Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 29, 2014

Brooke 12.28.2014

We spent part of Christmas with the Greene's!
I schooled a group of boys at basketball, in a dress.
Do you like my haircut. It was only like an inch. Hi Family! I LOVED talking to you all on Christmas!! It was by far the best thing that's happened this week! But, some other good things happened too. We got 10 new investigators!! What?! How does that even happen?? And, one of the lady's we found wants to be baptized! :) Christmas #2 in the field was great. I woke up sick on Christmas Eve, and was still a little sick on Christmas Day, but now, it's almost gone. Thank goodness. Well, for P-day today, we're gonna clean like a boss, because the apartment hasn't been cleaned since I left 3 weeks ago. You'd be surprised at how bad it gets in 3 weeks. Yuck! For Christmas, I got 6 scarves!! Woop woop! I officially have more scarves than clothes. It's an addiction, I think. But, I have to say that Skyping was by far the BEST present I got! We got to meet a less-active's family! They're all from Utah and VERY active! The son and his fiancée just got home from missions! He went to Africa and she went to Florida, and they waited for each other. I was talking to the returned Elder because he just came back from Africa and he showed me how to say something in the African clicky language! There are actually 3 different kinds of clicks! I'm going to learn that language before I die! I talked to his fiancée and she gave me some really good advice about going back to the normal life. Yikes. It's gonna be wild. That's really all the news that's happened this week! I love you more than the number of scarves a sister can have! Mom: WOAH!! I only have 60 days left?? What?! Where did the days go? I remember being a new missionary and feeling like it was going so slow. Next thing I know, it's gone. Wow. I have other missionaries that I go home with tell me how many days we have left. They're pretty trunky. No one believes me when I tell them that I'm not trunky. Dad: Thanks for the lyrics. I don't think I know that song though. If I do, I've lost touch with the real world and forgotten a LOT. Michael: Thank you soooooo much for being there for Skype!! You have no idea what it meant to me to know that you would take 40 minutes of your busy schedule to talk to me! That made my day! I still don't know Anna, but it was fun to talk to the two of you. Kevin: You look so good clean shaven! Woah! I loved your answer for the rainbow question! The last thing I bought was a pair of fleece lined tights because it's freezing with the humidity! I would choose to drown in some warm water of some place exotic because I hear it's pretty peaceful. But, I think I'd rather just be changed in the twinkling of an eye... I would NEVER want to be Miley Cyrus! She's crazy! If I could only use one method of transportation, I would teleport. My favorite breakfast food is orange juice and abelskeivers. However you spell it. :) Here's my questions...If you had to learn a foreign language, what would you pick? If you had to relocate to either an island in the Atlantic, or an island in the Pacific, what would you pick? Jen: Harley and Dace are soooo cute! You are the cutest mommy ever! I think my favorite part about Skype was that Dace was too sad to say goodbye. He's my favorite! It kind of broke my heart, but it made me feel so loved. :) I love that little man. I'm actually really surprised he knew who I was though. And he talks so well! I'm glad you guys were there! You and Brian looked great! Erin: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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