and I passed this ginormous bush. Something must have scarred them all because at once, they all flew out in front of me! Their poor little bodies slammed into us and we had about 20 of them roll up our windshield. When we stopped, we looked back, and there was a whole pile of dead finches on the ground behind us. I think God had a shortage of birds in Heaven so he called them all at once. I felt so bad! *** I was parked in our car and out of nowhere.... a huge black dog slammed into my window! He hit it so hard that it knocked out one of his teeth. I'm pretty sure I screamed like a little girl. My heart was pounding. I don't know why he was so angry! *** a guy in his 90 proposed to me. He was trying to be all attractive by leaning up against his doorway, but I don't know how a 90 year old could look sly. His belly was hanging out from the bottom of his shirt and swaying side to side as he breathed. We he offered to take my hand. He offered me his late wife's ring. And he held out his hand. I shook it and took the ring and stuck it on a book of Mormon and gave it to him. We walked away and then had to run. He came out after us and I'm pretty sure he was drunk because he started cursing us. It was so weird. *** a person was walking in our church building as we were showing them around and they brushed up against a wall and accidently knocked off one of the paintings. I lunged forward to catch it and I did. When they noticed what they did, they backed up into the other wall and knocked off another painting. And I caught that one with my foot! Yay for soccer skills! Yay for being a ninja! Everyone was highly amazed. *** I'm so excited that Nautu is engaged!!! *** I'm stoked for Brooke to meet Laws!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN A FAKE COW LOVES BLACK AND WHITE SPOTS!!!! #they'renotreal Weekly questions...I love the answers each week.... 1. What has been your biggest challenge this week? Knowing my entire district is being transferred except for me. I'll be all alone! 2. What has been your biggest concern? Having Brooke go home 3. What has been your biggest success? I gained respect from Thailanders for accepting their food challenge and I lost well 4. Who has been your favorite person this week? Why? My district leader. He's so funny and we served in PTC before, so we've been friends for a while 5. What has been your most significant tender mercy? I understood a Portuguese testimony perfectly 6. What are you looking forward to this coming week? Still having Dutra as a companion for one more week 7. Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it. I want to baptize someone!!!!!! 8. Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week? 3 Nephi 11

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Brooke 2.18.2015

Hello Family! This week is going to be short... as you know, the library was closed for the holiday on Monday. Then, we've had blizzards since Monday morning, so the library has been closed due to the extreme weather. I'm actually emailing this from Sister Hales' aunt's house. Don't worry, I got permission from Prez. :) Well, this week, we've had some pretty exciting things going on around the Taj Mahal here in Knoxville. I'll tell you about it when I get home. Just ask me to tell you about our prayer over the phone. :) Hahahahaha! You'll laugh, I think. Well, I love you more than horses love to pose for pictures! Mom: I'll help you do spring cleaning if you want! I'm excited to do some service in pants! Dad: I love your strong testimony! It always makes me smile. God has blessed me to have grown up in a home where the Gospel was taught in its fullness. Kevin: I'm glad you had a good week! Thanks for writing me! Jen: You and Harley could be twins. Erin: Woah. My mission seems boring compared to yours. :) I’m so happy you're a boss and can take care of yourself. Hopefully, I'll get to meet M**t at Amy's wedding. I invited him, but he might be working, so we'll see. Even if I don't meet him then, I'll go down with Aldous and meet him. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Update from Knoxville Tennessee...

(from President and Sister Griffin)(This explains why we haven't heard from Brooke yet) Well.... we are in the middle of some great weather here in our mission!! Yesterday it started to rain "Freezing Rain" It is so very beautiful on the trees but lots of power outages and very cold! We had some elders stranded and not able to get back to their areas after P-day!! The church is only a block from the mission house and so they came over and we had a sleep over at the mission home!!! Elder Byron, Elder Mcdonald, Elder Chavira, Elder Pattterson, Elder Searle, and Elder Thomas!! Had a fun night staying in the warm house with pizza and popcorn!! They got home safe and sound this morning!! Now we are waiting to see if we will actually get to have our 1/2 mission conference today with Elder Christofferson and Elder Soares!! Their flights were cancelled and we are waiting to see if they are going to rent a car and drive in from Atlanta!! a 3 hour drive!! what a crazy day!! Lots of prayers being said!! And all of our missionaries are safe and sound!!

Time is crawling by.....

Monday, February 16, 2015

Erin (Tuesday February 17, 2015)

Yup.....100 Days to go!

Brooke 2.16.2015

Waiting for news.....waiting.....waiting.....waiting....yup still waiting.

Erin 2.16.2015

Ok ok. This week was a roller coaster and a half. Sister Dutra and I have set up countless teamups and appointments so we could easily get 20 lessons with a member. Well, Satan is a punk as always and of course, EVERYTHING fell through. Our appointments, our back ups, our backups backups, and our members. It was so crazy. We planned exceptionally well, and it all fell through, but we kept trudging along and we eventually had some solid lessons with a member present. It was only a few, but we're working our way up there. Ha. We even had the solid active member guardian of our 2 investigators on date drop us yesterday. She came up to us during church and told us that they weren't ready to be baptized and to take a break from teaching them. I questioned on whether or not they were ready to be baptized or whether or not she was ready for them to be baptized. It was so heart breaking and I didn't know what to do. But, it's ok....... I did self defense on a guy this week! We were on exchanges and we were visiting a less active member of another ward. He's a pot head and super creepy so we decided we'd better leave. His wife was there too and she's also a pot head. As we were walking out the door, he lunged forward and grabbed me. And the wife grabbed my companion. He said he was giving me a big bear hug and wouldn't let go until I hugged him back. (He wasn't hugging me, I was in danger) The spirit clearly told me exactly what I needed to do and I calmly told him that if he didn't let me go, somebody would end up injured, and I knew that wasn't going to be me. He still wouldn't let me go, so.... I ran up the wall next to me and kicked myself off of a bench by their door. I flipped over him and when I was in the air above him, I grabbed one of his arms, when I came back down, I yanked his arm down. Which caused him to tumble to the ground while I landed nicely on my feet. He moaned in pain while his wife ran to his aid. I grabbed my companion and we ran for our lives. As we were running in the night, 2 other guys jumped out of nowhere and ran towards us. I basically was a ninja and slid into the feet of one of the guys which took him out. We evaded the other guy and ran to our car. Talk about a night full of adrenaline. #thanksforthespirit Well....... it's been a nice quiet week this week and I hope yours is full of peaceful moments as well, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE DREAMS!!!!!!! ;D Mom: Harley looks so much like Dace Face it's crazy! I'm so happy you got a good valentines dinner. I'm excited for those splendid meals when I come home. :D Dad: They're reorganizing our ward's boundaries in the next couple weeks!!! I'll be so heart broken when they do PTC and WW this upcoming month. Jennifer: I hope you had a great week with your kiddos! Michael: Write me hermano! Porfavor!!! Kevin: Thanks for the sentence, I'm glad you at least send something. Ha. I LOVE YOU! Brooke: Dear Brooke, meet Matt Laws, the end. RANDOMNESS: *** I ate rice pudding for the first time.... somebody tricked me into thinking I was tried fish eggs. I ate it and asked if they could take my picture with it, Turns out that it was just rice pudding. Ha *** I got such a nice compliment from the ward! Someone told me that before I came back to PTC, everyone was kind of laxidazical and not really doing anything, but when I came back, a fire reignited and everyone wants to jump on board with missionary work! *** I was trying to be nice and I made my companion breakfast. I cooked for like 50 minutes and finished the masterpiece. I made it look beautiful with strawberries and garnishes and it turns out that she's allergic to some of the ingredients I used. Ha. I guess it was the thought that counts? ***we witnessed a drug exchange last night outside of our apartment. We felt the spirit say something was very wrong when we were walking past a van outside. We quickly locked our doors once we got inside and turned off all the lights. We peeked through the window and watched a drug exchange! I poked my camera up and took some pictures of the guys so just in case there was a murder or anything, I could identify them. haha. It was so intense! We watched them for a good 30 minutes outside. #iloveatlanta ***I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF CRAZY PEOPLE I RUN INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Brooke 2.09.2015

Family! I love you all! I LOVE WARM WEATHER! It's not that warm today, but it could be worse. This week was crazy. I'm never with my companions because we're always going on splits. Since we're covering both the Pellissippi ward and the Hardin Valley ward, we have twice as many lessons, appointments, meetings, meals, and team-ups. So, we always split up so we can get everything done. We got 200 more miles given to us, so HAPPY DAY! When we were in the HV ward yesterday, I had been asked to give the closing prayer in Sacrament, and when the time came, I completely forgot I was supposed to do it. I just kept looking around and thinking, "Alrighty folks, come on...who was supposed to give the prayer, it's not that hard." Everyone kept staring at me and I didn't figure out why. Then, a member of the bishopric who was conducting got up and was like, "And Sister Echols will be giving our closing prayer." I just gasped and ran up to the pulpit. Everyone bust up laughing because I finally remembered. What a good first impression for the new ward. Hahahahahaha! At least I didn't trip or start praying in Spanish. That would have been awkward. We had MLC this week. We were in meetings from 8:30 am until lunch for a half hour. Then we went until 6 when we had an hour lunch where me, Sister Hales, and the ZL's and AP's all went to dinner at Steak-n-shake. Then, we were in meetings until 9 pm. What a day. Well, that's all folks. My emails are going to be short because I'll be seeing you all in a couple weeks. I love you more than the number of buds you see on the trees in Tennessee! Mom: I see you're back to the countdown. :) Harley is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! We had 67 degree weather 2 days ago! Last Monday, it was a blizzard, then it was springtime, and today, it's down pouring. I think Tennessee weather is just as crazy as Utah weather. I can't wait for it to REALLY be spring time! Dad: I didn't get Grandma a birthday card!!!!! I feel like such a horrible person!!! Please tell her I'm so sorry! I hope she had a great birthday. I think I'll be able to give a talk about Baptism... Hahahahaha! I should hope I'd be able to speak on that! How long is it supposed to be? It's about baptism, so I could give a General Conference length talk about it... I'm so glad you know how to fix things. I want you to teach me more about that kind of thing when I get home. It's a good skill to have. Michael: I'm glad you emailed me. I'm with Erin on this one...time to write a handwritten letter. You only have a couple more weeks to do it, so you might want to get started. Kevin: I'm so glad you had a great week! I love Keiji. You two must be hilarious together. 1. When was the last time you went for a run/jog? Um, like 6 months ago... We do workout dvd's in the mornings. 2. If you were to join the circus, what would you perform? I would be one of the people to rides elephants probably. 3. List someone you know, and describe them in 5 words. Kevin: Sassy, hilarious, studly, nerdy, and strange. :) LOVE YOU! 4. If you had to be trapped in a 'TV show' for one month, what would it be, and why? Wizards of Waverly place! Hands down. I'd get to be best friends with Selena Gomez! 5. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? Gerard Butler...duh. :) We can see how righteous Erin is by her answer. My questions: If you had to change your accent, what would you change it to? If you had to be a General Authority, what would you choose to be over? When was the last time you read from the Book of Mormon? What was the last home-made meal you made yourself? Jen: Dace is the cutest big brother ever! Erin: I'm super nervous to go home. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. You and your shorts... :) I love it! You are so funny! We went on exchanges this week too!

Erin 2.09.2015

When I see a tire swing...
I have to ride it..... but then water shoots up my leg from inside the tire.
We were twinners for the day. #companionshipunity .
Whitewater sisters.
School buddies!!!!!!! Sister Tara Facer.
I love this car.
Service by picking up hundreds of pounds of wet leaves and junk. Wowowowowow! We got to go on 3 exchanges this week! And we'll continue this pattern for the rest of the transfer! It's sooooo fun! I get to go to new areas, work with new companions, new learn languages, teach new principles, call disobedience to repentance, and so on! I absolutely LOVE being an STL because honestly, I learn way more from our sisters than they could ever learn from me. I'm pretty sure I was called to be an STL just so I could learn how to be a good missionary. Ha Our whole new stake presidency came to our ward on Sunday, so I got to see Bishop Corbridge again. oh how I love that man! The stake president came right up to us and I'd never met him before and he knew exactly who we were and asked if we could meet him at his home this week for a meeting between us. He said since we're the STLs over the whole stake, we have a lot to do. I'm so excited for him to give us some assignments and we just baptize and reactivate all of GA!!!! We had to go to the church one night for a meeting and it turns out that there was a youth stake dance going on at the same time. I had to really use the bathroom so I ran to it. When I came out, a group of girls tackled me from behind, I nearly fell to the ground. They dragged me back to the bathroom and I was positive my life was over. I was SURE that they were going to mug and kill me. When I realized who it was, I became a lot more relaxed. It was a bunch of the YW from our ward. They all cracked up laughing and had me turn around. Well, surprise, my skirt was tucked in my shorts again!! hahahahahahaha! #that'swhyyoualwayswearshorts #youneverknowwhatsgonnahappen All the youth in this ward know me so well and they just accept me for being me! Haha. I love them all! I LOVE THIS WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday! They all loved it and they're all so close to baptism! I can smell the running waters from here! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF TIMES PEOPLE SEE MY SHORTS!!!!!!! Mom: Those pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Dad: Did Kolton finish his 2 years? Holy smokes! That was fast! I'm glad you're still the 'fix-it-up' kind of man I left you as. :D Jennifer: Why are your kids so stinkin' cute????? I hope you're doing amazing! Michael: "If you do the things you've always done, you'll get the things you've always gotten" If you want an email to come through, try something else.... like picking up a good ol' fashioned pen and paper........ Kevin: 1. When was the last time you went for a run/jog? On Saturday, we have a treadmill in our apartment. Haha. 2. If you were to join the circus, what would you perform? Do they even perform in circuses? I've never seen one, so I don't know what they do. I would do something parkourish though. 3. List someone you know, and describe them in 5 words. Brooke: talented, smart, gorgeous, sassy, insane 4. If you had to be trapped in a 'TV show' for one month, what would it be, and why? WIzards of Waverly Place, no joke. 5. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? Jesucristo. Brooke: I never got your email! Are you so stoked to go home??????? You'll be the greatest RM the world has ever seen!!! RANDOMESS: ***Dutra taught me a phrase in Portuguese and I said it to one of our Brazilian investigators and it turns out that the phrase means: Last night, I peed in my bed. Hahahaha The investigator nearly peed her pants because she was laughing so hard. ***a guy came running up to me this week and started going off in a random language. I'm pretty sure I looked confused because he asked in English if I spoke Italian. What? No.... he explained how I looked like one of his old girlfriends from Italy. Whoa! What a compliment! I didn't even think I looked Italian because I have such light hair! But I guess I look like someone's exotic girlfriend. Ha ***a family bought me a jar of heart of palm because we're the most Brazilian companionship he's ever met. We have quite the diversity in our apartment. Chinese, Taiwanese, Brazilian, and 'Merican. ***as Dutra and I were sitting on some random benches to take some pictures at our investigator's house, he pulled up.... as we were posing for pictures. We quickly grabbed our cameras and ran over to talk with the husband. He was so confused when he saw 2 random girls posing in weird positions on his driveway. Haha. He'll never forget us now. ***we went into Subway and ordered a sandwich and we ended up getting 4 new investigators from the time we started our sandwich making to the time it finished. It was amazing: ordering veggies on the sandwich while preaching the gospel at the same time. They seem to go hand in hand and work together so nicely. ***I had 3 members tell me this week that they wanted to set me up with their sons. Wow. People. I'm a missionary! Let's wait for all the drama for after I'm released! I've started a list of "potential husbands" and I'm already on page 3! These are people that others try to set me up with> Haha. iT's So awkward. ***This week I had the opportunity to meet Sy from Duck Dynasty. Yep, he's even weird in real life. At first, I though that maybe it was him, then a member showed me his picture and it confirmed it, it was totally him. He told me that I could park in any parking space that I wanted because I was a 'beautiful creature'..... what the heck? Where does all this come from? *** I learned how to do a back flip! I jumped off my bed and did a back flip! ***we had fried chicken 4 times this week. Everyone's trying to give me the true southern experience. Ha. Too late people, somebody beat you to it! ***a man tried casting a devil out of me. He said that people who look like me secretly have devils in them. So.... sorry Brooke, I guess that means you have devils too. He put his hand on my face and started to basically have a seizure. I smacked his hand away, grabbed my companion, and ran for my life. It was crazy. ***I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SOUTHERNERS LOVE FRIED FOODS!!!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Erin 2.2.2015

Notice the Picture of The Bike who BROKE it all.... (Elbow, Wrist, Ulna and Shoulder! Oh Yes Fond Memories... Ok family, listen to this!!!! We had the craziest miracle this week. We had a total of 5 teamups in a span of 3 days with back to back appointments set. We were going to get to many member present lessons, at least 15 in just those 3 days! But, crazy thing happened. Every single one of our appointments fell through. Not a single soul answered the door. We tried our backups. We tried out backups' backups. And we tried our extra backups' backups. And still, nobody would talk with us. As we were driving back to our apartment with our teamup driving. The spirit prompted us to go a different route, so we did. As we were on that different route, I saw a family outside their abandoned house. This was Julia Solorio and her family! (I don't know if you remember me telling you about them or not, but we taught her and her 4 girls in the mission home a year ago). They were our goldenly solid family. On the day of their baptism, the girls were kidnapped so we had to cancel their baptism, a couple weeks later, I went home and never heard of them again. They moved and changed their number since I went home so we had no way to contact them. I yelled at out member to pull over and we ran to their house because I saw Julia. It turns out that their old house had been broken into and everything had been stolen so they had to bring Julia here to help solve it. The only day she would be back and we saw her! She burst into tears!!!! She was so happy to see us! She misses the gospel so very much in her life and her girls are starting to struggle a little bit. I promised her that if she read the Book of Mormon daily and prepared yet again for baptism, everything would fall into its place. She told me how she had been praying harder than ever before for guidance and that the thought of Sister Ellis and I kept popping into her head. She kept thinking about baptism and she didn't know why. HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that a miracle or what??????? I hope you have a splendid week. I love you! Oh! We had stake conference yesterday with Elders Suarez and Meredith of the 70. They came to reorganize the stake presidency, and BISHOP CORBRIDGE GOT CALLED INTO IT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'll miss him so much as our bishop, but now he can not only bless our ward, but our stake as well. He'll do amazing. I have no doubt. I got to talk with Elder Meredith (70) for a few minutes. He was in love with the idea that I had a twin sister serving so close to me. He introduced me to Elder Suarez (70) and we talked for a couple minutes too. I started speaking in Portuguese because he's from Brazil, but then I ran out of Portuguese so I switched to Spanish. He was highly amazed. Hahaha. It was so cool! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN A MISSIONARY LOVES MIRACLES!!!!!! Mom: Can you do me a favor? Can you send me pics, birthdates, and birth places of your siblings and my ancestors up to the 'great grandparents'? The pics need to be pretty little, so their face can fit in an inch's space. Is that making any sense? Dad: I had no idea Brad was even a member! Isn't that Brian's dad? Holy cow! When did he get baptized? Jennifer: I hope Dace Face gets potty trained soon! That'll make things way easier for you! Michael: I hope you're ok. You haven’t' written me in a million years, so I was worried you got paralyzed or something...... Kevin: What are you studying? Would you consider dating a Brazilian? haha. Just kidding, my comp is taken. Brooke: I nearly died of laughter when I read your knife story. It's hilarious. Your trio sounds like a party and a half! RANDOMNESS ***I got to speak with a general authority in 3 different languages! Portuguese, Espanol, and English! Huzzah! I'm still working on my Chinese too!!! *** I brought a bag of kisses into a conference with several hundred people. I leaned over to Shannon Clarke and offered her a kiss. The elders behind me gasped. I think they got the wrong idea. I don't think they knew I was talking about candy. Ha. It was my zone leaders too. Talk about awkward. *** I offered my investigator, Scott, a candy kiss as well. Thankfully he knew what I was talking about, but wow. The elders were still dying. ***We were in an 83 year old lady's house. She lives by herself and when she was walking to her chair, she brushed up against the wall and knocked down a ginormous painting. I leaped forward and dove to catch it. When I caught it, I slid on the ground and hit her chair. I broke one of the pegs with my head. It's a good thing that she's deaf because now when she rocks in her chair there's a huge boing sound every time. Haha. My head had the biggest lump on it for the next couple of hours. At least I saved her painting. *** I got to eat liver cake, it was surprisingly good. I was expecting it to be horrible, but it was so sweet! It was called Ruby Liver cake; it was red and so delicious! I never knew I would like liver! ***Aa cop complimented me on my outfit. I thought my life was over. I was positive he was going to frisk me and arrest me for life. I was so scared. But he just said that he likes my coat and boot combination. haha. I'm pretty sure I was sweating like a pig. (Which is weird because I guess pigs don't even sweat) I LOVE YOU MORE THAN OPERA SINGERS LOVE TO SING!!!!!!

Brooke 2.2.2015

Sister Hawes, Me, and Sister Ramon. EMERGENCY TRANSFER...again. Hey Family!! This week was soooooo sad! We found out that both of the sisters that we live within the Taj Mahal are going home tomorrow, so there is an emergency transfer...We're now serving in the Hardin Valley ward...along with the Pellissippi ward. We are covering 2 of the 3 wards that meet in our building. The only one we're not in charge of is the Farragut Ward (the Griffin's ward). So, we've moved all our stuff to the upstairs apartment in our house. That makes my second emergency transfer in this area... and I thought I would have a nice smooth finish to my mission. NOT! Hahahahahaha! I have bad luck. :) We are now going to 2 church block meetings, 2 missionary meetings every week. Wow. Talk about busy. This is, by far, the busiest I've ever been my whole mission. I'm a Sister Training Leader, and a Trainer, and we're covering 2 areas. Anything else? Bring it on! We spent a day with Sister Griffin this week. We cleaned her house with her. It was easy because she keeps her house spotless. She took us to Salsarita's for lunch and it was incredible! It was really close to Cafe Rio! :) Last night, it was the last night we were gonna be able to spend with the sisters who are leaving, so we had a big slumber party where we brought all our mattresses and laid them out on our living room floor. It felt more like a funeral. :) We found 6 new investigators this week! One of them even came to church yesterday. There is also a girl in our ward who wants us to teach her fiancée and he came to church yesterday too! I love you more than all the suitcases we've packed this week! Mom: Harley is so stinking cute! I just want to love on her! Hahahahaha! I laughed when you told the story of Keiji's friend getting shocked! I love that kid! It's a blizzard outside right now, so I wish we had 50 degree weather. Do you know what my topic is yet? Dad: I don't think I know Brad Olenik. The name Olenik is from the 2nd ward, right? Good for him for being ordained to an Elder!!! That's super exciting! I love my niece and nephew! I'll see you in a few weeks! Kevin: I just want to say THANK YOU for writing to me. You have no idea what it means to me. P.S. I didn't get any questions from you...I only see numbers with blanks next to them. I'm so happy you are loving school! I really liked school. :) Jen: Harley is cute. Dace is cute. You're cute. Brian is...well, Brian. :) Hahahahahaha! No, really though, you have an incredible family, husband included. See you this month! Erin: Have you written an email yet?