Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brooke 11.24.2014

Think Buff!
Me, Sonya Stockinger, Sister McNeill at the MRI.
Greene Family!! I got to sign a member's cast!
At the MRI. Man oh man... I have bad luck. The Doctors WOULD get images of the wrong part of my shoulder. It was my first MRI, so I didn't even know what they were doing, so I went with the flow. I didn't even think of asking them if they were doing the right area... Woops. How do I tell my Doctor that they did the wrong area? Do I just ask for another MRI? Well, we have at least 4 dinners for Thanksgiving on Thursday. We're going to our investigator Jessie's house, then to Sister Anderson's, then to the Greene's, and then to the Wampler's! We've also had offers from the Broome's and Coffey's. Wow. I just wish we could make it to all of them. But, the four that offered first are all in the same general area, whereas the other 2 are on the complete opposite side of our area. :( I'm gonna be so full!! I won't need to eat for a week! Hahahaha! We found an island this week! It's at a country club! So, we stopped to take pictures with it in 17 degree weather! Burr! It was suuuuper windy too, so it felt even colder. Strange enough, today it's 65 degrees outside! This weather is just as bipolar as Utah weather! I love you more than Hot Dogs love condiments! Mom: What the heck! Johnny and his wife had a baby??? I didn't even hear about it! Wow, Johnny's a dad, Cousin Taylor and cousin Brandon got married. Any more big news?? Hahahaha, I never realized how out-of-the-loop missionaries are. I'll text my doctor today and ask for another MRI. It's still free for us, so I don't see why he wouldn't say yes. Funny thing about Sister Stockinger...I'm going to start telling the doctor's that she's my mom so she can come with me. Don't worry, you're not being replaced. ;P Dad: I think I've been getting your emails. There has only been a few times that I haven't got one, so I don't think you've been sending it to my home email. Dad, if you feel "insecure in how [you've] measured up as a father," DON'T. I'll make you say 100 nice things about yourself when I get home if you do. You KNOW I will. I love you with all my heart, and don't you forget it. :):) Yup, I have a pretty healthy looking shoulder ball. I don't even know how to ask for another's a little awkward. Why can't Mom travel by plane? Is it because of her heart? I hope you get to go back to the APM someday!! You changed those people! Michael: Write me. Love, someone who wrote you on your mission. Kevin: Yay for shaving your face! I like it when my brothers shave. They look like Apostles when they do. :) I bet you look so professional in your UPS uniform! Ya, I think I have a tumor in my shoulder. I have all the same symptoms that Erin had. You have to promise to take me on sibling dates too! Jen: This week, I showed an investigator a picture of our family, and the older brother asked if you were single. I said, "No, sorry." Next time I show people pics of the fam, I'm going to show them one of you and Brian holding Dace Face. Done and done. Erin: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm DYING right now! I love how you titled the picture of that Elder "Your Future!" Hahahaha! Hey, a few questions about your shoulder... Did you have the full range of motion with your shoulder? I do, it just hurts when I move it. I can move it fine though. Were some days less painful than others? Mine hurts most of the time, but sometimes it hurts a little less.

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