Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 10, 2014

Erin 11.10.2014

I love Giles!
Some of mine and Giles' last moments together
My Atlanta East Zone LEaders, Rawlings and Dobbins
Rawlings accidently stabbed my name on the shield. and.....Greatest Quote Ever!
Holy canolli family...... I got emergency transferred back to PTC this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It turns out that some missionaries and area really needed my area of expertise, so President received revelation and got me back here. I"M IN PTC!!!!!!!!!! It's sad because I'm not in the PTC ward, but I'm now in Whitewater which is the Harding's home ward. I see them daily. :D Wow. I think I'm still in shock from actually being here. Hahahahahahahaha. It was ridiculously hard saying goodbye to Sister Giles. I love her so much and I'm so glad we were companions. The next time I'll see her is at her homecoming because she's soon going to be shipped off to Taiwan. My new companion in WW (Whitewater) is Sister Miranda White from Cedar City. I'm training her. She's pretty cool. Her language is funny. she says, ''dude'', ''yo'', ''sup'', ''frick'' and all those 'cool dude' phrases. It's taking quite some time to be accustomed to it. We had Jimmy get baptized!!!!!!!!!! It was so funny... his baptismal suit was just a tiny bit too tight and it made him look way more skinnier than he actually was. When he got baptized by his uncle, he jumped out of the water and asked if he could do it again. Cute little nine year old. He took about an hour in the bathroom to do his hair right. He didn't want any help and when he came out, it was such a cute sloppy little part comb over. He was so proud he did it by himself. 30 minutes after his baptism is when I was shipped off back to PTC. :D I didn't even say goodbye to the members there. Wow. It all happened so fast. I have to go... but I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SWINES LOVE THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: Giles stayed in Dunwoody and I'm in the Whitewater ward in PTC. I'll miss Giles like crazy. I've really grown to love her.... a lot. She's so great and we'll be friends for life. :D It's ok that you're forgetful, I am too. I think I'm going crazy sometimes. Already, I've asked by companion her first name 4 times. I can never remember it. I can't wait to rake up leaves with you! Dad: Do you know a lady that goes by the name of Nancy Abbott? She's Greg Abbott's mumsy. I'm serving in her ward now. She's super cute. You really should do something with the Abbott's especially now that I'll be apart of the family too. When we met, she couldn't stop talking about Michael and how he's now home from his mission and available. I'm sensing a set up here. ;D It's so cool that you got to redo a roof! I always offer to help people here do theirs because we have so many ginormous trees that they fall on houses and hurt them, but they don't really take me seriously because I'm adorable and I wear a skirt... Then they ask me to hand them a tool. I don't know which one, so I handed them the whole box. They were amazed at how strong I was. And then still, they don't take me up on the offer. Haha. Poop. Jennifer: Those pictures are ridiculously adorable. I love them all! Harley is getting so big! And Dace Face is still the same cheeser as I left him! Thanks for taking time to email. It meant a lot to me. :D I'm excited for when I come home for real, we can hang out a ton! Michael: I love the picture. Thanks. It's ok if you don't like the feel of paper..... type your letter, print it off, and have Anna stick it in an envelope. That way, I'd still get a letter, and you don't have to touch paper. It's the best of both worlds!!!!!!! Kevin: She sounds cute. I approve. Just kidding, I don't know her yet. Brooke: DON"T SEND ANY MORE LETTERS TO DUNWOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got transferred back to PTC and I'll write you this week so you can have my address. :D But thanks, those letters really brighten my day and help me more than you know. :D What the heck happened to your shoulder? Why do you need an insurance card? RANDOMNESS: ***I learned how to write my name in Chinese characters ***I wanted to know how a clock worked so I took apart one of my watches (one of the 5 dollar ones) and figured it out and when I put it back together it didn't work anymore. Haha. Oops #curiositykilledthewatch ***I was eating dinner with a family and their 9 year old son came up to me and grabbed my face and put his face close to mine and this is what he said, "you look like you're allergic to nuts". Hahahahahahah. WHAAAAAA?????? It was so random! ***I ate a habanero pepper and I thought I was dying. It was so hot. I've had salsa and sauces before, but never a straight pepper. I like the spice, but not that much spice. I think I now know what Alma meant when he said he was pained with the fires of Hell. He probably ate a hananero pepper. ***we were meeting with the bishop and reporting on how our week went with all the missionaries. When it was my turn, I started reporting in spanish and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't even realize it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for Espanol!!!!!!!!!! ***I LOVE YOU MORE THAN JEANS LOVE TO STAY WET!!!!!!!!!!b>

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