Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 22, 2014

Brooke 12.22.2014

Sun sphere!
Saying goodbye!
...My new companions, Elder Russo and President Griffin. Hey!! So, this week was a little out of the ordinary... Well, for pday last Monday, we went and toured Knoxville! We got to go up in the sun sphere and see the whole city! It was pretty classic. Then, we had our Christmas Zone Conference where they gave us all our Christmas packages, and then we played dodge ball. Then, President and Sister Griffin let us watch FROZEN!!!!!!!!!! It was so cute! It was really different from what I was expecting, but it was still really good. During the movie, Sister Ramon was like, "Sister Echols, you're like Anna (however you spell it) because she's really hyper and ditsy." Then, an Elder next to me was like, "Well, I'm like Kristoff because I'm really socially awkward." We all started laughing, and then the characters fell in love, so it got REALLLL awkward. Everyone was dying of laughter because of how awkward it just got. Just my luck. We also went on exchanges this past week! I went to Rockwood, TN. While me and the other sister were in Rockwood, in four hours, we taught a less-active, went Christmas caroling, gave out 12 "He is the Gift" cards, found 7 new investigators, and committed 4 of them to baptism!! Not to mention, I got proposed to also in those 4 hours. Crazy! It was pretty miraculous! After we finished our exchange, on Friday we got a call from President Griffin. He was like, "I need you to come by the mission home tomorrow. There's something I want to run by Sister Echols." So, the next day on Saturday, we went over and hung out with Sister Griffin, Izzy and Olivia Griffin, and the really sick Assistants (poor guys) until President was ready for me and Sister Hales to talk to him. He told me that there was a really sick sister who needed to go home, so he told me that I would need to go back to Rogersville with Sister McNeill. He was like, "You leave tomorrow." He also told me that the area has slid back a TON since I left, so he wants me to pick it back up. So, that night, we had dinner (Beef and Vegetable stew) with the Griffins. Izzy showed me all kinds of magic tricks. And then, we went home and packed. The next morning, we loaded up my suitcases and met President and Russo at the church. They stayed for sacrament with us, then, we went out to the car and loaded my stuff into President's van. President and Russo were my companions for the day. When they got my stuff into the van, we went back to the mission home and Sister Griffin made us pancakes and sausage. I got to eat another meal with the Griffins! Izzy was so cute and wanted to help me butter my pancake. President was like, "Sister Echols, what do you want to drink?" I ran out to their garage and grabbed a Dr. Pepper. :) He just gave me a weird look. He was like, "Grab two because Elder Russo will want one." So I did, and we had Dr. Pepper with my pancakes. Then, it was time to leave. So, I was like, "One more for the road!" and grabbed another one. :) CAFFEINE! :) I was bouncing. On the way to Rogersville, I was like, "Can I ask you a favor? Can you stop at the nearest gas station? I really have to pee." They started laughing and stopped at the next one. I ran in and gave out 2 cards. :) Then, we made it to Rogersville and snuck into the back for sacrament meeting. The whole Branch was buzzing with excitement. President just kept laughing because everyone was so excited to see me! So, here I am. I got emergency transferred back to Rogersville. That was my week in a nutshell. I love you more than my crazy luck likes to play jokes on me! Mom: I'm going to be skyping from the Elliott's house here in Rogersville at 2 pm. Feel free to give her a call. I want to take a western picture like that! I got the 12 days of Christmas! Thanks!!! Sister Stoner got it to Sister Graves in the Pellissippi ward who got it to me! I love all of them! I'll be able to skype for 40 minutes. Dad: I LOVE the Fourth Missionary by Elder Corbridge! He's amazing! You look great in the western pic by the way! Everyone does! Michael: I'm not asking you to forsake your significant other's family. I'm just asking for 40 minutes of your time. Please be willing to give me that for Christmas. That's all I want. Kevin: Marry Ashley Aldous! My favorite Knock Knock Joke is this: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the gay guy on the other side. Knock knock. Who's there? The chicken. The only purple thing near me is my backpack that has purple flowers on it. I've eaten Raccoon Nachos. The weirdest thing about me.... I sometimes dream in an Australian accent. Yes, I'm proud of it. If you had to chose between being living in the Hunger Games or Narnia, what would you pick? Jen: Dace is huge and his hair is so dark! Send me a picture of your baby bump! Erin: I hope we get to skype together! Everything is really tentative right now because I just got ET'ed.

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