Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 29, 2014

Erin 12.28.2014

12 days of Christmas
The district.
Mah Christmas
Cat Rescue...Good thing I wear shorts under the skirt. Holy canolli! It was soooooo good to Skype you guys!!!!! One of the greatest Christmas presents eva!!!!! You all look so different. Dad looks white, Mom looks the same, Jennifer looks pregnant, Michael looks fuzzy, Kevin looks studly, and Brooke looks old. I was going to say it even smelled good, but you can't really smell through an iPad. Haha. For Christmas eve, the Hall's fed all the missionaries some of their favorite Christmas dishes. They made pie for me. We ate with Laser and Kirkham and Laser forced me to be on the phone for the majority for the dinner. I never even got to taste the pie, but at least I got a picture with it. Later that night, I teared up quite a bit because I was so disappointed in the way Laser has been treating me. It was really getting to me, but last night, we were privileged to eat with the Harding's. The meal was outstanding and afterwards, we got interviewed by President. Sister Lindsay spoke to him for about 20 minutes while I talked with Sis H, Stockton, and Brit. They found out that I wear shorts under my skirts and they were ecstatic about it. Sister H was like, ''sweetheart, come here.'' I walked over and she said ''show me''. I pulled up my skirt to show her my shorts and she just about died. She thought it was so funny. Some senior missionaries came over to the mission home while we were there and she made me show them as well. Hahaha. This is how they found out.... I told them this story: Well, this week, we went out trackting, as we do every day all day long since we have no investigators. One day, nobody would answer the door..... Suddenly, we could hear this inaudible meowing and we looked all through the bushes for this loud cat. We finally looked up and in this huge tree, 20 feet up, the cat was suck and calling out for help. I was hoping it would die and just leave 1 less cat in the world, but I promised God I'd risk my life to save another if 1 more soul wouldn't answer the door. So, we went to a house where they were having a party, so it was sure that someone would answer the door. Well.... nobody answered so to keep my promise to god. I stripped off my skirt and scaled the tree. When I got all the way up there, I reached for the cat to save it and the stupid thing bit and clawed me! My hand swelled like a marshmallow so I grabbed it by the fur of it's neck and threw it down 20 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad. But it's true.... cats really do land on their feet. haha. Then we had another problem.... I got stuck in the tree. I didn’t want to mess up my boots or new shirt by climbing down (it had no branches), so I parkour jumped. I landed like a bird. My hands hurt so bad though. Well, I guess it was good. I saved a soul somehow. (even though cats don't have souls) #savingcatsfordays #feltlikeahero I LOVE YOU MORE THAN OLD LADIES LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: Holy smokes! That pic of Kevin and Dace put the hugest smile on my face!! IT's a priceless picture!! I'm sure the baby shower will be so great, you always know how to put a party together. Dad: It was soo good to skype you on Christmas! I'm sure you made fantastic Belgium Waffles again! And I'm guessing you got a bunch of movies and electronics! Did anyone get you a barrel of popcorn??????? Jennifer: The picture of you and Dace Face is so cute! You're still so silly and I love it!!!! Michael: It was nice to skype with you. I hope you had a good Christmas. Kevin: The last thing I bought was a hot chocolate for a homeless man. I wouldn't die, I'd be twinkled. I would hate going to Hell or prison. Although prison might be a party and a half. Hell would be worse. Transportation? Hmmmm. Flying as fast as superman. Favorite breakfast food???? ORANGE JUICE!!!!! AND FRUIT!!!!! Brooke: Your hair is so long again!!!!! I cried when I saw you on skype! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! RANDOMNESS: ***We got splashed by a golf cart going through a puddle *** Weekly planning was a hoot..... What happens when you put 2 ADHD people together???? It’s a party and a half. hahaha. I got abs from laughing so much. *** we caroled to people everywhere. By the end of the night, we sounded like frogs. *** I spilled orange juice all over the white furniture at a member's house for Christmas breakfast. *** I'm getting better at Chinese every day *** we got our car almost suck in the mud when we missed a turn and had to flip a u turn. That's what I call 'off-roading' *** I love the clothes you sent me for Christmas (even though I already have one of the skirts. Haha) *** we were leaving a dinner appointment and about to get in the car when we realized we had to pee and we weren't going home for another 3 hours. We awkwardly went back to the members' house and knocked on the door and asked to use their bathroom. It was so weird and awkward, but they then gave us a couple bags of snacks. hahaha. #thankgoodnesswewentback #hungrymissionaries *** Thank goodness I was wearing shorts under my skirt; otherwise I would have let the cat die. haha. It's now a trend going around the mission. All the sisters are starting to buy shorts because they heard about my idea. muahahaha *** I tried introducing myself in Chinese to a member who served in Australia Chinese speaking and instead of saying, ''hi, I'm a crazy missionary who loves pineapple and swimming''.... I said, ''Hi, I'm a crazy homeless person who loves your fat wife and juggling'' WHAT????? He about died and my companion literally had to bend over because she was laughing so hard. Now I have a reputation. Haha Oops. I never knew how important using tones were in Chinese. It totally changes the word. haha #onlyinmylife I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF AWKWARD MOMENTS IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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