Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 26, 2015

Erin 1.26.2015

This is for you Miguelio (he had an obsession with Aladin's Lamp when he was a small boy. Lamps and toilets don't go to well together).
p-day on the docks.
We were at a member's house when all of a sudden, something shot up my sleeve and another something shot down my neck of my coat. I froze in fear and seriously could not move. My comp quickly helped me out and pulled out 2 lizards!!!!!!!!!!!! This family owned them and they had gotten loose and found their way to me! I have honestly never been so scared in my life! I almost peed my pants! Just look at the shocked look on my face!
Us with Sis Wiggins and Us with Sis Lutz at Outback Steakhouse.
Yuck. I did this just for a picture's sake.
Trio with Sister Dutra and Sister Matheny. Holy cow family! I had an epiphany this week! I always thought that coming out on a mission would be the best thing I could do for my life... well, this week, I realized I was wrong. I realized that coming BACK OUT on a mission was the best thing for my life. I have learned more about Jesus Christ in the past 5 months, than I have in the past 19 years. I absolutely LOVE sharing the gospel and seeing the influence it has in people's lives. As we were continually going on exchanges this week, we had some huge hurdles to pass. In 1 day, we had 8 solid appointments with investigators and members who teamed up with us. Well, surprise.... all 8 fell through and so did our teamups. We decided to kick Satan in the face and work out hearts out. We prayed that we would find a family of 5 before we went home. We literally trackted all day long and still, nobody would talk with us. Finally, here it is at 9:15 at night, right before our curfew and we're still out knocking doors in the cold. Well, the last door we knocked on turned out to be our family of 5!!! They invited us back the very next day! HUZZAH! #takethatlucifer Well, Georgia is at it's usual, it's been in the 60 the past couple of days so I've been walking around with out a coat. Oh, it's so splendid. When I walked into the apartment last night, the other sisters looked at me so shockingly and exclaimed, "you're so tan!" Haha. YES! I LOVE the sun! We got to be in a trio for a little bit this week because Sister Meredith Matheny (a missionary from PTC) finished her mission in Oregon and came home, but didn't get released until the next day. So, she came out with us allll daaay looong. She is so super cute. If we were in a permanent trio, that would be bliss. We went to a dinner appointment with a family and for our spiritual thought; we decided to sing Sweet Hour of Prayer. It was 2 verses but we gave the hymn book to Sis Dutra so she could know the words in English. Well, I don't know that song as well as I though and we ended up singing the first verse 3 times. Haha. Ooops. The family started crying and said that it was so beautiful. I'm pretty sure I blushed because we messed up so bad. As we were standing up to leave, the husband who has Alzheimer’s, (however you spell it), grabbed a glass of red crystal lite and threw it on me. I stood there stunned for a second. And the wife asked why he did that. He said I looked like I wanted a drink. His intentions were good, but the delivery got a little messed up. But it's ok. We just laughed it off and we left so I could go change. They were so adorable. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF SUN MY SKIN ABSORBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM: I'm so happy you got to babysit the kiddos this week. I'm obsessed with them. Even if I haven't met Harley, I'm in love with her. DAD: Our stake conference is this Sunday and I'm super excited for it! Elder Suarez of the 70 is coming to speak to us. I'm pretty sure he's going to split the PTC and WW wards too because they're both so big. I'll be really sad because they're both wards that I absolutely love. JENNIFER: Your daughter is so cute!!!! I'll bet you're a proud mommy! Win Win! You got 2 cute kidzzz! MICHAEL: Bro... write me. iPor favor hermano! KEVIN:1. Do you know your blood type? um.... red? 2. What is your greatest strength? I don't fear anything. 3. What is your greatest weakness? I'm crazy shy! 4. What cheers you up? Sunshine, water, my favorite people, otter pops, fruit, etc. 5. Describe something that has happened to you for which you have no explanation. Well, I died during surgery in the summer which nobody can explain why. BROOKE: Wowza gurl! Blow my mind with how cute you are! Look at you! Being adorable and serving God all at the same time! That takes talent. I'm pretty sure everyone here in Georgia knows more about you than they do about me because I talk about you to everyone! You'd better come back with me and visit, otherwise some people will have my head! They can't wait to meet you! Where are you serving? Who's your comp? RANDOMNESS: ***An old lady with no teeth held my hand while we prayed with her. At the end of the prayer, she pulled my hand up and bit it! I could feel the squish of her gums!!!! Nasty! I asked her what she was doing and she said she thought she had a roll in her hand for a second. I guess she got hungry during the prayer. I definately was not expecting that.***I got bit in the thigh by another dog. I don't know why, but dogs just don't like me.***the sisters in the apartment both speak Mandarin Chinese so I try to pipe in any chance I get to improve my zhong wen (Chinese). Well, they wanted to hear Sis Dutra speak in Portuguese so she decided to read a little bit of the letter she was writing to demonstrate the gorgeous language. She started reading and I bust up laughing. They all looked at me like I was crazy and Dutra asked me if I understood. I said yes, so she had me explain what she had said in portugues. I told her all that I had understood and she got super embarrassed because she was reading from the letter she was writing to her boyfriend! Hahahahahaha It was sooooo funny! She quickly hid the letter and wouldn't allow me to look at the language. ha. It was hilarious.***somebody in church announced that I was leaving to go back to temple square (they meant Dutra but they said Echols). The ward cornered me afterwards because they were in a riot.***I fasted! For a whole 24 hours! I felt like I was going to die on the ground and melt away into oblivion, but I actually did it! Hypoglycemia is the worst. But I was so proud of myself!***I forgot what a salad tasted like. We got fed chef's salad last night and it tasted a little bit like heaven. Of course, it was finishing our fast so I ate like a horse and I shocked everyone with how much I could eat. I think it's because I'm still growing. I'm like a teenage boy! I eat so much! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SISTERS GET SICK OF THEIR CLOTHES!!!!

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