Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 17, 2014

Erin 11.17.2014

I found Tow Mater
The Haycock family at Ryleigh's mission call opening... to Las Vegas Spanish speaking
Sister Laser, Sister Stock, Me, Sister White (Notice Erin's Skirt???) and....Just for Kevin
FAMILIA!!!! Oh how I've missed you this week! I'm not homesick... at all.... but I was reminiscing on our many happy memories we've had together. I can't really remember much of anything that has happened in my life before yesterday, but the few things I do remember about being a normal human being, I cherish. This week.... wow. It was insane. I was asked to say a prayer in sacrament, yet again. I think this ward just really likes hearing my weird accent. Hahaha. They all think Mom is from Brazil and that Dad is from Australia. I guess it's kind of cool that everyone thinks I'm exotic even though I'm not. Haha We did a crazy service this week. We had to move thousands of pounds of blinds from a semi to a storage unit and White and I were the only girls there. Let's just say that I lifted more than half the boys there. They all were amazed and in awe at how strong I was. White couldn't even move the next day because she was so sore and I wasn't sore at all! The only thing that hurt was my collar bone from my name tag pressing up against it. But I'm so crazy strong! #bodilyblood Also at the service most people weren’t' LDS and one guy was chewing tobacco and swearing. I called him out and told him to watch his language, he turned into a gentleman after that and didn't swear once afterwards. :D So many people told me thank you for standing up for my beliefs even though they weren't members. They said I was very brave. Mom: You're a living answer to prayers! Every missionary dreams of having members like you around! I'm super duper excited for the Christmas package! I can't wait! Is it possible that you could mail me 2 ancestor names that I could do endowments for in the temple? I need it to finish a project here in the GAM. Dad: I have officially perfected my Australian accent. I trick everyone into believing I'm a native Aussie and when I tell them the truth at the end, they all are flabbergasted. Can you send me a list of Aussie phrases and their meanings with a list of random facts about Australia and Perth? haha. I'm glad you had a good week! I'll see you in 200 days! Jennifer: How's Dace Face liking the snow? Michael: Write me... your wife did.... thanks Anna Kevin: YOU CAN"T GO TO MOCKING JAY WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brooke: From all the emails from Mom and Dad, it sounds like you're looking for a tumor in your shoulder..... my symptoms: My shoulder blade stuck out from my back It popped and grinded every time I'd move it It hurt like crazy I could even feel it when I breathed. RANDOMNESS: ***I have found out that I am majorly obsessed with pomegranates. I eat one every day and I crave them just as much as pickles and oranges. Wow *** we walked up to a guy's house to talk to them and they were standing outside hanging up decorations.. I yelled, HI and the poor guy jumped and hooted. It scared me scarring him and I screamed and then my companion jumped at my scream and the guy's wife came running out the house to see what had happened. We had a good laugh at that one. Hehehehe *** I have decided that when I'm rich and famous one day, I'll invent water proof hairspray.... When you do your hair and it looks nice, and then you walk out into the humidity and it just poof’s gets annoying, so if we have waterproof hairspray, your hair can look fine in whatever the humidity! *** a member was trying to take a picture for us and during so... they dropped my camera... holy cow, my ninja skills kicked in and I dived and caught it. The whole room got silent and I hopped up, dusted off my skirt, posed for the picture, then everyone burst into laughter. Haha. *** a guy spit on me because he didn't want to talk to missionaries... I wiped off the spit from my neck and wiped it on his sleeve. We calmly turned around and walked away. He was shocked at how clever and calm I was and he invited us back. HUZZAH!! Yay for attitude! *** I met a Chinese lady and I introduce myself and the church in Mandarin. She looked shocked and started rambling off in Chinese and I had to awkwardly tell her that I couldn't speak it.... hahaha. Giles would be so proud of me!!!! *** I tripped over a dead possum.... we were walking on the street and somehow I didn't see it's corpse until I stumbled over it. Let's just say I washed my shoes like 8 times with the hose! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LITTLE OLD LADIES LIKE TO MARINADE IN PERFUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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