Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Erin 12.15.2014

I Got to see the Wheatley's.
...and the Johnson's and the Roner's.
Love me some Wade's!
Oh how I love Bishop Corbridge.
Sister Laser and I on exchanges with Sister Watts and Sister Earley. Well this week was amazing! We did a big zone conference and I led it out with the Zone Leaders. I guess I'm really funny because I stand up there like a ghost because I'm so terrified and everyone just laughs. I talked about candy canes and it was a hit! They all loved it! We got to go on exchanges where I took tons of fun pictures and it was a blast. We got to go to the festival of nativities and wow.... it was incredible. I saw so many of my beloved PTC family. I was so happy I forgot to breathe a couple of times. Apparently I'm still a legend there because all the PTC peeps that I saw came running up to me telling me what they heard from a random missionary that I did. They know all my mission adventures from missionaries that I've never even met! Everyone here knows about Usher, so I guess it's ok to start telling people about it. Haha. But I still won't send the picture until I'm home. Ok. my comp is really really REALLY hard, and I'm struggling with her... but it's kind of fun. When she's being mean to me, I'm really super nice to her; I think it makes her more mad.(evil laugh). It's fun. Sorry I have more pictures than words this week, but when I'm having a hard time, you can always be assured that there'll be pictures. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ALL THE NATIVITY SETS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Mom: Yay for Arizona! Give Keiji the BIGGEST hug from me! Dad: Tell Stephanie and Gladys and Tony that I LOVE them sooo much! Jennifer: That picture is adorable. I absolutely loved it. He's getting so big. Before I get home, he'll already have a beard! Michael: I'm so happy you got a house! That's way exciting! Ya, it's weird that I'm not getting your email’s, for a second, I though you disowned me. haha Kevin: Switch bodies? I'd switch with Brooke, she's a babe. Witness anything? the 2nd coming. Sheltered? No, then they wouldn't know the good. Best compliment? Usher... telling me I was different than anyone he'd ever met. Last lie? I don't lie. Hahaha. I don't know... I can't remember. Brooke: You look so cute in all your pictures! P.S. Everyone who sees our pictures that Raquel took before our mission all say that you look 4 or 5 years older than me! Hahahaha #oldfart RANDOMNESS: ***I learned how to snore, I pretend sometimes so my comp thinks I'm really asleep. hehe *** I caught a guy stealing baby Jesus from a nativity from Jerusalem and called him out. I doubt he'll get baptized because he was so embarrassed, but I saved Jesus! *** a family offered to buy me a ticket to Australia because I sound like a native, they want me to experience the real deal.... I might just take them up on it.... *** I was having a chugging competition with my comp while we were waiting for our mission conference call to start. After we chugged, we tried burping as loud as we could. I went first and holy cannoli, a whopper came out and then all of a sudden, we heard an incredible laughter coming from the phone. No worries, we just had a belching competition while our phone wasn't on mute for the whole mission to hear.!!!!!!!!!!! Classic Erin!!!! *** I have a reputation in this mission and the jokester. Hahaha. I love making people laugh! *** I watched a cat give birth..... #scarredforlife It just kept plopping out babies! So nasty! Yet fascinating! ***I LOVE YOU MORE THAN GRAPES LOVE JUICE!!!!

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