Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 29, 2014

Erin 12.28.2014

12 days of Christmas
The district.
Mah Christmas
Cat Rescue...Good thing I wear shorts under the skirt. Holy canolli! It was soooooo good to Skype you guys!!!!! One of the greatest Christmas presents eva!!!!! You all look so different. Dad looks white, Mom looks the same, Jennifer looks pregnant, Michael looks fuzzy, Kevin looks studly, and Brooke looks old. I was going to say it even smelled good, but you can't really smell through an iPad. Haha. For Christmas eve, the Hall's fed all the missionaries some of their favorite Christmas dishes. They made pie for me. We ate with Laser and Kirkham and Laser forced me to be on the phone for the majority for the dinner. I never even got to taste the pie, but at least I got a picture with it. Later that night, I teared up quite a bit because I was so disappointed in the way Laser has been treating me. It was really getting to me, but last night, we were privileged to eat with the Harding's. The meal was outstanding and afterwards, we got interviewed by President. Sister Lindsay spoke to him for about 20 minutes while I talked with Sis H, Stockton, and Brit. They found out that I wear shorts under my skirts and they were ecstatic about it. Sister H was like, ''sweetheart, come here.'' I walked over and she said ''show me''. I pulled up my skirt to show her my shorts and she just about died. She thought it was so funny. Some senior missionaries came over to the mission home while we were there and she made me show them as well. Hahaha. This is how they found out.... I told them this story: Well, this week, we went out trackting, as we do every day all day long since we have no investigators. One day, nobody would answer the door..... Suddenly, we could hear this inaudible meowing and we looked all through the bushes for this loud cat. We finally looked up and in this huge tree, 20 feet up, the cat was suck and calling out for help. I was hoping it would die and just leave 1 less cat in the world, but I promised God I'd risk my life to save another if 1 more soul wouldn't answer the door. So, we went to a house where they were having a party, so it was sure that someone would answer the door. Well.... nobody answered so to keep my promise to god. I stripped off my skirt and scaled the tree. When I got all the way up there, I reached for the cat to save it and the stupid thing bit and clawed me! My hand swelled like a marshmallow so I grabbed it by the fur of it's neck and threw it down 20 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad. But it's true.... cats really do land on their feet. haha. Then we had another problem.... I got stuck in the tree. I didn’t want to mess up my boots or new shirt by climbing down (it had no branches), so I parkour jumped. I landed like a bird. My hands hurt so bad though. Well, I guess it was good. I saved a soul somehow. (even though cats don't have souls) #savingcatsfordays #feltlikeahero I LOVE YOU MORE THAN OLD LADIES LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: Holy smokes! That pic of Kevin and Dace put the hugest smile on my face!! IT's a priceless picture!! I'm sure the baby shower will be so great, you always know how to put a party together. Dad: It was soo good to skype you on Christmas! I'm sure you made fantastic Belgium Waffles again! And I'm guessing you got a bunch of movies and electronics! Did anyone get you a barrel of popcorn??????? Jennifer: The picture of you and Dace Face is so cute! You're still so silly and I love it!!!! Michael: It was nice to skype with you. I hope you had a good Christmas. Kevin: The last thing I bought was a hot chocolate for a homeless man. I wouldn't die, I'd be twinkled. I would hate going to Hell or prison. Although prison might be a party and a half. Hell would be worse. Transportation? Hmmmm. Flying as fast as superman. Favorite breakfast food???? ORANGE JUICE!!!!! AND FRUIT!!!!! Brooke: Your hair is so long again!!!!! I cried when I saw you on skype! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! RANDOMNESS: ***We got splashed by a golf cart going through a puddle *** Weekly planning was a hoot..... What happens when you put 2 ADHD people together???? It’s a party and a half. hahaha. I got abs from laughing so much. *** we caroled to people everywhere. By the end of the night, we sounded like frogs. *** I spilled orange juice all over the white furniture at a member's house for Christmas breakfast. *** I'm getting better at Chinese every day *** we got our car almost suck in the mud when we missed a turn and had to flip a u turn. That's what I call 'off-roading' *** I love the clothes you sent me for Christmas (even though I already have one of the skirts. Haha) *** we were leaving a dinner appointment and about to get in the car when we realized we had to pee and we weren't going home for another 3 hours. We awkwardly went back to the members' house and knocked on the door and asked to use their bathroom. It was so weird and awkward, but they then gave us a couple bags of snacks. hahaha. #thankgoodnesswewentback #hungrymissionaries *** Thank goodness I was wearing shorts under my skirt; otherwise I would have let the cat die. haha. It's now a trend going around the mission. All the sisters are starting to buy shorts because they heard about my idea. muahahaha *** I tried introducing myself in Chinese to a member who served in Australia Chinese speaking and instead of saying, ''hi, I'm a crazy missionary who loves pineapple and swimming''.... I said, ''Hi, I'm a crazy homeless person who loves your fat wife and juggling'' WHAT????? He about died and my companion literally had to bend over because she was laughing so hard. Now I have a reputation. Haha Oops. I never knew how important using tones were in Chinese. It totally changes the word. haha #onlyinmylife I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF AWKWARD MOMENTS IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke 12.28.2014

We spent part of Christmas with the Greene's!
I schooled a group of boys at basketball, in a dress.
Do you like my haircut. It was only like an inch. Hi Family! I LOVED talking to you all on Christmas!! It was by far the best thing that's happened this week! But, some other good things happened too. We got 10 new investigators!! What?! How does that even happen?? And, one of the lady's we found wants to be baptized! :) Christmas #2 in the field was great. I woke up sick on Christmas Eve, and was still a little sick on Christmas Day, but now, it's almost gone. Thank goodness. Well, for P-day today, we're gonna clean like a boss, because the apartment hasn't been cleaned since I left 3 weeks ago. You'd be surprised at how bad it gets in 3 weeks. Yuck! For Christmas, I got 6 scarves!! Woop woop! I officially have more scarves than clothes. It's an addiction, I think. But, I have to say that Skyping was by far the BEST present I got! We got to meet a less-active's family! They're all from Utah and VERY active! The son and his fiancée just got home from missions! He went to Africa and she went to Florida, and they waited for each other. I was talking to the returned Elder because he just came back from Africa and he showed me how to say something in the African clicky language! There are actually 3 different kinds of clicks! I'm going to learn that language before I die! I talked to his fiancée and she gave me some really good advice about going back to the normal life. Yikes. It's gonna be wild. That's really all the news that's happened this week! I love you more than the number of scarves a sister can have! Mom: WOAH!! I only have 60 days left?? What?! Where did the days go? I remember being a new missionary and feeling like it was going so slow. Next thing I know, it's gone. Wow. I have other missionaries that I go home with tell me how many days we have left. They're pretty trunky. No one believes me when I tell them that I'm not trunky. Dad: Thanks for the lyrics. I don't think I know that song though. If I do, I've lost touch with the real world and forgotten a LOT. Michael: Thank you soooooo much for being there for Skype!! You have no idea what it meant to me to know that you would take 40 minutes of your busy schedule to talk to me! That made my day! I still don't know Anna, but it was fun to talk to the two of you. Kevin: You look so good clean shaven! Woah! I loved your answer for the rainbow question! The last thing I bought was a pair of fleece lined tights because it's freezing with the humidity! I would choose to drown in some warm water of some place exotic because I hear it's pretty peaceful. But, I think I'd rather just be changed in the twinkling of an eye... I would NEVER want to be Miley Cyrus! She's crazy! If I could only use one method of transportation, I would teleport. My favorite breakfast food is orange juice and abelskeivers. However you spell it. :) Here's my questions...If you had to learn a foreign language, what would you pick? If you had to relocate to either an island in the Atlantic, or an island in the Pacific, what would you pick? Jen: Harley and Dace are soooo cute! You are the cutest mommy ever! I think my favorite part about Skype was that Dace was too sad to say goodbye. He's my favorite! It kind of broke my heart, but it made me feel so loved. :) I love that little man. I'm actually really surprised he knew who I was though. And he talks so well! I'm glad you guys were there! You and Brian looked great! Erin: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Brooke 12.22.2014

Sun sphere!
Saying goodbye!
...My new companions, Elder Russo and President Griffin. Hey!! So, this week was a little out of the ordinary... Well, for pday last Monday, we went and toured Knoxville! We got to go up in the sun sphere and see the whole city! It was pretty classic. Then, we had our Christmas Zone Conference where they gave us all our Christmas packages, and then we played dodge ball. Then, President and Sister Griffin let us watch FROZEN!!!!!!!!!! It was so cute! It was really different from what I was expecting, but it was still really good. During the movie, Sister Ramon was like, "Sister Echols, you're like Anna (however you spell it) because she's really hyper and ditsy." Then, an Elder next to me was like, "Well, I'm like Kristoff because I'm really socially awkward." We all started laughing, and then the characters fell in love, so it got REALLLL awkward. Everyone was dying of laughter because of how awkward it just got. Just my luck. We also went on exchanges this past week! I went to Rockwood, TN. While me and the other sister were in Rockwood, in four hours, we taught a less-active, went Christmas caroling, gave out 12 "He is the Gift" cards, found 7 new investigators, and committed 4 of them to baptism!! Not to mention, I got proposed to also in those 4 hours. Crazy! It was pretty miraculous! After we finished our exchange, on Friday we got a call from President Griffin. He was like, "I need you to come by the mission home tomorrow. There's something I want to run by Sister Echols." So, the next day on Saturday, we went over and hung out with Sister Griffin, Izzy and Olivia Griffin, and the really sick Assistants (poor guys) until President was ready for me and Sister Hales to talk to him. He told me that there was a really sick sister who needed to go home, so he told me that I would need to go back to Rogersville with Sister McNeill. He was like, "You leave tomorrow." He also told me that the area has slid back a TON since I left, so he wants me to pick it back up. So, that night, we had dinner (Beef and Vegetable stew) with the Griffins. Izzy showed me all kinds of magic tricks. And then, we went home and packed. The next morning, we loaded up my suitcases and met President and Russo at the church. They stayed for sacrament with us, then, we went out to the car and loaded my stuff into President's van. President and Russo were my companions for the day. When they got my stuff into the van, we went back to the mission home and Sister Griffin made us pancakes and sausage. I got to eat another meal with the Griffins! Izzy was so cute and wanted to help me butter my pancake. President was like, "Sister Echols, what do you want to drink?" I ran out to their garage and grabbed a Dr. Pepper. :) He just gave me a weird look. He was like, "Grab two because Elder Russo will want one." So I did, and we had Dr. Pepper with my pancakes. Then, it was time to leave. So, I was like, "One more for the road!" and grabbed another one. :) CAFFEINE! :) I was bouncing. On the way to Rogersville, I was like, "Can I ask you a favor? Can you stop at the nearest gas station? I really have to pee." They started laughing and stopped at the next one. I ran in and gave out 2 cards. :) Then, we made it to Rogersville and snuck into the back for sacrament meeting. The whole Branch was buzzing with excitement. President just kept laughing because everyone was so excited to see me! So, here I am. I got emergency transferred back to Rogersville. That was my week in a nutshell. I love you more than my crazy luck likes to play jokes on me! Mom: I'm going to be skyping from the Elliott's house here in Rogersville at 2 pm. Feel free to give her a call. I want to take a western picture like that! I got the 12 days of Christmas! Thanks!!! Sister Stoner got it to Sister Graves in the Pellissippi ward who got it to me! I love all of them! I'll be able to skype for 40 minutes. Dad: I LOVE the Fourth Missionary by Elder Corbridge! He's amazing! You look great in the western pic by the way! Everyone does! Michael: I'm not asking you to forsake your significant other's family. I'm just asking for 40 minutes of your time. Please be willing to give me that for Christmas. That's all I want. Kevin: Marry Ashley Aldous! My favorite Knock Knock Joke is this: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the gay guy on the other side. Knock knock. Who's there? The chicken. The only purple thing near me is my backpack that has purple flowers on it. I've eaten Raccoon Nachos. The weirdest thing about me.... I sometimes dream in an Australian accent. Yes, I'm proud of it. If you had to chose between being living in the Hunger Games or Narnia, what would you pick? Jen: Dace is huge and his hair is so dark! Send me a picture of your baby bump! Erin: I hope we get to skype together! Everything is really tentative right now because I just got ET'ed.

Erin 12.22.2014

I got to sit next to Manzer for Christmas dinner.
Exchanges with Sis Barry and Sister Stephens.
Mah gurl Sister Burckle.
Our temple group.
STLs and ZLs.
The Moore's got baptized! Hi family. For Christmas, all I want are letters. PLEASE have EVERYONE write me letters and send pictures. Well, we got a call from the AP's at 10:30 last night saying that Laser and I would be splitting up. We'll both be receiving new missionaries and training visa waiters.... TODAY. I love Sister Laser and I'll miss her, but I think training a new missionary will be good for her. We'll all be living together still. In our 1 bathroom apartment, it should be a party and a half. Haha. I'm so glad I'm getting a visa waiter, my instincts are telling me that she's waiting to go to Taiwan. I sure hope so. I really need to practice my Chinese. We went on exchanges and I went with a Taiwanese sister. She says I have excellent pronunciation. HUZZAH! Giles taught me so well!!!! I hope my new comp will speak Chinese because then I can learn more. :D The Moore family got baptized! It's a family of 6 and 4 of them got baptized and confirmed yesterday. It was probably the happiest baptism I've ever been to. All of them were glowing and the joy in their faces was incomprehensible. I can't believe this week is Christmas, I don't think it's quite hit me yet that it's December. Ok. Let's be honest, it hasn't hit me that it's 2014. I still feel like it's 2010. Haha. Where in the world has the last 4 years of my life gone? For Christmas, we get to Skype for 55 minutes! HUZZAH! PRAISE THE LORD! I accidently announced to the ward that I have Arthritis when I meant Alzheimer’s. Now they really th8ink I'm an old cripple lady. Hahahaha. We were asked to teach YW on Christmas Sunday and the lesson when exceedingly well. We were pretty funny and had a lot of fun. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN TALL PEOPLE LOVE SHORT JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I LOVE Aldous! They're my family away from family! If Brooke and I weren't twins, Ashley and I would be! Dad: Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge is my all-time favorite 70. He's so inspirational. Believe me, I've read that talk inside and out. But, I can't be a 4th missionary if my companion won't. It's so frustrating. Jennifer: That pic of Dace Face is adorable! He's so big! And he's so cheeky! I can't wait for you to give birth to another mini-me! Michael: Thanks for writing me. I hope I can see you on Christmas, after all, this will be your only chance to Skype your missionary sisters on missions..... Kevin:1. I hate knock knock jokes, they're so annoying and dumb. Haha 2. There's nothing purple around me, everything's black and white 3. I got to eat an octopus eyeball. It looked like a truffle, tasted like sewage, and squished like a hard raisin. 4. The weirdest thing about me? Everything about me is weird.... I can whistle under water. That's not weird, it's awesome. 5. Am I proud of being weird? YES! It makes me ME! I love these questions: If you could be any color of the rainbow what would you be and why? Brooke: You look so cute. You look so grown up. I'm just getting wrinkly and fat. Hahahaahhaa DO we get to Skype together?????? 2 pm???????? RANDOMNESS…. ***I dream in Spanish now *** a drunk guy tried kissing me (again) so I punched him in the face. He proposed to me and I turned around to walk away so fast that my hair whipped him in the face. My hair knocked him to the ground. hehehehehehehehehe *** I dropped my camera! NOOOOOO! It's ok, but it got a little scraped. *** I really wanted a sausage, so I fried a slice of ham and stuffed it with cheese... not quite the same, but still very good. *** I got to go on exchanges to PTC when one of my investigators was getting baptized, so I got to go to his baptism! I didn't get a pic, but I was there! Joseph Ashley! *** so many people yesterday told me I looked like Elsa because of the way I had my hair braided. What a compliment! #letitgoletitgocan'tholditbackanymore *** I can't wait to see you all on Christmas!!! Even though it doesn’t seem real!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MONKEYS LOVE GOING BANANAS!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brooke 12.15.2014

Brock and Julie Stoner (Mark and Sharon Stoner’s (Orem) son and Wife.)
We put wreaths on Veteran's graves...
Johnson City Reunion at Transfers. Elder Russo, Sister Echols, Sister Messer, Elder Western, Elder Roberts. Love them. So, this week, we had quite a bit of drama... We rescued a lady from a smoking car. We were on our way home from an appointment, and we got on our road and the traffic was REALLY slow. We could see that there was a car blocking both lanes, so cars were going into the shoulder to go around it. The car had just hit a huge phone pole. When we got up closer and I could see that the car was so full of smoke that you couldn't see through it...and people were just driving by, minding their own business. I jumped out of the car before Sister Hales was stopped and I yelled, "Get out! We need to help!" Hales threw the car in park in the middle of the lane and her and Ramon ran to where I was already at the car. I could see a lady in the car thrashing around like crazy. I threw the phone to Hales and yelled, "Call 911!" and she immediately did. I tried to rip the passenger door open, but it was locked. I ran to the other side where she was and I told her to unlock the door. She did, but the door was smashed in so it wouldn't budge. She was suffocating. The window was rolled down about an inch, so I put both my hands in the car and jumped up to let my body weight push down the glass a few more inches. It was now down about 4 inches. The car started to make really weird noises, and the smoke increased. I thought it was going to blow up. I yelled at her to put her face to the glass and breath the air from outside. She was still panicking. She finally got a good breath, and I yelled at her again to reach across to the passenger side and unlock the door. I had to repeat that a few times before it registered. Finally, she reached over with shaky arms and unlocked the door. I ripped the door open and a guy who stopped right after us jumped in and pulled her from the car. The was thrashing around like crazy. I jumped in the car after he got her out and put the car in park and pulled out the key as fast as I could. I ran over to the lady and the guy who had pulled her out. He had laid her on the ground and another lady came over who was a nurse and she held her head still. The lady who had wrecked was shaking so bad from the smoke and shock that I pulled of my white jacket and threw it on her to keep her warmer. I was freezing! Hales gave her coat too. The lady was coughing and spitting up blood from the airbag hitting her in the face and from the smoke in her lungs. I got blood on me, but I really didn't care. I was freezing cold, but I didn't care about that either. The ambulance showed up and they took care of her. They said they thought she had been drinking. The cops were shocked when they saw a little jacket-less girl standing there telling them what had just happened. They were like, "Wow, God willing, you were here." Then, they replaced jackets with blankets and told us that we were free to go. So, we went home and planned for the next day. Whoa, talk about adding some excitement to an average night. Also, we put wreaths on Veteran's graves for the holidays. It was really cold, but lots of fun. That day, we handed out 27 He is the Gift cards! The last one I gave out was at a gas station. There was a guy on the other side of the parking lot about to get in his car. I really wanted to give him a card, but I didn't see how I could get over there in time. So, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Hey! Are you Christian?" and he was like, "No, I'm Baptist." I was like, "Oh! You ARE Christian! Well, I've got something for you!" and I ran over there and gave him the card. I wasn't the smoothest approach, but it got the job done. Hahahaha, silly Sister Echols! Then, we got to spend a whole day with Sister Griffin! We helped her wrap and label Christmas gifts for all 157 missionaries. Then, she took us to COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was better than Disneyland! The Costco here smells like the Costco back home! It was heaven. We went grocery shopping with her. If felt like home! Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. :) Oh ya, and yesterday was my 16 month mark. Everyone is calling it my sweet 16 because everyone knows I'm gonna be a Mormon nun. Hahahahaha! Last night, I met Bishop Stoner's family! I love you more than snakes love to slither! Mom: This is my exciting email I was telling you about. It's sad that Nolan Reed had Alzheimer’s. I hope he'll do ok. It's really funny that Keiji was so tired! Now, he knows how I feel every day! :) Dad: Is Tony active in the church yet? Have Glady and Stephanie been baptized yet? Tell Keiji to get on it. :) I'm so happy you still have the watch we gave you! I love that watch! I love the guy who owns it even more! Michael: I'm with Erin, it's weird that BOTH of us don't get your emails... I'm excited for you to get a house! That's super fun! It will be your first as a hubby. Next step...daddy. Kevin: I know some Duke's from Brevard, NC, but not from Knoxville. She might know me because I'm a legend here in the TKM. JK.Just last night, I met someone in our stake and I introduced myself. They were like, "You're Sister Echols?! I've heard so much about you!" From missionaries I've served around or members who know me...word travels. :) Jen: Dace is sooo handsome! Do you have a picture of Harley's ultrasound to send me? You're due next month, so I should hope so. Erin: I love all the pictures! You're so famous! Also, Laws emailed me. I'm an old fart! I know! I've started using the fountain of youth though, so I'm covered for a while. :) I'm so old. We're still twins though, you just graduated to pull-ups, and I just got my first order of Depends. :) Still twins. :) Hahahahahahaha!

Erin 12.15.2014

I Got to see the Wheatley's.
...and the Johnson's and the Roner's.
Love me some Wade's!
Oh how I love Bishop Corbridge.
Sister Laser and I on exchanges with Sister Watts and Sister Earley. Well this week was amazing! We did a big zone conference and I led it out with the Zone Leaders. I guess I'm really funny because I stand up there like a ghost because I'm so terrified and everyone just laughs. I talked about candy canes and it was a hit! They all loved it! We got to go on exchanges where I took tons of fun pictures and it was a blast. We got to go to the festival of nativities and wow.... it was incredible. I saw so many of my beloved PTC family. I was so happy I forgot to breathe a couple of times. Apparently I'm still a legend there because all the PTC peeps that I saw came running up to me telling me what they heard from a random missionary that I did. They know all my mission adventures from missionaries that I've never even met! Everyone here knows about Usher, so I guess it's ok to start telling people about it. Haha. But I still won't send the picture until I'm home. Ok. my comp is really really REALLY hard, and I'm struggling with her... but it's kind of fun. When she's being mean to me, I'm really super nice to her; I think it makes her more mad.(evil laugh). It's fun. Sorry I have more pictures than words this week, but when I'm having a hard time, you can always be assured that there'll be pictures. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ALL THE NATIVITY SETS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Mom: Yay for Arizona! Give Keiji the BIGGEST hug from me! Dad: Tell Stephanie and Gladys and Tony that I LOVE them sooo much! Jennifer: That picture is adorable. I absolutely loved it. He's getting so big. Before I get home, he'll already have a beard! Michael: I'm so happy you got a house! That's way exciting! Ya, it's weird that I'm not getting your email’s, for a second, I though you disowned me. haha Kevin: Switch bodies? I'd switch with Brooke, she's a babe. Witness anything? the 2nd coming. Sheltered? No, then they wouldn't know the good. Best compliment? Usher... telling me I was different than anyone he'd ever met. Last lie? I don't lie. Hahaha. I don't know... I can't remember. Brooke: You look so cute in all your pictures! P.S. Everyone who sees our pictures that Raquel took before our mission all say that you look 4 or 5 years older than me! Hahahaha #oldfart RANDOMNESS: ***I learned how to snore, I pretend sometimes so my comp thinks I'm really asleep. hehe *** I caught a guy stealing baby Jesus from a nativity from Jerusalem and called him out. I doubt he'll get baptized because he was so embarrassed, but I saved Jesus! *** a family offered to buy me a ticket to Australia because I sound like a native, they want me to experience the real deal.... I might just take them up on it.... *** I was having a chugging competition with my comp while we were waiting for our mission conference call to start. After we chugged, we tried burping as loud as we could. I went first and holy cannoli, a whopper came out and then all of a sudden, we heard an incredible laughter coming from the phone. No worries, we just had a belching competition while our phone wasn't on mute for the whole mission to hear.!!!!!!!!!!! Classic Erin!!!! *** I have a reputation in this mission and the jokester. Hahaha. I love making people laugh! *** I watched a cat give birth..... #scarredforlife It just kept plopping out babies! So nasty! Yet fascinating! ***I LOVE YOU MORE THAN GRAPES LOVE JUICE!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Brooke 12.08.2014

Me and Sister McNeill saying goodbye at transfers with Elders Thompson and Wright jumping in!
I got to see Sister Messer!!
My new companions...Sister Hales and Sister Ramon in the hospital bed.
Hehehehe, Sister Hales fell asleep in the know what happens to the first person to fall asleep. Photo Opp! So!! I'm serving in Knoxville! I'm in the Pellissippi ward. We share a ward building with the Hardin Valley Ward and the Farragut Ward (that's the Griffin's ward)! I LOVE it here! There's civilization and people and hardly any cows! Don't get me wrong...I love cows and all, but I think I love people more. :) Also, I'm serving in a trio! It's a dream come true! My whole mission, I've wanted to serve in a trio! It's 3 times the fun! Also, I'm serving as an STL with Sister Emily Hales from Draper, and we're training Sister Melisa Ramon from Micronesia who's waiting for a visa to Australia. It's really cool! The only sad part, is that Sister Ramon has been super sick from day one. The climate change, time change, culture, food, everything change has taken a toll on her and she's been pretty sick. We even had to take her to the ER because she was so dehydrated. She also had an ovarian cyst rupture! Poor girl! I know how she feels! So, for the past 5 days, we've pretty much stayed in side and done things around the house. As it turns out, we're teaching like 10 Spanish speaking investigators. I don't know as much Spanish as I thought. I sit there and just blink as Sister Hales asks me if I understood that. Yikes. Good think we have a Spanish dictionary! I miss the branch in Rogersville though! I love those people! I love you more than lungs love air! Mom: Nope, no 40 year olds have hit on me yet. I wish it was warm here! Hey, so what do I do about the 12 days of Christmas? I'm in a trio... Do I just give my companions the gifts? I would feel awful choosing which one gets them... I promise to help you rake and go Christmas shopping next year! I wish I was there for Jennifer's baby shower! Harley is already spoiled! Dad: Oh! I've been trying to remember to tell you this for a month now! My GPS died. I don't think I'll get a new one because I have less than 3 months left. I'll just hope my next comp has one! Do you talk regularly to President Griffin? How did you know we're both in leadership? I'm sorry you got sick! I'm glad you're doing better though. The car looks great! Tell Jose that I love him and his whole familia! Michael: ______________________ I think this is what your pulse looks like because the only reason good enough for not writing you missionaries is that you died.... Let's turn that pulse into ___l^_l^_l^_l^_l^_l^_l^_l^_l^_l^_l^_l^ Kevin: You know Sister Aldous? Isn't that Erin's favorite companion? How do you know her?? Marry Kaci!!! I'll ask you questions, but you have to ask me some too. What has been your funnest date you've ever had? If you had to go on a date with one celebrity (who's a girl), who would you pick? Jen: I wish I was going to your baby shower for Harley! You have to promise to send me pictures! Brian: Man, oh, man. Your emails make me crack up. I love how conceited you are. :) The roads here in TN are made of clay and straw... Just kidding. Here in Knoxville, they're made of asphalt. Everywhere else is pretty back woods. I think this is the first time walking on a paved sidewalk in 5 months. Johnson City was the last place I saw civilization. Erin: I didn't get an email from you, but I did get some from your GAM buddies... I get the hint.

Erin 12.08.2014

Time is Ticking on By!
Golf cart ride in December with Nicole and Sister White.
Gotta love the Anderson's.
Model decorating.
Sis Biddison from PTC.
The Pickards. LOVE THEM.
The whitewater district. Hiya familia. THis week was ROUGH. I have such a hard time with my companion because she's really disobedient, but hey, at least I get some alone time when she sleeps in in the mornings. I get approximately 4 extra hours by myself every morning when she sleeps in. I get to do a lot of thinking, like: I wonder what would happen if you electrocute a hardboiled egg? Would it explode? or.... What would happen if you drank pure food coloring? Would you die or would you dye? or.... If you mixed together plasma, sand, oil, water, jello, and egg whites, would you be able to create glue? Those are the things I think about. To help me through this entire transfer, will all of you write me? Like hand written letters? Every week? With pictures and stickers? I'm having a hard time. I just want to curl up in a a ditch and die. Sorry this is short, but my brain hurts to bad to think of anything we did this week that was obedient. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SATAN LIKES TO TRY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM: Thanks so much for the quote. I really needed it. DAD: Thanks so much for the Tangled song, you have no idea how much it helped me. Can you also send me the lyrics to the Frozen songs? I like singing Disney in the mornings when I'm by myself. It makes me feel better. BRIAN: Oh my goodness, Brian. you have no idea how much your email meant to me. JENNIFER: How's the pregnancy going? Feel ready to pop yet? hehehe MICHAEL: Why don't you write me? KEVIN: YOU SHOULD DATE ALDOUS!!!!!!!!!!! She would be the funnest sister-in-law EVER!!!!! Kaci's cool and all that, but you should marry Ashley! BROOKE: YES, I had my companions with me. Haha. You used to be a pro at sarcasm. I guess it's true, the mission does change you. Haha. Hold on... I'll send you some pics. Where did you get transferred to? WHo's your companion? DID LAWS WRITE YOU???????????????? RANDOMNESS: We had a team up tell our investigator family that we baptize dead people and it doesn't matter which church you get baptized into... any baptism is good. Ummmm. No. Clearly, she doesn't understand. *** I accidently stepped in a dead possum. We parked the car and I stepped out, to my surprise, the ground squished and then crunched. I looked down and there was a moldering possum corpse. It's weird because I didn't even smell it until I stepped on it. Haha. I threw those shoes away. It was nasty. *** I ran over 3 squirrels in one day. I guess God had a short of squirrels in heaven, so he had me kill them. *** I learned how to swear in Spanish, but that's not something we should put on the blog. Haha. It was an accident. I was just speaking in Spanish and all of a sudden they bust up laughing, it turns out that I said a word wrong and learned a swear word. *** I was standing really still outside and a bird flew right past me. I kept standing there and I saw that it was going to fly past me again, so I called my companion to watch me use my ninja skills.... the bird flew past me and I punched it out of the air!!!!!!!!!! It hit a tree and died. I ran over to take a picture, and a cat jumped out of the tree, grabbed the dead bird, and ran away! My comp was in shock. I guess I'm just really good at punching birds. #hiddentalents *** a ten year old boy , the Anderson’s son, came running downstairs, soaking wet, in a towel and yelled, "MOM! I'm getting fat! Look at these rolls on my stomach!!!!'' He was in horror. We all bust up laughing, those rolls were abs, the boy had a 6pack. Hahaha. It was so funny. *** I have officially forgotten how to talk like a Utahn, I have an Aussie accent all the time without even trying. It's pretty epic. I LOVE it! And when people point it out, it gets even stronger! Haha HUZZAH!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS I KILL!!!!!! Part of a letter to her Mission Pres.... Ahoy there President!!! Wow. This week was..... Interesting. Can I just start off by saying Thank you? Thanks for this opportunity to serve as a Sister Training Leader. I know by far, I will learn a whole lot more than I can teach to any of the other sisters. I learn so much from their examples and I'm privileged that you are trusting me to do this. People say that you can't fail if you don't climb. That's true.... but there's no joy in living your whole life on the ground. That's why I love the 'climb the mountain' quote you always use. We won't find joy unless we climb, unless we excel, and unless we put forth our effort in reaching the top. It's incredible that I'm surrounded by so many examples of 'climbing the mountain': the AP's, the Zone Leaders, the office elders, Sister Laser, fellow missionaries, you and Sister Harding, Stockton, etc. The list goes on and on and on. This week was weird, we've done lots of things that I'm not used to doing, but I'm adjusting. That's what's nice about being a missionary and having the Lord on your side; you can adjust to hard situations. There are some difficulties in our companionship, but I am definitely being my most patient self I can muster.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Brooke 12.1.2014

Yesterday countdown!
Melissa Tunnell is now the newest member of the church.
my little brothers Joey and CJ. and....I hate packing but more adventures to be had!
(Melissa Tunnell is now the newest member of the church! little brothers Joey and CJ....I hate packing) Hiya family! Well, we got the transfer call on Saturday... I will be leaving Rogersville on Wednesday. I'm going to be training another missionary, (probably a visa waiter) and I'm also going to be a Sister Training Leader. Woah. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous. That means that I'm getting a greenie, a new area, and a new other companion. :) I'm nervous and excited at the same time! Hey, sorry today's will be short...the library is full and they won't let us get our full hour and a half with tons of people here. Also, I had some drama this past week... our 40 year old investigator who was going to get baptized, asked me to be his woman... Isn't that so gross??? He's 40!! He has a daughter who's older than me!!! YUCK!!! Mormon Nun. President Griffin told me that I would be leaving, so when they told me over the transfer call, I wasn't shocked. I was just shocked about Training again and being a Sister Training Leader. Well, on a happier note, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at 4 different people's houses. We went the the Andersons', then to the Greene's, then to the Wampler's, and then to Ray and Oretta's. Wow. I'm STILL full. Melissa got baptized on Saturday! President Stockinger baptized her. She had one heck of a morning though.... she had all her family get sick, 2 of her cows went through their electric fence and died, and her husband had to stay behind to wait for someone to come get the cows, and she had no gas in her car. But, she made it! She told us that Satan was trying to stop her, but nothing was gonna get in her way! She's so boss! Hey, update on my shoulder after a still hurts, but not nearly as bad. It pops and grinds every time I move it, but it doesn't hurt like it should for it to be that loud. My shoulder blade is still sticking out and I can still feel it when I breath, but it feels almost normal. Weird. I think that the second I get released as a missionary, the pain will be what it's supposed to be. And, I'm sure you heard...they MRI'ed the wrong part of my shoulder, so I'll just be waiting until the end of my mission to get it taken care of. At least it's a little better! It's a Christmas Miracle! I get to finish my mission! What a blessing! I love you more than singers love music! Mom: Look at that number of days left... Sister McNeill told me this morning, "Just think, next month, you can say, 'I go home next month!!'" Woah. The Christmas lights look so good! Our Zone Leaders brought me my package to our baptism on Saturday. I opened it right there and saw that it was Christmas packages, so they took it back. They are going to deliver it to my new area for me so I don't have to pack it all. Corrie is going to send us a Christmas present? Awww! She's so cute! Mom, you sound like you miss us or something. :) Dad: It sounds like Thanksgiving was a hit! Wow, I haven't heard anything about Ed Donakey in a long time! Way to fix his Jacuzzi! Hey, we read in Ezekiel yesterday too! We learned about the dry bones and the resurrection. Hey, one of our investigators saw a picture of you and said that you look kind of like Steve Martin. I told her that you act like him too. Hahaha! Michael: Ok, don't write me, that's fine too... Kevin: Marry Kaci! I want her as a sister in law! Jen: I have come across Titans T-shirts, but I'm still looking for a Jersey. I'm going to have a ward member order one for me for Christmas and bring it home to you. What size do you want? Please answer this question as SOON as you possibly can so I can make sure I get it before I go home. I'm glad Brian liked my funny email about my "amazingly attractive older sister." :) Erin: I'm so happy that you got to go to PTC (along with my future husband apparently) and see all your peeps! I bet that talk was stunning! Are you an Hermana now???? Wow, what a BORING 86 hours. I would have lost my mind. You are such a nice person... By the way, TN is farmland. That's why everything looks like a farm.

Erin in ALL her Boredom.

Erin had quite the eventful few days. So I will just show you what she did when Sister White was sick in Bed. #boredomness....