Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 24, 2014

Erin 11.24.2014

It's not everyday that a parakeet lands on your head.
Thinking of Brooke and all her tractors.
We don't drive cars or ride bikes in Georgia, we ride Alligators.
We had fun with marshmallows.
we ate authentic Japanese food. Holy familia! Holy smokes, this week was so wet! It was in the 70's some days and down pouring 24?7. Today it's sunny and boy oh boy is the air clear. I feel like I'm helping my brain grow just by breathing the clean air. We got 14 inches in one day I think. We were so drenched. We got to play Laser tag last pday because there's an amazing place here in PTC that I never knew about. I was horrible at the laser tag because I was shooting all the wrong targets. hahaha. Talk about friendly fire, but then we did this ninja laser game. It's like a scene in Oceans 12 I think when they're trying to break into a place with all the lasers moving around. And if you touch them, you're out. Well, I owned it and became a boss ninja. I destroyed everyone else in the competition. Normally people score anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000. I got 32,000! Huzzah! #parkourskillscomealive I LOVE YOU MORE THAN FAT PEOPLE LOVE TWINKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS sorry my letter is so sporadic... I think ADHD has hit me. haha Mom: So fun that your family came into town! I can't believe Johnny is a dad! So for thanksgiving, we'll probably be eating a fancy, exotic box of Macaroni and cheese, Kraft style. It'll be scrumptious and I’m excited. Next year, we'll have to have a real thanksgiving, with real food. haha. At least, this will be one for the journal. :D Dad: Can you send me a bunch of random stuff about Australia? I hope you can go back someday. I'm so sad you couldn't go to your reunion. That would have been so fun. Maybe next time. I'll save my pennies because I want to go too! I've always wanted to leave the country and go somewhere exotic! Jennifer: I hope work is going good with you. :D and the pregnancy too. When are you due again? And are you sure it's only one baby? Michael: I hope work is going good for you... since you never write me. Kevin: I'm so happy you love work! It sounds way fun! It sounds like you have power and authority when you wear that uniform. And.... I"m so happy it's a rule that you have to shave. Haha. Brooke: You funny monkey, you! I hope you stay available for when you get home, because Elder Laws will be waiting for you. Hahaha. #perfectcouple #you'llhavecutekids I'm sorry your shoulder is giving you troubles. I hope and pray that it's nothing but a tear. It would scare me to death thinking that you had the same thing I did. I've been a hopeless wreck this whole week thinking about it. If you find out anything, have your mission president's wife call President Harding so I can know too. Are they going to send you home? RANDOMNESS: I accidently threw a chocolate bar and hit White in the face. hahaha *I slipped on a worm and fell. Hahaha. It was so embarrassing. *I hit a deer with the car this week, the car didn't get hurt at all, there was just blood everywhere. *I drop kicked an ACORN and it stabbed my foot and bruised it. haha. I kicked it so hard. *I officially have the nickname, GULLIBLE, in the WW ward because the bishop always tricks me into everything. I asked him why he was so short and he told me that he is a body builder and I believed him. He also told me that he didn't understand what 'extending the end of your mission was' so I explained it to him over like 10 minutes. He died of laughter afterwards. *I'm obsessed with pomegranates. Some members are going to Mexico and they're going to bring back a suitcase full of pomegranates just for me. :D *I now have an Australian accent. It's really hard for me to sound American now. It's official. I don't even have to think about my accent. I just let it go. LET IT GO! CAN"T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING! HERE I AM! AND HERE I STAND! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ELDERS LOVE THE RULE THAT YOU HAVE TO SHAVE EVERYDAY!!!!!!

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