Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 8, 2014

Erin 12.08.2014

Time is Ticking on By!
Golf cart ride in December with Nicole and Sister White.
Gotta love the Anderson's.
Model decorating.
Sis Biddison from PTC.
The Pickards. LOVE THEM.
The whitewater district. Hiya familia. THis week was ROUGH. I have such a hard time with my companion because she's really disobedient, but hey, at least I get some alone time when she sleeps in in the mornings. I get approximately 4 extra hours by myself every morning when she sleeps in. I get to do a lot of thinking, like: I wonder what would happen if you electrocute a hardboiled egg? Would it explode? or.... What would happen if you drank pure food coloring? Would you die or would you dye? or.... If you mixed together plasma, sand, oil, water, jello, and egg whites, would you be able to create glue? Those are the things I think about. To help me through this entire transfer, will all of you write me? Like hand written letters? Every week? With pictures and stickers? I'm having a hard time. I just want to curl up in a a ditch and die. Sorry this is short, but my brain hurts to bad to think of anything we did this week that was obedient. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SATAN LIKES TO TRY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM: Thanks so much for the quote. I really needed it. DAD: Thanks so much for the Tangled song, you have no idea how much it helped me. Can you also send me the lyrics to the Frozen songs? I like singing Disney in the mornings when I'm by myself. It makes me feel better. BRIAN: Oh my goodness, Brian. you have no idea how much your email meant to me. JENNIFER: How's the pregnancy going? Feel ready to pop yet? hehehe MICHAEL: Why don't you write me? KEVIN: YOU SHOULD DATE ALDOUS!!!!!!!!!!! She would be the funnest sister-in-law EVER!!!!! Kaci's cool and all that, but you should marry Ashley! BROOKE: YES, I had my companions with me. Haha. You used to be a pro at sarcasm. I guess it's true, the mission does change you. Haha. Hold on... I'll send you some pics. Where did you get transferred to? WHo's your companion? DID LAWS WRITE YOU???????????????? RANDOMNESS: We had a team up tell our investigator family that we baptize dead people and it doesn't matter which church you get baptized into... any baptism is good. Ummmm. No. Clearly, she doesn't understand. *** I accidently stepped in a dead possum. We parked the car and I stepped out, to my surprise, the ground squished and then crunched. I looked down and there was a moldering possum corpse. It's weird because I didn't even smell it until I stepped on it. Haha. I threw those shoes away. It was nasty. *** I ran over 3 squirrels in one day. I guess God had a short of squirrels in heaven, so he had me kill them. *** I learned how to swear in Spanish, but that's not something we should put on the blog. Haha. It was an accident. I was just speaking in Spanish and all of a sudden they bust up laughing, it turns out that I said a word wrong and learned a swear word. *** I was standing really still outside and a bird flew right past me. I kept standing there and I saw that it was going to fly past me again, so I called my companion to watch me use my ninja skills.... the bird flew past me and I punched it out of the air!!!!!!!!!! It hit a tree and died. I ran over to take a picture, and a cat jumped out of the tree, grabbed the dead bird, and ran away! My comp was in shock. I guess I'm just really good at punching birds. #hiddentalents *** a ten year old boy , the Anderson’s son, came running downstairs, soaking wet, in a towel and yelled, "MOM! I'm getting fat! Look at these rolls on my stomach!!!!'' He was in horror. We all bust up laughing, those rolls were abs, the boy had a 6pack. Hahaha. It was so funny. *** I have officially forgotten how to talk like a Utahn, I have an Aussie accent all the time without even trying. It's pretty epic. I LOVE it! And when people point it out, it gets even stronger! Haha HUZZAH!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS I KILL!!!!!! Part of a letter to her Mission Pres.... Ahoy there President!!! Wow. This week was..... Interesting. Can I just start off by saying Thank you? Thanks for this opportunity to serve as a Sister Training Leader. I know by far, I will learn a whole lot more than I can teach to any of the other sisters. I learn so much from their examples and I'm privileged that you are trusting me to do this. People say that you can't fail if you don't climb. That's true.... but there's no joy in living your whole life on the ground. That's why I love the 'climb the mountain' quote you always use. We won't find joy unless we climb, unless we excel, and unless we put forth our effort in reaching the top. It's incredible that I'm surrounded by so many examples of 'climbing the mountain': the AP's, the Zone Leaders, the office elders, Sister Laser, fellow missionaries, you and Sister Harding, Stockton, etc. The list goes on and on and on. This week was weird, we've done lots of things that I'm not used to doing, but I'm adjusting. That's what's nice about being a missionary and having the Lord on your side; you can adjust to hard situations. There are some difficulties in our companionship, but I am definitely being my most patient self I can muster.

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