Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Erin 1.20.2015

My new Companion Sister DUTRA from Brazil.
Exchanges with Sisters Smith and Oviatt in Fayetteville
Poor Sis taylor was sick on the floor, so I joined her.
Sister Lindsay didn't want me to pack, so she lay on my bed.
I Love these girls!! Sister Kirkham and Sister Lindsay.
The WhiteWater district. I'M AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! To be honest, I'm already in love with lil' Harley even though she'll be walking by the time I get to meet her! Holy cow. This week was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! So, I was heartbroken because I was being transferred out of Whitewater having only been there for a whole transfer, I absolutely fell in love with it. But....... GUESS WHAT????? I got transferred back to PTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! I'm also with a companion. Her name is Sister Marjorie Dutra from Santa Maria, Brazil. She's a temple square missionary and I really love her. I also was asked to be an STL for the 2 biggest zones. Wow. I didn't know how to react when the AP's called me, so I just laughed. I felt bad for laughing, but I couldn't contain myself. It was just so funny. I couldn't believe it. So far, on my mission, I've either been training or an STL. I don't know what it feels like to be a normal missionary. Haha. I hope I get the opportunity to find that out before I finish, but if not, I guess that's what God wants. My roommates are from Brazil, Taiwan, and China. I feel so white. Wow. I absolutely LOVE this opportunity to learn these languages. I think I'll study them more in depth in the next life so I can be fluent. Did I mention I feel very white? ha. It's been in the 60's for the past week and I am in Heaven! I can't tell you how many missionaries have come up to me at certain meetings and say that they knew me before they came out on their mission. It seems that almost all the sisters in the GAM have followed my blog for quite some time now. Ha. So I guess I'll have to be appropriate now that people are watching.... JK. At church on Sunday, I was a celebrity. Everyone was coming up to me and giving me hugs, even some of the brethren. What?? #missionaryagain. They were so shocked to see me. My heart was so full, I honestly thought I was going to pass out at the transfer meeting when they read my name and I thought I was going to pass out from exceeding great joy during my first Sunday here. Kind of like how Ammon kept passing out from being so giddy. Haha. It was heart breaking when Elder Rawlings (one of our AP's) announced that he was going home for surgery. I was so sad for him because he said he wouldn't be able to come back out. I knew exactly how he felt, but he knows it's what God wants. So, that's good. Elder Pehrson is now the new AP. He served in PTC with me! And same with Elder Smith!! All 3 of us served here together a year ago and we all got brought back this week! The ward was going CRAZY!! Hahahahaha. I absolutely LOVE it!! I have seen countless miracles that have resulted in the chance to be back here. I've gotten quite teary eyed at the miracles we've seen because God is just so good! Being a missionary is the dream come true! We've gotten to contact so many of my investigators who, over time, have gotten lost. So many of them still have the desire to learn and be baptized. We've also contacted about a dozen less actives who broke down in tears when they saw us at their door. Let's just say, that we'll have a VERY full sacrament meeting this Sunday. I'm so happy to be back here! As a missionary again and back in the Garden of Eden (PTC)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE LEARNING ALL THESE LANGUAGES!!! Mom: Harley is adorable. Oh my gosh. My heart almost burst from excessive joy when Shannon told me about Harley and showed me the picture in church. Dad: Harley is super cute. The pics of Harley going to the helicopter broke my heart. But I'm glad you got them. They'll be a part of history now. Jennifer/Brian: Harley was meant to be my triplet. Seeing the pic of Jennifer with Harley in the incubator and Jennifer was crying made me cry. I was bawling at the computer when I was reading Brian's emails. But, I'm so proud to be an auntie. Brian, thanks for keeping me updated. I hope Jennifer's doing well. Take care of my sis!!! Michael: Harley is a doll. I'm glad I got your email this week! Have you met Harley yet? I'm also super glad that you like you're new place! Are you going to paint it? Kevin: Harley is going to be a heart breaker. 1. What home cooked meal are you going to ask for first after you get home? 2. What is the sickest you have ever been? 3. Who is your hero? 4. Have you ever been in a food fight? 5. Do you like Guacamole? Answers:1. Tommy's 2. When I OD'd on my meds last year for my arm or when my appendix was exploding 3. President John Reed Harding 4. Ya, who doesn't like guacamole? Questions for you: If you could have any physical adventure and survive, what would you choose? Brooke: Harley looks like me. Sorry. When you go home, you NEED to keep up your studies! And, always share the gospel. you're the finest missionary the world has ever seen! You're right up there with Alma and Amulek, and Abinidai. I LOVE YOU!! RANDOMNESS: ***I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!! I'll hand write you a randomness for this week! I'm out of time!!!!! ***I LOVE being back in PTC ***I LOve my companion *** I love my roommates *** I LOVEd getting the letters *** I'd love it if you kept sending them *** I love my family *** I love my new niece *** I love the sunshine *** I LOVE YOU!!! RANDOMNESS 2: ***This week, I didn't have any food because I moved into a new apartment, so I've eaten Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ha. I've really learned to love it. But, now that we've had a Sunday, everyone has signed up for dinner. We have dinner every day this week! *** I was pulling out a pass along card to give to some guys we met on the street and it kind of got caught on the edge of my pocket. I pulled a little bit harder and it came out with ease. It came out so fast that I accidently threw it. It smacked the guy in the face and he was stunned at first. I felt so bad, but thank goodness he started laughing. We got him as a new investigator. I'm so glad it didn't give his face a paper cut because I doubt he would have let us set a return appointment. *** I bore my testimony in Relief Society and I actually choked up and got a little emotional! Wow. The rock I used to be has been eroded a little bit and I'm becoming soft. ***I got a chance to eat a bowl of cereal that had been sitting in the apartment for about 6 months. It was stale and nasty, but it tasted so good. It was so different from Ramen, but it was like Manna from Heaven. *** we're teaching so many Brazilian and Hispanic people. I LOVE these cultures! I LOVE these languages! I LOVE these people! *** I learned how to tie a tie!!!! There was a tie in a sisters' apartment and I've always wanted to learn how to tie one, so I tried. There were several near-death strangling’s before I finally figured it out, but I got it! *** I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE being back in PTC! #iwasbornhereandi'lldiehere #hopefully *** I tried introducing the church in Chinese and instead of saying "latter-day saints'', I said ''brown fish saints'' Haha. I'm struggling with Chinese, maybe I should just stick to Spanish and Portuguese! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BROWN FISH LOVE GOING TO CHURCH!!!!!!

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