Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 1, 2014

Brooke 12.1.2014

Yesterday countdown!
Melissa Tunnell is now the newest member of the church.
my little brothers Joey and CJ. and....I hate packing but more adventures to be had!
(Melissa Tunnell is now the newest member of the church! little brothers Joey and CJ....I hate packing) Hiya family! Well, we got the transfer call on Saturday... I will be leaving Rogersville on Wednesday. I'm going to be training another missionary, (probably a visa waiter) and I'm also going to be a Sister Training Leader. Woah. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous. That means that I'm getting a greenie, a new area, and a new other companion. :) I'm nervous and excited at the same time! Hey, sorry today's will be short...the library is full and they won't let us get our full hour and a half with tons of people here. Also, I had some drama this past week... our 40 year old investigator who was going to get baptized, asked me to be his woman... Isn't that so gross??? He's 40!! He has a daughter who's older than me!!! YUCK!!! Mormon Nun. President Griffin told me that I would be leaving, so when they told me over the transfer call, I wasn't shocked. I was just shocked about Training again and being a Sister Training Leader. Well, on a happier note, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at 4 different people's houses. We went the the Andersons', then to the Greene's, then to the Wampler's, and then to Ray and Oretta's. Wow. I'm STILL full. Melissa got baptized on Saturday! President Stockinger baptized her. She had one heck of a morning though.... she had all her family get sick, 2 of her cows went through their electric fence and died, and her husband had to stay behind to wait for someone to come get the cows, and she had no gas in her car. But, she made it! She told us that Satan was trying to stop her, but nothing was gonna get in her way! She's so boss! Hey, update on my shoulder after a still hurts, but not nearly as bad. It pops and grinds every time I move it, but it doesn't hurt like it should for it to be that loud. My shoulder blade is still sticking out and I can still feel it when I breath, but it feels almost normal. Weird. I think that the second I get released as a missionary, the pain will be what it's supposed to be. And, I'm sure you heard...they MRI'ed the wrong part of my shoulder, so I'll just be waiting until the end of my mission to get it taken care of. At least it's a little better! It's a Christmas Miracle! I get to finish my mission! What a blessing! I love you more than singers love music! Mom: Look at that number of days left... Sister McNeill told me this morning, "Just think, next month, you can say, 'I go home next month!!'" Woah. The Christmas lights look so good! Our Zone Leaders brought me my package to our baptism on Saturday. I opened it right there and saw that it was Christmas packages, so they took it back. They are going to deliver it to my new area for me so I don't have to pack it all. Corrie is going to send us a Christmas present? Awww! She's so cute! Mom, you sound like you miss us or something. :) Dad: It sounds like Thanksgiving was a hit! Wow, I haven't heard anything about Ed Donakey in a long time! Way to fix his Jacuzzi! Hey, we read in Ezekiel yesterday too! We learned about the dry bones and the resurrection. Hey, one of our investigators saw a picture of you and said that you look kind of like Steve Martin. I told her that you act like him too. Hahaha! Michael: Ok, don't write me, that's fine too... Kevin: Marry Kaci! I want her as a sister in law! Jen: I have come across Titans T-shirts, but I'm still looking for a Jersey. I'm going to have a ward member order one for me for Christmas and bring it home to you. What size do you want? Please answer this question as SOON as you possibly can so I can make sure I get it before I go home. I'm glad Brian liked my funny email about my "amazingly attractive older sister." :) Erin: I'm so happy that you got to go to PTC (along with my future husband apparently) and see all your peeps! I bet that talk was stunning! Are you an Hermana now???? Wow, what a BORING 86 hours. I would have lost my mind. You are such a nice person... By the way, TN is farmland. That's why everything looks like a farm.

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