Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 5, 2015

Erin 1.5.2015

"Caffeine Day"...Not ever doing THAT again!
Soaked in a rain storm. Hi family! This week was great! On Saturday, we had a ''caffeine day'' where Sister Lindsay and I both bought caffeinated drinks and we drank them! Well, you know me, I went crazy and was insane for 2 days afterwards! I didn't hit my crash until Monday morning. Crazy! It was down pouring all weekend and Sis Lindsay and I literally ran from house to house and we ended up getting 12 new investigators!!!!! Yay! Things are finally starting here! Sis Lindsay and I love to surprise the other sisters for when they come home, one night; we hid under the counter and started singing Lion king songs when they walked in. Another night, we dressed up like nuns, held candles and crosses, and sang the Sound of Music songs. We are literally crazy. On Saturday night, all the sisters were yelling at me to go to sleep, but I was so hyped up on caffeine that I couldn't, so I painted my nails, drew some pictures, made a homemade candle, cooked an omelet, and read some conference talks. I lay in bed all night long awake, and still couldn't sleep, but there was an intense thunder and lightning storm, so at least I got to watch that. Haha. The sisters now know to never give me caffeine, ever, again. We got to go to a new missionary training! It was way fun. The meeting went an hour and a half longer than normal, abut I didn't mind. I was just in heaven listening to President Harding. I couldn’t listen to him forever because he's so great. I got in the face by a blind lady's cane. I was sitting at her table and she stood up. The cane got caught on her chair so when she swung it up; she smacked me right in the face. It hit my eyebrow and it hurt like crazy. I'm surprised it didn't draw blood. Haha. Poor thing, she didn't even know what happened. hahaha I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY BLOOD LOVES CAFFEINE!!!!!! Mom: The pics of the baby shower are sooooo cute! You did a fantastic job! and I'm so happy that lots of people came, I'll bet it was so fun. Dad: I love all your paintings! And I love the fact that my name was in 2 of your 9 highlights of the year. :D Those were some of my highlights too. :D Jennifer: I'm so sorry you have a hernia!!!!! They’re no fun! I think I got one when I pulled out my appendix stitched too early, it hurt like crazy for the longest time, but I think I pushed my organs back in because now, it rarely hurts anymore. :D Does that mean you get to have Harley earlier??? Michael: I'm so happy you got your own place! And that you like it! You're so grown up! I'll bet it's nicer that you even got to paint it by yourself too huh? :) Kevin: I trust lots of people with my life (some family members, Aldous, the Harding’s, some mission peeps). I don't do prank calls, I think they're mean. haha. My first thought this morning was, 'why is my jar of pickles empty?' I don't know why... because my jar was still full. I hate answering the question, 'why do you have an accent?' It drives me crazy because I'm not exotic, I think I just talk weird. Question for you: If you had to eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Brooke: I got your letter!!!! It made me cry. When I saw all the people write on it, I got so teary eyed. I really needed it. I’ve been struggling, and your letter helped me immeasurably!! I LOVE YOU! RANDOMNESS… ***An old lady tried erasing my name tag to write 'sister friendly' instead of 'sister echols'. She just wanted to adopt me up right there. *** we were walking past a hospital when we saw an old lady trip and fall on the sidewalk. We ran up and tried helping her up. Once she got up, she fell again. She didn't grab onto anything except my skirt. Thank goodness I wear shorts underneath because she totally pantsed me in front of the hospital. A cop then ran over to help us help her up for the second time. Once we got her up, the cop picked up my skirt and handed it to me. He asked what it was. and I'm pretty sure I blushed when I explained it was my skirt. He just about died laughing (and the old lady too). They then brought me INTO the hospital to tell the nurses my story. I just became a legend at the hospital. They took a picture of me and put it on the bulletin board because they thought it was so funny. *** I was explaining the plan of salvation to a man on the street and I was using my hands to kind of give him an idea. Well, I swung out the book of Mormon way to the side as a gesture and I ended up punching another man walking past in the face. He ended up joining our conversation because he had never seen someone so enthusiastic about explaining why we're here on Earth. I felt so bad. He held his jaw during our entire conversation; I probably chipped his tooth or something. But, hey! We got several new investigators out of it!! *** it has been down pouring rain for the past couple of days and we were just waiting in the car for a second to run into our apartment. All of a sudden, some Asians walked past. I wanted Lindsay to practice her Chinese so I jumped out of the car and ran towards them. Well, I hit a patch of clay, and my feet slid out from under me. My feet flew over my head. I ended up doing a back flip and landed on my hands and feet. The Asians turned and saw it and they asked if I was ok. I said Yes and I asked them if they spoke Chinese. Turns out that they were from China so Lindsay got to converse with them while I tried wiping the clay on my hands onto a tree. It died my hands orange. *** I broke my favorite skirt. I'll probably send it home because I'll still want it for when I'm home. I busted the zipper. :P *** I arm wrestled a 10 year old kid and lost. It was so hurtful to my pride. I am now working on my pushups because I've got to get back into shape. *** We had a 'snowball' fight with the Anderson's this week. They got a bunch of pillow snowballs and we had an epic battle in their living room. Guess who won? Yep. That's right.... the 10 year old kid. Haha. Cody is just a boss. *** a drunk guy asked me to marry him and I accidently laughed in his face. He looked so heart broken, but I mended it by giving him a book of Mormon. *** I must say 'missionary' weird because every time I'm on the phone and say it... the people on the other side say,' Oh! Miss Sherry! How you been gurl?" Haha. It must be the accent. *** I ate fried pickles for the first time this week! It's true... the legend.... southerners can really fry ANYTHING! I'll *** I get a chance to try fried Oreo’s this week. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF TEETH ALLIGATORS HAVE!!!!!!!!!!

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