Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 22, 2014

Erin 12.22.2014

I got to sit next to Manzer for Christmas dinner.
Exchanges with Sis Barry and Sister Stephens.
Mah gurl Sister Burckle.
Our temple group.
STLs and ZLs.
The Moore's got baptized! Hi family. For Christmas, all I want are letters. PLEASE have EVERYONE write me letters and send pictures. Well, we got a call from the AP's at 10:30 last night saying that Laser and I would be splitting up. We'll both be receiving new missionaries and training visa waiters.... TODAY. I love Sister Laser and I'll miss her, but I think training a new missionary will be good for her. We'll all be living together still. In our 1 bathroom apartment, it should be a party and a half. Haha. I'm so glad I'm getting a visa waiter, my instincts are telling me that she's waiting to go to Taiwan. I sure hope so. I really need to practice my Chinese. We went on exchanges and I went with a Taiwanese sister. She says I have excellent pronunciation. HUZZAH! Giles taught me so well!!!! I hope my new comp will speak Chinese because then I can learn more. :D The Moore family got baptized! It's a family of 6 and 4 of them got baptized and confirmed yesterday. It was probably the happiest baptism I've ever been to. All of them were glowing and the joy in their faces was incomprehensible. I can't believe this week is Christmas, I don't think it's quite hit me yet that it's December. Ok. Let's be honest, it hasn't hit me that it's 2014. I still feel like it's 2010. Haha. Where in the world has the last 4 years of my life gone? For Christmas, we get to Skype for 55 minutes! HUZZAH! PRAISE THE LORD! I accidently announced to the ward that I have Arthritis when I meant Alzheimer’s. Now they really th8ink I'm an old cripple lady. Hahahaha. We were asked to teach YW on Christmas Sunday and the lesson when exceedingly well. We were pretty funny and had a lot of fun. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN TALL PEOPLE LOVE SHORT JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I LOVE Aldous! They're my family away from family! If Brooke and I weren't twins, Ashley and I would be! Dad: Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge is my all-time favorite 70. He's so inspirational. Believe me, I've read that talk inside and out. But, I can't be a 4th missionary if my companion won't. It's so frustrating. Jennifer: That pic of Dace Face is adorable! He's so big! And he's so cheeky! I can't wait for you to give birth to another mini-me! Michael: Thanks for writing me. I hope I can see you on Christmas, after all, this will be your only chance to Skype your missionary sisters on missions..... Kevin:1. I hate knock knock jokes, they're so annoying and dumb. Haha 2. There's nothing purple around me, everything's black and white 3. I got to eat an octopus eyeball. It looked like a truffle, tasted like sewage, and squished like a hard raisin. 4. The weirdest thing about me? Everything about me is weird.... I can whistle under water. That's not weird, it's awesome. 5. Am I proud of being weird? YES! It makes me ME! I love these questions: If you could be any color of the rainbow what would you be and why? Brooke: You look so cute. You look so grown up. I'm just getting wrinkly and fat. Hahahaahhaa DO we get to Skype together?????? 2 pm???????? RANDOMNESS…. ***I dream in Spanish now *** a drunk guy tried kissing me (again) so I punched him in the face. He proposed to me and I turned around to walk away so fast that my hair whipped him in the face. My hair knocked him to the ground. hehehehehehehehehe *** I dropped my camera! NOOOOOO! It's ok, but it got a little scraped. *** I really wanted a sausage, so I fried a slice of ham and stuffed it with cheese... not quite the same, but still very good. *** I got to go on exchanges to PTC when one of my investigators was getting baptized, so I got to go to his baptism! I didn't get a pic, but I was there! Joseph Ashley! *** so many people yesterday told me I looked like Elsa because of the way I had my hair braided. What a compliment! #letitgoletitgocan'tholditbackanymore *** I can't wait to see you all on Christmas!!! Even though it doesn’t seem real!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MONKEYS LOVE GOING BANANAS!!!!

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