Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 3, 2014

Erin 11.03.2014

Biscotti is our best friend on Fast Sundays
I celebrated my 3 month mark AGAIN with some of my favorite goodies.
I was backing the car and looked back and saw this.... I have the cutest companion ever!!!!
our companionship....
Sis Clary teaching us ballroom poses
The Oakley's>...and also My favorite mural in ATL.
Ahoy there Familia! Holy smokes... this week, I drank alcohol! That's probably not the best sentence to start out a missionary letter, but it's true! We went to a member's house and she had some really cool Chinese Honey potion which helps you live longer (haha) and I really wanted to try it. I thought it fitting with a Chinese speaking companion. So we drank them like shots and instantly I felt a burning sensation in my mouth and throat. I said, "Wow! That's got a zing to it! It kind of reminds me of alcohol!" Uh oh.... alcohol? I tracked down the box and read the ingredients and sure enough..... .5% alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! Ima sinner! I felt so bad that I couldn't sleep at all for the next couple of nights, it was either the guilt or the alcohol content in my blood. Haha. You know how cray-to-the-Z I get with caffeine..... just imagine alcohol. haha #underagedrinking #drinkinganddriving #justbroke2lawsandacommandment #misioneraloca I learned how to can chicken. Is that a southern thing? The member that taught us asked me if I took medication for anything..... What? Then she asked if I was ADHD. Hahaha. Why does everyone think that? Is there something that I don't know? Haha I also ate an octopus suction cup dipped in Habanero sauce. Wow was that thing spicy. And chewy. Haha. Nasty. I thought it was chicken when I saw it. Then I thought it was fish when I smelt it. Then I thought it was a slug when I chewed it. That escalated quickly. Ha. The sauce was so hot but we got a new investigator out of it. The man cooking it said that if a "skinny-### white girl" (his words, but I didn't want to swear) could take the heat, then he would listen to what we have to say. Haha. Challenge accepted. Challenge owned. New investigator. Boom baby! Well, you know me. Lots of exciting things happen all the time, but I can never remember any of them... so until next week! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MISSIONARIES ARE WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: The yard looks scrumptious! I love the colors! I'm so excited for the day when it's cold and I can stay inside and watch others get cold. Haha. You must have been a teacher when it comes to your coin collection. Remember how fun it was to go through your foreign coins? It was a party and a half! Olive Garden sounds sooooo good! I'm so Jealous! Spoiled Kevin! Ya, Maleficent was a really good movie. I can't wait to see it again when I come home in the summer. Dad: Hahaha. You're so funny! Hehe. ha. Ho. Haha. hehehe. Hihihi. Bahaha! I crack myself up sometimes. ;D Hahaha. I'm sorry there are very hurtful things said to you sometimes. Sometimes I wish I could just slap people in the face with a fish. But look at you... always doing good things to others even when you yourself aren’t' feeling that good. Trooper. :) Jennifer: I heard Dace Face got a haircut! Cute! What was he for Halloween? How's the belly? Brian: Holy guacamole.... thanks so much for thinking about me! That is sooo weird because literally this morning, I was thinking about you guys and how much I miss you all! Hahaha. Of course you would chop up your finger! Welcome to the club! Things are going good. The people are great but the ward needs to go to boot camp to get whipped into shape. ;D I miss you! Michael: Ya, you're right, you DO suck at writing. ''out of the mouths of two or more witnesses''. :) I sent you a hand written letter every week of your entire two year mission, I'm sure you can be creative and have Anna or someone stick it in the envelop for you. You don't even have to write, type or send pictures or drawings or something. Anna: Thanks for your email! Ya, I'm pretty famous myself. Just being around me is like being in the presence of royalty. I LOVE my new companions! Kevy: Who the flagnob is Kelli????? You studly muffin you! I absolutely love the jokes and random facts. Haha. I laugh every time. I don't understand the jokes most the time, but I laugh anyway. I'll even crack up if someone around me laughs or coughs. Haha I guess I just expect it to be funny. Haha. Brookelyn: Bahahahaha. I got your post card today!!!!!!!!!! Praise the lord!!!! You have no idea how much I love it. Being in this ward, I need all the help I can get! I'm writing you a loooong letter that you should get this week or next. I hope you enjoy it! "you might just stop breathing" Hahahaha. I died almost. The people in the library are looking over at me weird haha RANDOMNESS: ***I accidently drank some vinegar. I had a jar in the fridge and I thought it was a water bottle so I ran in and took a ginormous gulp. I then spent the next ten minutes cleaning up the kitchen because it went everywhere. Haha *** We got chased by a drug cartel, but thank goodness I'm a Nascar driver and drove away. We soon discovered we had driven into a dead end and had to pass through them again. Haha *** I accidently swore in Spanish. I tried saying a word to some people and they all bust up laughing and said I had sworn. Ha. I don't even know which word it was. *** I got kissed on the cheek by a mob of little girls. They tackled me at the church and buried me with kisses. ALso, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN TRICK OR TREATERS LOVE SUGAR HIGHS!

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