Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 26, 2015

Brooke 1.26.2015

A lovely note left on our fridge by the other sisters.
Me and Sister Ramon in the mission office. Hey family! This week was crazy! We went with a member to go contact a lady. Well, it was dark and really rainy, but we could see a light on in her kitchen at the top of her stairs. We knocked and knocked and knocked. Finally, we decided to leave. As we were leaving, I glanced back and saw the lady in her kitchen. I yelled, "I see her!" so we ran back to the door hoping she would answer it. Well, she faced the door...spinning a butcher's knife. All we could see was her silhouette and the knife. Sister Ramon whispered, "She's got a knife!" and Sister Hales was like, "How big is it?" So, I yelled, "It's a butcher's knife!" Us and the team-up booked it from the door. Hahahahaha! Crazy night! Our poor team-up was like, "Well, that's a new one." I about died laughing. While we were driving in the van with our team-up, I fell asleep and I woke up all disoriented and I blurted out, "Johnson Cityyyyy!!!" Don't ask me why, I just did it for no apparent reason. We found 9 new investigators this week! One of them is Spanish. I'll be teaching our English class alone this week because we have exchanges twice... Pray for me! Well folks, that's all I have for today, I think. I'm getting pretty boring with my emails because they all sound kind of the same. Listen to this...the first week of February we have MLC. The next week, we have Zone Conference. The next week, we're having a mission conference with Elder D. Todd Christoffereson of the 12! The next week, I'm coming home. What a month!!!!! That's called, "going out with a bang!" :) Oh ya!! I'm getting a haircut sometime really soon....why? Because I sucked up my head in a high powered vacuum today while we were cleaning our car. It was an accident, but one side of my hair is shorter than the other because the vacuum broke off my hairs! It hurt so bad! I might have a bald spot somewhere too... Hahahahahahahahaha!! I have horrible luck! I love you more than vacuums love to SUCK! Mom: You are such a stinkin cute grandma!! I can't wait until Harley doesn't need oxygen anymore. :) I'm sorry I couldn't email until Thursday. Worry it made you sad. At least you get to hear from me today!! Dad: You are such a cute grandpa! The Lord has a plan for you. We don't know exactly what that is, but we know He's the one incharge, so we have no reason to fear. Woah! I'd love to meet the Provo Mission President one day. :) That would be cool. Michael: Write me. There's no way that it "doesn't send" every single week. Please don't forget about your two little sisters who love you. Kevin: Good luck in College!! You are awesome! Jen: Your kids are so cute! I can't wait to hug my little Dace Face again and meet Harley for the first time! I bet Dace will be scared of me... Erin: I think it's funny how you always comment on how cute I am. Well, honey, we ARE identical twins. So, I guess that means you're cute too. :) I think so. Everybody thinks so. :) Just face it. I promise to write to you every week when I get home!

Erin 1.26.2015

This is for you Miguelio (he had an obsession with Aladin's Lamp when he was a small boy. Lamps and toilets don't go to well together).
p-day on the docks.
We were at a member's house when all of a sudden, something shot up my sleeve and another something shot down my neck of my coat. I froze in fear and seriously could not move. My comp quickly helped me out and pulled out 2 lizards!!!!!!!!!!!! This family owned them and they had gotten loose and found their way to me! I have honestly never been so scared in my life! I almost peed my pants! Just look at the shocked look on my face!
Us with Sis Wiggins and Us with Sis Lutz at Outback Steakhouse.
Yuck. I did this just for a picture's sake.
Trio with Sister Dutra and Sister Matheny. Holy cow family! I had an epiphany this week! I always thought that coming out on a mission would be the best thing I could do for my life... well, this week, I realized I was wrong. I realized that coming BACK OUT on a mission was the best thing for my life. I have learned more about Jesus Christ in the past 5 months, than I have in the past 19 years. I absolutely LOVE sharing the gospel and seeing the influence it has in people's lives. As we were continually going on exchanges this week, we had some huge hurdles to pass. In 1 day, we had 8 solid appointments with investigators and members who teamed up with us. Well, surprise.... all 8 fell through and so did our teamups. We decided to kick Satan in the face and work out hearts out. We prayed that we would find a family of 5 before we went home. We literally trackted all day long and still, nobody would talk with us. Finally, here it is at 9:15 at night, right before our curfew and we're still out knocking doors in the cold. Well, the last door we knocked on turned out to be our family of 5!!! They invited us back the very next day! HUZZAH! #takethatlucifer Well, Georgia is at it's usual, it's been in the 60 the past couple of days so I've been walking around with out a coat. Oh, it's so splendid. When I walked into the apartment last night, the other sisters looked at me so shockingly and exclaimed, "you're so tan!" Haha. YES! I LOVE the sun! We got to be in a trio for a little bit this week because Sister Meredith Matheny (a missionary from PTC) finished her mission in Oregon and came home, but didn't get released until the next day. So, she came out with us allll daaay looong. She is so super cute. If we were in a permanent trio, that would be bliss. We went to a dinner appointment with a family and for our spiritual thought; we decided to sing Sweet Hour of Prayer. It was 2 verses but we gave the hymn book to Sis Dutra so she could know the words in English. Well, I don't know that song as well as I though and we ended up singing the first verse 3 times. Haha. Ooops. The family started crying and said that it was so beautiful. I'm pretty sure I blushed because we messed up so bad. As we were standing up to leave, the husband who has Alzheimer’s, (however you spell it), grabbed a glass of red crystal lite and threw it on me. I stood there stunned for a second. And the wife asked why he did that. He said I looked like I wanted a drink. His intentions were good, but the delivery got a little messed up. But it's ok. We just laughed it off and we left so I could go change. They were so adorable. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF SUN MY SKIN ABSORBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM: I'm so happy you got to babysit the kiddos this week. I'm obsessed with them. Even if I haven't met Harley, I'm in love with her. DAD: Our stake conference is this Sunday and I'm super excited for it! Elder Suarez of the 70 is coming to speak to us. I'm pretty sure he's going to split the PTC and WW wards too because they're both so big. I'll be really sad because they're both wards that I absolutely love. JENNIFER: Your daughter is so cute!!!! I'll bet you're a proud mommy! Win Win! You got 2 cute kidzzz! MICHAEL: Bro... write me. iPor favor hermano! KEVIN:1. Do you know your blood type? um.... red? 2. What is your greatest strength? I don't fear anything. 3. What is your greatest weakness? I'm crazy shy! 4. What cheers you up? Sunshine, water, my favorite people, otter pops, fruit, etc. 5. Describe something that has happened to you for which you have no explanation. Well, I died during surgery in the summer which nobody can explain why. BROOKE: Wowza gurl! Blow my mind with how cute you are! Look at you! Being adorable and serving God all at the same time! That takes talent. I'm pretty sure everyone here in Georgia knows more about you than they do about me because I talk about you to everyone! You'd better come back with me and visit, otherwise some people will have my head! They can't wait to meet you! Where are you serving? Who's your comp? RANDOMNESS: ***An old lady with no teeth held my hand while we prayed with her. At the end of the prayer, she pulled my hand up and bit it! I could feel the squish of her gums!!!! Nasty! I asked her what she was doing and she said she thought she had a roll in her hand for a second. I guess she got hungry during the prayer. I definately was not expecting that.***I got bit in the thigh by another dog. I don't know why, but dogs just don't like me.***the sisters in the apartment both speak Mandarin Chinese so I try to pipe in any chance I get to improve my zhong wen (Chinese). Well, they wanted to hear Sis Dutra speak in Portuguese so she decided to read a little bit of the letter she was writing to demonstrate the gorgeous language. She started reading and I bust up laughing. They all looked at me like I was crazy and Dutra asked me if I understood. I said yes, so she had me explain what she had said in portugues. I told her all that I had understood and she got super embarrassed because she was reading from the letter she was writing to her boyfriend! Hahahahahaha It was sooooo funny! She quickly hid the letter and wouldn't allow me to look at the language. ha. It was hilarious.***somebody in church announced that I was leaving to go back to temple square (they meant Dutra but they said Echols). The ward cornered me afterwards because they were in a riot.***I fasted! For a whole 24 hours! I felt like I was going to die on the ground and melt away into oblivion, but I actually did it! Hypoglycemia is the worst. But I was so proud of myself!***I forgot what a salad tasted like. We got fed chef's salad last night and it tasted a little bit like heaven. Of course, it was finishing our fast so I ate like a horse and I shocked everyone with how much I could eat. I think it's because I'm still growing. I'm like a teenage boy! I eat so much! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SISTERS GET SICK OF THEIR CLOTHES!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brooke 1.22.2015

Me, Sister Ramon and Sister Hales pointing to our area.
How many sisters can a 5'2" Micronesian hold? 2!
Messer, Walser and Me .With Elder Searle photobombing. Walser is home now.
Me and Sydney C...A recent convert from JC. ....AND P-day in Farragut!!!! So much fun!!!
Hey family!!! I'M AN UNCLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Harley is doing great! I'm happy to hear that she's doing better than she was. I hope she's completely back to perfect when I come home next month, because I want to hold her without worrying about the tubes and stuff. If I have to deal with the tubes, I promise to be careful. :) So sorry this is only 3 days late. We've had the craziest week ever. The library was closed on Monday, we went on exchanges on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I had to give a 45 minute training for our Zone Training Meeting, so I haven't had time to email until today, which is Thursday. I was sooooo nervous for my training, that I had to have my District Leader, Elder Gibson give me a pep talk before I gave it. His pep talk was this, "Just do it! It's NIKE time!" Hahahahahaha!! Guess what?? I schooled some Elders today in basketball after our Zone Training Meeting. :) People think I'm all nice and girly because I'm an STL who wears cute skirts, but when they see me play ball, they think again. :) It was amazing! I got so many bruises because I was playing so hard, but it was all worth it. President and Sister Griffin just stood there with their mouths hanging open, shocked at watching me play. I hope I don't scare them off. Haha. Sorry this is short and lame, but we've got to go teach an English class tonight, so I have to go study the material. :) I don't even speak Spanish, and I'm teaching Hispanics English. Wish me luck! Also, I had a super bold Abinadi moment earlier this week. We were on exchanges and I went to Rockwood again. Well, we went to go see a guy, Robert, I had committed for baptism the last time I was there because his date dropped, so I wanted to set another baptismal date. Well, we had an amazing lesson on the porch. All the other guys inside were new investigators we got last time I was here, but they all stayed inside in the living room playing video games. They wouldn't even come out. Well, I asked Robert if I could ask all those other guys a question. So, he poked his head in the door and asked if I could talk to them. He came back out and closed the door and said they would rather I didn't. So, I was like, "Excuse me for a sec." and I stepped around Robert and walked straight through the door into the living room where all the other guys were. Everyone was SHOCKED that I would do that. They wouldn't even look at me because they were playing their games, so I stepped in front of the TV until they paused it. I was super bold with them and just asked them why they weren't meeting with the sisters like they said they would. Well, long story short, they committed to be at the next lesson. :) Our team up said that she was surprised I didn't get us shot. My comp for the day said that she feared for our lives a little bit. The craziest part was that I didn't even realize what I was doing until I was already in front of the TV. It just kind of happened. It was a little awkward, but it got the job done. That was my Abinadi story for the week. :) Hahahahahaha!! I love you more than the all awkwardness of a missionary! Mom: Harley is so stinkin' cute! I'm such a proud auntie! Thanks for the super detailed email you sent. I'm soo happy she's doing better! I got a little teary at the picture of her going into the Helicopter. And at the one of Jen crying while saying goodbye to Harley. Dad: Congratulations Grandpa! I'm glad you were able to be there for it. :) Priesthood is very real. I've got a few stories to tell you when I get home. Michael: I don't know why me and Erin aren't getting your emails, but it seems like that happens more often than we get them. You might want to try not doing it from your phone? I don't know. I'm glad you loved your Christmas presents you got! Of course you got legos. And, YESSSS!!! I'm super stoked to meet Harley!! Jen/Brian: I hope Dace adores Harley as much as I already do!! I love them both and I love you both! You are all my heros! Kevin: your questions... 1. What home cooked meal are you going to ask for first after you get home? ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something healthy maybe and definitely not barbeque... 2. What is the sickest you have ever been? When I had strep throat my Junior year in HS worse than I've ever had it. 3. Who is your hero? Harley. For being a fighter. 4. Have you ever been in a food fight? Nope! 5. Do you like Guacamole? Absolutely! My questions for you: Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Which Disney character are you most like? If you could have dinner with any 3 people from history, who would they be? Erin: I'm going to keep studying the scriptures. Why wouldn't I? How many languages can you speak now?? I'm sooooooooo happy that you got to go back to PTC!! Be good and don't forget me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Erin 1.20.2015

My new Companion Sister DUTRA from Brazil.
Exchanges with Sisters Smith and Oviatt in Fayetteville
Poor Sis taylor was sick on the floor, so I joined her.
Sister Lindsay didn't want me to pack, so she lay on my bed.
I Love these girls!! Sister Kirkham and Sister Lindsay.
The WhiteWater district. I'M AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! To be honest, I'm already in love with lil' Harley even though she'll be walking by the time I get to meet her! Holy cow. This week was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! So, I was heartbroken because I was being transferred out of Whitewater having only been there for a whole transfer, I absolutely fell in love with it. But....... GUESS WHAT????? I got transferred back to PTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! I'm also with a companion. Her name is Sister Marjorie Dutra from Santa Maria, Brazil. She's a temple square missionary and I really love her. I also was asked to be an STL for the 2 biggest zones. Wow. I didn't know how to react when the AP's called me, so I just laughed. I felt bad for laughing, but I couldn't contain myself. It was just so funny. I couldn't believe it. So far, on my mission, I've either been training or an STL. I don't know what it feels like to be a normal missionary. Haha. I hope I get the opportunity to find that out before I finish, but if not, I guess that's what God wants. My roommates are from Brazil, Taiwan, and China. I feel so white. Wow. I absolutely LOVE this opportunity to learn these languages. I think I'll study them more in depth in the next life so I can be fluent. Did I mention I feel very white? ha. It's been in the 60's for the past week and I am in Heaven! I can't tell you how many missionaries have come up to me at certain meetings and say that they knew me before they came out on their mission. It seems that almost all the sisters in the GAM have followed my blog for quite some time now. Ha. So I guess I'll have to be appropriate now that people are watching.... JK. At church on Sunday, I was a celebrity. Everyone was coming up to me and giving me hugs, even some of the brethren. What?? #missionaryagain. They were so shocked to see me. My heart was so full, I honestly thought I was going to pass out at the transfer meeting when they read my name and I thought I was going to pass out from exceeding great joy during my first Sunday here. Kind of like how Ammon kept passing out from being so giddy. Haha. It was heart breaking when Elder Rawlings (one of our AP's) announced that he was going home for surgery. I was so sad for him because he said he wouldn't be able to come back out. I knew exactly how he felt, but he knows it's what God wants. So, that's good. Elder Pehrson is now the new AP. He served in PTC with me! And same with Elder Smith!! All 3 of us served here together a year ago and we all got brought back this week! The ward was going CRAZY!! Hahahahaha. I absolutely LOVE it!! I have seen countless miracles that have resulted in the chance to be back here. I've gotten quite teary eyed at the miracles we've seen because God is just so good! Being a missionary is the dream come true! We've gotten to contact so many of my investigators who, over time, have gotten lost. So many of them still have the desire to learn and be baptized. We've also contacted about a dozen less actives who broke down in tears when they saw us at their door. Let's just say, that we'll have a VERY full sacrament meeting this Sunday. I'm so happy to be back here! As a missionary again and back in the Garden of Eden (PTC)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE LEARNING ALL THESE LANGUAGES!!! Mom: Harley is adorable. Oh my gosh. My heart almost burst from excessive joy when Shannon told me about Harley and showed me the picture in church. Dad: Harley is super cute. The pics of Harley going to the helicopter broke my heart. But I'm glad you got them. They'll be a part of history now. Jennifer/Brian: Harley was meant to be my triplet. Seeing the pic of Jennifer with Harley in the incubator and Jennifer was crying made me cry. I was bawling at the computer when I was reading Brian's emails. But, I'm so proud to be an auntie. Brian, thanks for keeping me updated. I hope Jennifer's doing well. Take care of my sis!!! Michael: Harley is a doll. I'm glad I got your email this week! Have you met Harley yet? I'm also super glad that you like you're new place! Are you going to paint it? Kevin: Harley is going to be a heart breaker. 1. What home cooked meal are you going to ask for first after you get home? 2. What is the sickest you have ever been? 3. Who is your hero? 4. Have you ever been in a food fight? 5. Do you like Guacamole? Answers:1. Tommy's 2. When I OD'd on my meds last year for my arm or when my appendix was exploding 3. President John Reed Harding 4. Ya, who doesn't like guacamole? Questions for you: If you could have any physical adventure and survive, what would you choose? Brooke: Harley looks like me. Sorry. When you go home, you NEED to keep up your studies! And, always share the gospel. you're the finest missionary the world has ever seen! You're right up there with Alma and Amulek, and Abinidai. I LOVE YOU!! RANDOMNESS: ***I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!! I'll hand write you a randomness for this week! I'm out of time!!!!! ***I LOVE being back in PTC ***I LOve my companion *** I love my roommates *** I LOVEd getting the letters *** I'd love it if you kept sending them *** I love my family *** I love my new niece *** I love the sunshine *** I LOVE YOU!!! RANDOMNESS 2: ***This week, I didn't have any food because I moved into a new apartment, so I've eaten Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ha. I've really learned to love it. But, now that we've had a Sunday, everyone has signed up for dinner. We have dinner every day this week! *** I was pulling out a pass along card to give to some guys we met on the street and it kind of got caught on the edge of my pocket. I pulled a little bit harder and it came out with ease. It came out so fast that I accidently threw it. It smacked the guy in the face and he was stunned at first. I felt so bad, but thank goodness he started laughing. We got him as a new investigator. I'm so glad it didn't give his face a paper cut because I doubt he would have let us set a return appointment. *** I bore my testimony in Relief Society and I actually choked up and got a little emotional! Wow. The rock I used to be has been eroded a little bit and I'm becoming soft. ***I got a chance to eat a bowl of cereal that had been sitting in the apartment for about 6 months. It was stale and nasty, but it tasted so good. It was so different from Ramen, but it was like Manna from Heaven. *** we're teaching so many Brazilian and Hispanic people. I LOVE these cultures! I LOVE these languages! I LOVE these people! *** I learned how to tie a tie!!!! There was a tie in a sisters' apartment and I've always wanted to learn how to tie one, so I tried. There were several near-death strangling’s before I finally figured it out, but I got it! *** I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE being back in PTC! #iwasbornhereandi'lldiehere #hopefully *** I tried introducing the church in Chinese and instead of saying "latter-day saints'', I said ''brown fish saints'' Haha. I'm struggling with Chinese, maybe I should just stick to Spanish and Portuguese! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BROWN FISH LOVE GOING TO CHURCH!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Brooke 1.12.2015

(Sister McNeill and I in 19 degree weather...) Hey Family!! So! I'm being transferred back to Pellissippi this week to finish my mission with Sister Ramon and Sister Hales. I'm really excited!! As you know, earlier this week, we spent a few days in Johnson City. It was weird, because it was like I was going on an exchange with both Sister Training Leaders who are serving there. Me, the other STL's and the JC ZL's carpooled back down to Knoxville for MLC. It was really fun just being able to spend the day back in Knoxville with Sister Hales as my companion for the day. We had out forever long meeting, then we went to the Griffin's house where Sister Griffin fed us sweet pork tacos. After that, we all just hung out until it was time to make the 2 1/2 hour drive back to Johnson City. We spent the night again and then me and Sister McNeill traveled back to Rogersville the next morning. It was a weird few days. 2 days later, we went on exchanges AGAIN with the same STL's. I don't know exactly why, but we did. I feel like I'm the weirdest STL in the mission because I have 3 comps right now and 2 areas. I also go on exchanges ALL the time! I've just decided that I've forgotten what sleep is. I'll find out in a few months. For P-day today, we're just gonna relaaax. I also have to pack all my stuff...again. I've just decided that I'm not going to unpack all the way because I always get moved once I do. Sorry this week was so boring... :) I love you more than the number of H2O molecules in the ocean!! Mom: I can't wait to meet Harley!!! I can't believe they already know when my homecoming talk is. Do you know what my topic will be? I want to know what it is so I can start preparing. I'm really nervous about coming home because I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life... I guess I'll find out. Dad: Woah! Our living room looks so good! I LOVE the lighting and especially the pictures! It looks so homey! Keiji will be great going the LDSBC! I can't wait to go and see Wicked with you! It's a date! :) Are you so excited to be a grandpa again?? I'm excited for you and mom to just spoil Harley and Dace rotten! Michael: Please write me Kevin: Please write me Jen: Thank you soooo much for all the pictures!! Dace is my favorite nephew! I'm soooo excited for him to be a big brother! I can't believe Harley is going to be born tomorrow! WOOO HOO!!! Erin: I didn't get a big email from you this week, so I hope you get mine! I love you, you crazy fool!

Erin 1.12.2015

Wow! We woke up and there was ice.
Caffeine day 2015.
The temple with Lindsay.
We surprised the other sisters by being camel riders and singing Arabian Night from Aladdin...
We also surprised them by Kung Fu fighting them when they walked in through the door. Then, all of a sudden, our district leader was standing at our door and saw us. They were on a conference call, so all of the leaders of the mission and President Harding heard us singing Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting and Karate chopping the sisters. It was so embarassing! Haha
The temple with Lindsay. And......We just had an incredible Restoration lesson with a new family and we had to capture our reaction afterwards. It was my half birthday and Sis Lindsay's 100 day mark. Big day.
Well, family. I'm being transferred. My heart breaks because I absolutely LOVE Sis Lindsay, the Whitewater ward, and this PTC, Senoia area. I feel so bad too, because this is the second greenie I'm leaving in an area having been out for only two weeks. But, on the bright side, they can handle it because both Sis Lindsay and Sis Giles are 2 of the strongest missionaries I've ever been privileged to work with. I'll really miss so many of the members. Especially, the Andersons. They're the Shannon Clarke of the WW ward. I love them a ton and I really hope we stay in contact. Other than that, nothing huge has happened. No saving cats or getting held hostage, but it's been a good week overall. Sorry I have nothing exciting to write about, but I'll include that in my Randomness portion as I think of things. I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN FOG LOVES BEING STICKY!!!!! Dad: The living room looks absolutely amazing! I didn't even recognize it as our house until I stared at it closely. I LOVE what you've done with it! I really still want to be an anesthesiologist, but I'll need to work to save money to go to school, so maybe I'll take a job at delta. I'm not sure yet, but it would mean free flights for you and mom. :) To anywhere in the world. :) Plus, I can't wait to see Wicked again with you and Brooke. Mom: At Brooke's homecoming talk, are you going to eat Lil' Smokies? I hope so, I'm craving beef right now. Haha. All we really eat is chicken. That picture is sooooo old! I look like a baby! And I can't wait to get your letters in a couple weeks! Jennifer: I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!! !I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HARLEY!!!! Those pics of Dace Face were super adorable. They made me cry. I miss you all but I'll see you in the summer! Michael: How do you like your new apt? since you didn't write me... again.... Kevin: Boi? You didn't write me! Brooke: Here's my email, it's just short and late. And I do TKN on accident every time. Haha. It just flows betters than TKM. I think I just have fat fingers. RANDOMNESS: ***I accidently was falling asleep in church because I'm so tired and I had my head just resting on my hand as I was leaning on my scripture case. All of a sudden, in the middle of somebody's talk, I shouted 'AAAAAAAMEN!!' I think I dreamed that they said the end of their talk. So many people looked over at me while I looked like a fish with the biggest red eyes ever. So many people snickered and I looked over and the Elders could not contain themselves. *** we, as missionaries (all 8 of us), meet with the Bishop Kennedy every week to discuss the work and we were running behind time, so Bishop asked for somebody who could pray really fast. Everybody pointed to me, so I did one of my speed prayers and mid-prayer, Bishop erupted. He was hunched over and just about dying of laughter in his chair. I've never seen somebody go so red before. Then, as I was still praying, all the elders erupted into laughter as well. I finished my prayer, and asked what was going on. The Elders said that they looked over at the bishop in the prayer and he was trying to hold his breath while bouncing up and down because he was trying to hold in the laughter. They could not contain themselves. *** I accidently tripped a little kid in the hall at church with my shoe and as he tripped, he grabbed my skirt and pantsed me! What is it with everybody pantsing me on my mission????? Now, the entire Whitewater ward knows I wear shorts under my skirts. I became a joke. Haha.#onlyme *** somebody told me that if I could guess what kind of dip they put on this piece of toast, they'd give me 10 dollars. It was toast with this thick brown stuff so I tasted it, it was Veggimite! I guessed it right and he grudgingly handed me the 10 dollars. I thanked him and handed it back. Haha. He was amazed that I knew what it was! *** well, we had to hand over the majority of our investigators to the Elders because it turns out that most of them accepted a return appointment so they could ask me out. Poop. *** we met a lady who had met missionaries like 10 years ago. She didn’t really want anything to do with us. But.... she said that if we could guess her name, she'd accept us back because she could know whether or not we were true representatives of God. We pondered for a minute or two and finally I said, 'Bereatha'..... Holy smokes. You should have seen the look on her face. I was right!! She accepted us back and we had the most powerful restoration lesson I've ever taught to anybody! The next missionaries are going to baptize her! *** I was making a face at my companion in church and the tiny kid in front of us shouted at the top of her lungs 'look Mom! She looks like the Grinch!' WHAAAAAA??? I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE TIMES I GET PANTSED IN A SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Brooke 1.5.2015

Blue Cowboy boots.
I saw a cool butter dish and Elder Wright photo bombed me...punk
I walked all around the mall and when we were leaving, I saw this sign.
New years with the Greene's
We love Martinelli's. Hey Fam! Well, this week was kind of boring. We didn't really have anything fun happen. We had our normal district meeting, and Elder Adamson made Tuna Corn Chowder for lunch afterwards. It might sound nasty, but it was actually pretty good. We called him "Mom" the whole time because he even dished it out for us. Tonight, I'm spending the night in Johnson City!! Sister McNeill is going too, but she'll be with the other sisters. It's weird...I'm going on an exchange as a STL with other STL's. I don't know how THAT happened. But, tomorrow, we're all headed to Knoxville for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). It's gonna be fun! Well folks, the cold has set in, here in Tennessee. We're supposed to get 3 degree weather on Wednesday. BRRR! I'm not a huge fan of the cold, so we'll see how much I love it. We had to go to Kingsport to get our oil changed in our car, but while we were there, we went to the mall and had lunch, and then, we found out that our oil plug was destroyed and they had to order a new one and wait for it to get there. Let's just say, that a 40 minute oil-change in Kingsport turned into us walking around the mall ALL day long. We were great missionaries while we were there. :) I was so tired of walking by the time we left though. :) It was pretty fun to say the least. Also, we got a new investigator this week! We were looking for a former investigator, but couldn't find their house, so we knocked a few doors to ask for directions. One lady let us in for a Coke and we ended up making her a new investigator. Then, we walked out and back to our car and I realized that I left the keys in her house. So, we hiked back and knocked on her door again. She bust up laughing when we told her about the keys. :) It was hilarious. We also committed Sam Coffey for baptism!! He's 13 and awesome! His family was inactive, but we helped them come back, and now he's getting baptized. :) Love it! I love you more than the number of wires in a computer!! Mom: Jen's baby shower looks so cute!! I bet it was a hit! I hope Harley is born tomorrow!! I'm glad Michael and Anna like their new place. It's been really cold here too. Dad: I got your honey bee letter today! I love getting fun stories like that! Thank you so much! Michael: I'm glad you like your apartment! I can't say I've ever slept in a bed in the kitchen, but we were sent to this Earth to experience life, so well done. I loved Christmas and New Year’s! We spent New Year’s at the Greene's house. It was a blast. What did you get? Kevin: I trust my family with my life, the Griffins, Sisters Messer and Walser, and a few other people you don't know. My perfect pizza has pineapple and ham on it. I love those pizzas. My first thought this morning was, "I used to think I was a morning person, and then I came on a mission..." My least favorite question is, "Do you like being a twin?" Here are my questions: What is your dream vacation? If you were a piece of artwork, what one would you be? If you could either breathe under water or walk on water, what would you pick? Love ya! Jen: I hope Harley is born tomorrow!! You BETTER send me pictures! Erin: The people on the letter were some of the people in my new district. I'm glad you liked it. You and Sister Lindsey sound like you are loving your companionship! Send me a picture of you and her!! You and caffeine... I miss that. :) I only get shaky on doesn't make me go whacko like you. I LOVE YOU!

Erin 1.5.2015

"Caffeine Day"...Not ever doing THAT again!
Soaked in a rain storm. Hi family! This week was great! On Saturday, we had a ''caffeine day'' where Sister Lindsay and I both bought caffeinated drinks and we drank them! Well, you know me, I went crazy and was insane for 2 days afterwards! I didn't hit my crash until Monday morning. Crazy! It was down pouring all weekend and Sis Lindsay and I literally ran from house to house and we ended up getting 12 new investigators!!!!! Yay! Things are finally starting here! Sis Lindsay and I love to surprise the other sisters for when they come home, one night; we hid under the counter and started singing Lion king songs when they walked in. Another night, we dressed up like nuns, held candles and crosses, and sang the Sound of Music songs. We are literally crazy. On Saturday night, all the sisters were yelling at me to go to sleep, but I was so hyped up on caffeine that I couldn't, so I painted my nails, drew some pictures, made a homemade candle, cooked an omelet, and read some conference talks. I lay in bed all night long awake, and still couldn't sleep, but there was an intense thunder and lightning storm, so at least I got to watch that. Haha. The sisters now know to never give me caffeine, ever, again. We got to go to a new missionary training! It was way fun. The meeting went an hour and a half longer than normal, abut I didn't mind. I was just in heaven listening to President Harding. I couldn’t listen to him forever because he's so great. I got in the face by a blind lady's cane. I was sitting at her table and she stood up. The cane got caught on her chair so when she swung it up; she smacked me right in the face. It hit my eyebrow and it hurt like crazy. I'm surprised it didn't draw blood. Haha. Poor thing, she didn't even know what happened. hahaha I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY BLOOD LOVES CAFFEINE!!!!!! Mom: The pics of the baby shower are sooooo cute! You did a fantastic job! and I'm so happy that lots of people came, I'll bet it was so fun. Dad: I love all your paintings! And I love the fact that my name was in 2 of your 9 highlights of the year. :D Those were some of my highlights too. :D Jennifer: I'm so sorry you have a hernia!!!!! They’re no fun! I think I got one when I pulled out my appendix stitched too early, it hurt like crazy for the longest time, but I think I pushed my organs back in because now, it rarely hurts anymore. :D Does that mean you get to have Harley earlier??? Michael: I'm so happy you got your own place! And that you like it! You're so grown up! I'll bet it's nicer that you even got to paint it by yourself too huh? :) Kevin: I trust lots of people with my life (some family members, Aldous, the Harding’s, some mission peeps). I don't do prank calls, I think they're mean. haha. My first thought this morning was, 'why is my jar of pickles empty?' I don't know why... because my jar was still full. I hate answering the question, 'why do you have an accent?' It drives me crazy because I'm not exotic, I think I just talk weird. Question for you: If you had to eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Brooke: I got your letter!!!! It made me cry. When I saw all the people write on it, I got so teary eyed. I really needed it. I’ve been struggling, and your letter helped me immeasurably!! I LOVE YOU! RANDOMNESS… ***An old lady tried erasing my name tag to write 'sister friendly' instead of 'sister echols'. She just wanted to adopt me up right there. *** we were walking past a hospital when we saw an old lady trip and fall on the sidewalk. We ran up and tried helping her up. Once she got up, she fell again. She didn't grab onto anything except my skirt. Thank goodness I wear shorts underneath because she totally pantsed me in front of the hospital. A cop then ran over to help us help her up for the second time. Once we got her up, the cop picked up my skirt and handed it to me. He asked what it was. and I'm pretty sure I blushed when I explained it was my skirt. He just about died laughing (and the old lady too). They then brought me INTO the hospital to tell the nurses my story. I just became a legend at the hospital. They took a picture of me and put it on the bulletin board because they thought it was so funny. *** I was explaining the plan of salvation to a man on the street and I was using my hands to kind of give him an idea. Well, I swung out the book of Mormon way to the side as a gesture and I ended up punching another man walking past in the face. He ended up joining our conversation because he had never seen someone so enthusiastic about explaining why we're here on Earth. I felt so bad. He held his jaw during our entire conversation; I probably chipped his tooth or something. But, hey! We got several new investigators out of it!! *** it has been down pouring rain for the past couple of days and we were just waiting in the car for a second to run into our apartment. All of a sudden, some Asians walked past. I wanted Lindsay to practice her Chinese so I jumped out of the car and ran towards them. Well, I hit a patch of clay, and my feet slid out from under me. My feet flew over my head. I ended up doing a back flip and landed on my hands and feet. The Asians turned and saw it and they asked if I was ok. I said Yes and I asked them if they spoke Chinese. Turns out that they were from China so Lindsay got to converse with them while I tried wiping the clay on my hands onto a tree. It died my hands orange. *** I broke my favorite skirt. I'll probably send it home because I'll still want it for when I'm home. I busted the zipper. :P *** I arm wrestled a 10 year old kid and lost. It was so hurtful to my pride. I am now working on my pushups because I've got to get back into shape. *** We had a 'snowball' fight with the Anderson's this week. They got a bunch of pillow snowballs and we had an epic battle in their living room. Guess who won? Yep. That's right.... the 10 year old kid. Haha. Cody is just a boss. *** a drunk guy asked me to marry him and I accidently laughed in his face. He looked so heart broken, but I mended it by giving him a book of Mormon. *** I must say 'missionary' weird because every time I'm on the phone and say it... the people on the other side say,' Oh! Miss Sherry! How you been gurl?" Haha. It must be the accent. *** I ate fried pickles for the first time this week! It's true... the legend.... southerners can really fry ANYTHING! I'll *** I get a chance to try fried Oreo’s this week. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF TEETH ALLIGATORS HAVE!!!!!!!!!!