Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 10, 2014

Brooke 11.10.2014

(Emu!...Keyly Kersey)
Hi Family!! Hey! Yesterday was such a good day! We were able to meet with Melissa and she wanted to move her Baptism date up a week because she just can't wait that long! It's weird because I have been telling Sister McNeill that I felt like we should move it up, but we never did. Last night, she did it for us. :) Also, I got a text from Sister Roner! She served here in the TKM several months back and she lives in Atlanta. They have seen Erin a few times and Sister Roner saw her again yesterday and let me know! I absolutely LOVE the Roners! Erin should marry one of their grandsons so I can be related to them! :) I was just really confused when she told me she saw her in the Whitewater ward... Oh, never mind...I just read that Erin was emergency transferred there on Saturday. THAT explains a lot! Erin just needs to stay out of trouble. I spoke in sacrament yesterday about the process of becoming a missionary!! And, I had the whole crowd laughing when I told them about Mom hunting down the mailman to get our Call Packets. Then, I had the whole crowd in tears when I told them about saying goodbye at the MTC. I got teary and couldn't speak for a moment. When I looked up, EVERYONE was bawling their eyes out. That was the first time any of them have ever seen me cry. We had 3 investigators come, and 14 less-actives we've been working with. All of them felt the spirit so strongly! After I spoke for 30 mins, Ray Price got up and spoke and started telling funny stories about me. He said, "When the missionaries come over to your house, make sure you put anything breakable up, or else Sister Echols will find it and break it." Everyone just bust up laughing because I've broken things at all of their houses, I think. Then, the strangest thing happened...Our investigators and less-actives started calling things out in the middle of sacrament about things that I've done or said! They were adding things like, "Put away shiny things too!" or "Hide anything that sparkles!" or "She told me, 'Service=Pants!'" I was dying of laughter on the stand! After the meeting, the whole branch came up to the stand where I was and just gave me hugs and told me how much they loved me! Our Branch Presidency couldn't even get off the stand because everyone had come up to talk to me! They all thought it was my last Sunday here in Rogersville. I told them that I had at least 3 more weeks. They were all crying and telling me that they never want me to leave! I think I'm going to be transferred in 3 weeks. It's bitter-sweet! I love you more than light bulbs love electricity! Mom: You are a TrunkStar! :) I love it though! I can't believe Erin got ET'ed! I will help you with any yard work! I bet you were a boss up on the Shumway's roof! I went in for an x-ray on my shoulder last week, but I'm still waiting to hear from the Doctor. They think it's one of two things. They think it's either a tear, or a tumor. They think the tumor is less likely, but they were worried when they found out about Erin's tumors. I've called them a few times, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. Dad: hahaha, you old fart! :) I think we're all getting old. You're just a few steps ahead of the rest of us. :) Poor Brother York! Man, I hate dealing with partially committed people. I never realized how many there were until I became a missionary. I like the lukewarm scriptures though. Michael: Yay for Bruce! Thanks for the Halloween picture! What is your favorite dream you've had? If you had to change your name, what would you pick? Where would you live if you had to live outside of the U.S? If you could have the singing voice of any famous singer, who would you choose? Kevin: Answer the same questions I asked Michael! Flagnob is just an expression commonly used by Corrie Larsen. I picked it up from her when we were sophomores. :) K**** H****** Echols has a ring to it. :) Get movin' boi! Jen: Yup, you're the cutest pregnant zombie in the northern hemisphere! Dace is Dr Who? I've never actually seen that, but he sure is cute! Dace's hair is so dark! Harley is getting so big! Can you feel her moving around? As for souvenirs, I would have thought you would have asked me to bring home a Titans Jersey... ;P Thanks for the email!! Erin: I'm so happy you're back in PTC!! I bet it's a blast to be in the same ward as the Hardings!! Sister Roner texted me! You won't be getting the letters I already mailed to you! :( I don't know what I did to my shoulder, I just woke up one day with it hurting and it's been hurting for a month and a half now. I can't even do my normal 100 push-ups anymore! But, I hope they can find something to fix. If not, I'll survive. Either way is fine with me.

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