Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brooke 12.15.2014

Brock and Julie Stoner (Mark and Sharon Stoner’s (Orem) son and Wife.)
We put wreaths on Veteran's graves...
Johnson City Reunion at Transfers. Elder Russo, Sister Echols, Sister Messer, Elder Western, Elder Roberts. Love them. So, this week, we had quite a bit of drama... We rescued a lady from a smoking car. We were on our way home from an appointment, and we got on our road and the traffic was REALLY slow. We could see that there was a car blocking both lanes, so cars were going into the shoulder to go around it. The car had just hit a huge phone pole. When we got up closer and I could see that the car was so full of smoke that you couldn't see through it...and people were just driving by, minding their own business. I jumped out of the car before Sister Hales was stopped and I yelled, "Get out! We need to help!" Hales threw the car in park in the middle of the lane and her and Ramon ran to where I was already at the car. I could see a lady in the car thrashing around like crazy. I threw the phone to Hales and yelled, "Call 911!" and she immediately did. I tried to rip the passenger door open, but it was locked. I ran to the other side where she was and I told her to unlock the door. She did, but the door was smashed in so it wouldn't budge. She was suffocating. The window was rolled down about an inch, so I put both my hands in the car and jumped up to let my body weight push down the glass a few more inches. It was now down about 4 inches. The car started to make really weird noises, and the smoke increased. I thought it was going to blow up. I yelled at her to put her face to the glass and breath the air from outside. She was still panicking. She finally got a good breath, and I yelled at her again to reach across to the passenger side and unlock the door. I had to repeat that a few times before it registered. Finally, she reached over with shaky arms and unlocked the door. I ripped the door open and a guy who stopped right after us jumped in and pulled her from the car. The was thrashing around like crazy. I jumped in the car after he got her out and put the car in park and pulled out the key as fast as I could. I ran over to the lady and the guy who had pulled her out. He had laid her on the ground and another lady came over who was a nurse and she held her head still. The lady who had wrecked was shaking so bad from the smoke and shock that I pulled of my white jacket and threw it on her to keep her warmer. I was freezing! Hales gave her coat too. The lady was coughing and spitting up blood from the airbag hitting her in the face and from the smoke in her lungs. I got blood on me, but I really didn't care. I was freezing cold, but I didn't care about that either. The ambulance showed up and they took care of her. They said they thought she had been drinking. The cops were shocked when they saw a little jacket-less girl standing there telling them what had just happened. They were like, "Wow, God willing, you were here." Then, they replaced jackets with blankets and told us that we were free to go. So, we went home and planned for the next day. Whoa, talk about adding some excitement to an average night. Also, we put wreaths on Veteran's graves for the holidays. It was really cold, but lots of fun. That day, we handed out 27 He is the Gift cards! The last one I gave out was at a gas station. There was a guy on the other side of the parking lot about to get in his car. I really wanted to give him a card, but I didn't see how I could get over there in time. So, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Hey! Are you Christian?" and he was like, "No, I'm Baptist." I was like, "Oh! You ARE Christian! Well, I've got something for you!" and I ran over there and gave him the card. I wasn't the smoothest approach, but it got the job done. Hahahaha, silly Sister Echols! Then, we got to spend a whole day with Sister Griffin! We helped her wrap and label Christmas gifts for all 157 missionaries. Then, she took us to COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was better than Disneyland! The Costco here smells like the Costco back home! It was heaven. We went grocery shopping with her. If felt like home! Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. :) Oh ya, and yesterday was my 16 month mark. Everyone is calling it my sweet 16 because everyone knows I'm gonna be a Mormon nun. Hahahahaha! Last night, I met Bishop Stoner's family! I love you more than snakes love to slither! Mom: This is my exciting email I was telling you about. It's sad that Nolan Reed had Alzheimer’s. I hope he'll do ok. It's really funny that Keiji was so tired! Now, he knows how I feel every day! :) Dad: Is Tony active in the church yet? Have Glady and Stephanie been baptized yet? Tell Keiji to get on it. :) I'm so happy you still have the watch we gave you! I love that watch! I love the guy who owns it even more! Michael: I'm with Erin, it's weird that BOTH of us don't get your emails... I'm excited for you to get a house! That's super fun! It will be your first as a hubby. Next step...daddy. Kevin: I know some Duke's from Brevard, NC, but not from Knoxville. She might know me because I'm a legend here in the TKM. JK.Just last night, I met someone in our stake and I introduced myself. They were like, "You're Sister Echols?! I've heard so much about you!" From missionaries I've served around or members who know me...word travels. :) Jen: Dace is sooo handsome! Do you have a picture of Harley's ultrasound to send me? You're due next month, so I should hope so. Erin: I love all the pictures! You're so famous! Also, Laws emailed me. I'm an old fart! I know! I've started using the fountain of youth though, so I'm covered for a while. :) I'm so old. We're still twins though, you just graduated to pull-ups, and I just got my first order of Depends. :) Still twins. :) Hahahahahahaha!

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