Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 5, 2015

Brooke 1.5.2015

Blue Cowboy boots.
I saw a cool butter dish and Elder Wright photo bombed me...punk
I walked all around the mall and when we were leaving, I saw this sign.
New years with the Greene's
We love Martinelli's. Hey Fam! Well, this week was kind of boring. We didn't really have anything fun happen. We had our normal district meeting, and Elder Adamson made Tuna Corn Chowder for lunch afterwards. It might sound nasty, but it was actually pretty good. We called him "Mom" the whole time because he even dished it out for us. Tonight, I'm spending the night in Johnson City!! Sister McNeill is going too, but she'll be with the other sisters. It's weird...I'm going on an exchange as a STL with other STL's. I don't know how THAT happened. But, tomorrow, we're all headed to Knoxville for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). It's gonna be fun! Well folks, the cold has set in, here in Tennessee. We're supposed to get 3 degree weather on Wednesday. BRRR! I'm not a huge fan of the cold, so we'll see how much I love it. We had to go to Kingsport to get our oil changed in our car, but while we were there, we went to the mall and had lunch, and then, we found out that our oil plug was destroyed and they had to order a new one and wait for it to get there. Let's just say, that a 40 minute oil-change in Kingsport turned into us walking around the mall ALL day long. We were great missionaries while we were there. :) I was so tired of walking by the time we left though. :) It was pretty fun to say the least. Also, we got a new investigator this week! We were looking for a former investigator, but couldn't find their house, so we knocked a few doors to ask for directions. One lady let us in for a Coke and we ended up making her a new investigator. Then, we walked out and back to our car and I realized that I left the keys in her house. So, we hiked back and knocked on her door again. She bust up laughing when we told her about the keys. :) It was hilarious. We also committed Sam Coffey for baptism!! He's 13 and awesome! His family was inactive, but we helped them come back, and now he's getting baptized. :) Love it! I love you more than the number of wires in a computer!! Mom: Jen's baby shower looks so cute!! I bet it was a hit! I hope Harley is born tomorrow!! I'm glad Michael and Anna like their new place. It's been really cold here too. Dad: I got your honey bee letter today! I love getting fun stories like that! Thank you so much! Michael: I'm glad you like your apartment! I can't say I've ever slept in a bed in the kitchen, but we were sent to this Earth to experience life, so well done. I loved Christmas and New Year’s! We spent New Year’s at the Greene's house. It was a blast. What did you get? Kevin: I trust my family with my life, the Griffins, Sisters Messer and Walser, and a few other people you don't know. My perfect pizza has pineapple and ham on it. I love those pizzas. My first thought this morning was, "I used to think I was a morning person, and then I came on a mission..." My least favorite question is, "Do you like being a twin?" Here are my questions: What is your dream vacation? If you were a piece of artwork, what one would you be? If you could either breathe under water or walk on water, what would you pick? Love ya! Jen: I hope Harley is born tomorrow!! You BETTER send me pictures! Erin: The people on the letter were some of the people in my new district. I'm glad you liked it. You and Sister Lindsey sound like you are loving your companionship! Send me a picture of you and her!! You and caffeine... I miss that. :) I only get shaky on doesn't make me go whacko like you. I LOVE YOU!

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