Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 1, 2014

Erin 12.1.2014

How I gave Sister White some water when she was sick.
Mi amor, Jessica.
Thanksgiving dinner.
The De Moors.
the food is a pic for Auntie Natha (white t shirt included). More Pictures coming soon..... Ahoy there familia! Holy guacamole, this week was strange. We stayed home for Thanksgiving, which was unusual, so it doesn't really feel like I've had a Thanksgiving, but I made a box of mac and cheese (corn and hotdogs too), so it all tasted sublime. My companion got really sick this week, so for 86 hours in a row (I counted), we never left our apartment once! I was going so crazy, so sorry, this week, you'll have mostly pictures rather than stories. haha. MIRACLESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I GOT TO GO TO THE PTC WARD!!!!!!!!!!! Holy canolli, it was absolutely incredible. Trish, one of my converts was giving her first talk as well as Bro Coleman, the Less active and part member family we brought back to church were speaking. President gave me and Elder Laws permission to go. Well it was amazing. There were many tear filled eyes and I felt like a celebrity who had come home. Shannon asked us to sing in the ward choir, a song I had never heard of... and At the end of the sacrament meeting, Bishop Corbridge stood up to close the meeting and he all of a sudden said, "Sister Echols, will you come up here and join me?" Ummmm. Sure. I hopped up and went and stood by him at the pulpit where he announced to everyone my story and also told everyone how I would be the concluding speaker. I had nothing in my hands except a Spanish book of Mormon and my camera and now I had to give a surprise talk. I bore my testimony and randomly opened up the scriptures in Spanish. As I read, I read it in Spanish, but translated it into English, perfectly. I gave my talk, and everyone was in tears. It was remarkable. Bishop Corbridge's daughter, Reagan, nearly tackled me. She came flying down the hall to give me the biggest hug ever, as did most of the other members as well. I've never felt that kind of joy in my life! Well: the things I did, since I was stuck in our apartment for 86 hours: ***70+ calls every day ***5+ invites to baptism over the phone ***made a ward map ***deep cleaned our apartment ***organized our area book ***3+ hours of studies every day ***3+ hours of studying Spanish every day ***painted my nails ***organized all my study stuff ***learned a new hymn ***tried to learn the guitar (didn't work out so well) ***cleaned a mountain of dishes ***cooked freezable get-better meals for my comp ***made ward members cookies ***exercised ***parkcore ***refrained from writing any letters ***ironed my clothes ***washed my comp's clothes ***memorized the family proclamation to the world word for word ***made pass along cards ***put entire ward's addresses in my GPS ***watched every church video we had in the apartment ***weekly planned ***tried waxing my leg and found out that hot candle wax doesn't work, it just hurts ***captured cockroaches and spiders in a jar and watched them fight ***etc. It was quite the productive week I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE PTC!!! AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT!!!!!!! Mom: Those pics are ADORABLE!!! That's the coolest thing ever that she made one for you too! I was so sad I didn't get to help anyone make thanksgiving this year. At least, next year will be phenomenal. HUZZAH FOR FOOD!!! Dad: I'm glad you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I'm positive the food tasted great. Mom is a fantastic cook. Thanks for all the Aussie stuff. Now I'm pro and I fool everyone. It's really weird; now, it's really hard to use an American accent! I'm really going all Aussie!!!! Jennifer: I think it's engrained in my brain that you're having twins. haha. It just makes sense. I'm glad my mission is flying by for you. Before you know it, you'll be a grandma, and then I'll come home! Michael: please write me Kevin: You HAVE to hang out with Kaci! I can't believe her mission is almost done!!!! I'm super happy you like your job. I think it fits you, a delivery man. Brooke: It amazes me through your pictures how farmish TN is. It blows my mind every time! You ol' farm gir you! RANDOMNESS: ***I dissected a cockroach, there wasn't anything cool about it ***I learned that candle wax won't wax off hair, it'll just burn you ***I cut a pomegranate and when I opened it, one of the little seed pods' juice squirted right in my eye and stained it for a few hours! It looked like I had pink eye! ***I'm starving all the time, I think I'm still growing. ***A lady in our ward gave me a cute cardigan and expensive coat because she said I looked cold. Just because I'm skinny, doesn't mean I'm cold. Haha. I thought it was a sweet thought. ***On Sunday night, our car ran out of gas.... we had to get cans and walk to a gas station, fill them up, and walk back. It was a long night. It took about 2 hours I LOVE YOU MORE THAN PIGS LOVE TO SQUEAL!!!!!!

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