Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 12, 2015

Erin 1.12.2015

Wow! We woke up and there was ice.
Caffeine day 2015.
The temple with Lindsay.
We surprised the other sisters by being camel riders and singing Arabian Night from Aladdin...
We also surprised them by Kung Fu fighting them when they walked in through the door. Then, all of a sudden, our district leader was standing at our door and saw us. They were on a conference call, so all of the leaders of the mission and President Harding heard us singing Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting and Karate chopping the sisters. It was so embarassing! Haha
The temple with Lindsay. And......We just had an incredible Restoration lesson with a new family and we had to capture our reaction afterwards. It was my half birthday and Sis Lindsay's 100 day mark. Big day.
Well, family. I'm being transferred. My heart breaks because I absolutely LOVE Sis Lindsay, the Whitewater ward, and this PTC, Senoia area. I feel so bad too, because this is the second greenie I'm leaving in an area having been out for only two weeks. But, on the bright side, they can handle it because both Sis Lindsay and Sis Giles are 2 of the strongest missionaries I've ever been privileged to work with. I'll really miss so many of the members. Especially, the Andersons. They're the Shannon Clarke of the WW ward. I love them a ton and I really hope we stay in contact. Other than that, nothing huge has happened. No saving cats or getting held hostage, but it's been a good week overall. Sorry I have nothing exciting to write about, but I'll include that in my Randomness portion as I think of things. I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN FOG LOVES BEING STICKY!!!!! Dad: The living room looks absolutely amazing! I didn't even recognize it as our house until I stared at it closely. I LOVE what you've done with it! I really still want to be an anesthesiologist, but I'll need to work to save money to go to school, so maybe I'll take a job at delta. I'm not sure yet, but it would mean free flights for you and mom. :) To anywhere in the world. :) Plus, I can't wait to see Wicked again with you and Brooke. Mom: At Brooke's homecoming talk, are you going to eat Lil' Smokies? I hope so, I'm craving beef right now. Haha. All we really eat is chicken. That picture is sooooo old! I look like a baby! And I can't wait to get your letters in a couple weeks! Jennifer: I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!! !I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! Those pics of Dace Face were super adorable. They made me cry. I miss you all but I'll see you in the summer! Michael: How do you like your new apt? since you didn't write me... again.... Kevin: Boi? You didn't write me! Brooke: Here's my email, it's just short and late. And I do TKN on accident every time. Haha. It just flows betters than TKM. I think I just have fat fingers. RANDOMNESS: ***I accidently was falling asleep in church because I'm so tired and I had my head just resting on my hand as I was leaning on my scripture case. All of a sudden, in the middle of somebody's talk, I shouted 'AAAAAAAMEN!!' I think I dreamed that they said the end of their talk. So many people looked over at me while I looked like a fish with the biggest red eyes ever. So many people snickered and I looked over and the Elders could not contain themselves. *** we, as missionaries (all 8 of us), meet with the Bishop Kennedy every week to discuss the work and we were running behind time, so Bishop asked for somebody who could pray really fast. Everybody pointed to me, so I did one of my speed prayers and mid-prayer, Bishop erupted. He was hunched over and just about dying of laughter in his chair. I've never seen somebody go so red before. Then, as I was still praying, all the elders erupted into laughter as well. I finished my prayer, and asked what was going on. The Elders said that they looked over at the bishop in the prayer and he was trying to hold his breath while bouncing up and down because he was trying to hold in the laughter. They could not contain themselves. *** I accidently tripped a little kid in the hall at church with my shoe and as he tripped, he grabbed my skirt and pantsed me! What is it with everybody pantsing me on my mission????? Now, the entire Whitewater ward knows I wear shorts under my skirts. I became a joke. Haha.#onlyme *** somebody told me that if I could guess what kind of dip they put on this piece of toast, they'd give me 10 dollars. It was toast with this thick brown stuff so I tasted it, it was Veggimite! I guessed it right and he grudgingly handed me the 10 dollars. I thanked him and handed it back. Haha. He was amazed that I knew what it was! *** well, we had to hand over the majority of our investigators to the Elders because it turns out that most of them accepted a return appointment so they could ask me out. Poop. *** we met a lady who had met missionaries like 10 years ago. She didn’t really want anything to do with us. But.... she said that if we could guess her name, she'd accept us back because she could know whether or not we were true representatives of God. We pondered for a minute or two and finally I said, 'Bereatha'..... Holy smokes. You should have seen the look on her face. I was right!! She accepted us back and we had the most powerful restoration lesson I've ever taught to anybody! The next missionaries are going to baptize her! *** I was making a face at my companion in church and the tiny kid in front of us shouted at the top of her lungs 'look Mom! She looks like the Grinch!' WHAAAAAA??? I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE TIMES I GET PANTSED IN A SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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