Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brooke 11.24.2014

Think Buff!
Me, Sonya Stockinger, Sister McNeill at the MRI.
Greene Family!! I got to sign a member's cast!
At the MRI. Man oh man... I have bad luck. The Doctors WOULD get images of the wrong part of my shoulder. It was my first MRI, so I didn't even know what they were doing, so I went with the flow. I didn't even think of asking them if they were doing the right area... Woops. How do I tell my Doctor that they did the wrong area? Do I just ask for another MRI? Well, we have at least 4 dinners for Thanksgiving on Thursday. We're going to our investigator Jessie's house, then to Sister Anderson's, then to the Greene's, and then to the Wampler's! We've also had offers from the Broome's and Coffey's. Wow. I just wish we could make it to all of them. But, the four that offered first are all in the same general area, whereas the other 2 are on the complete opposite side of our area. :( I'm gonna be so full!! I won't need to eat for a week! Hahahaha! We found an island this week! It's at a country club! So, we stopped to take pictures with it in 17 degree weather! Burr! It was suuuuper windy too, so it felt even colder. Strange enough, today it's 65 degrees outside! This weather is just as bipolar as Utah weather! I love you more than Hot Dogs love condiments! Mom: What the heck! Johnny and his wife had a baby??? I didn't even hear about it! Wow, Johnny's a dad, Cousin Taylor and cousin Brandon got married. Any more big news?? Hahahaha, I never realized how out-of-the-loop missionaries are. I'll text my doctor today and ask for another MRI. It's still free for us, so I don't see why he wouldn't say yes. Funny thing about Sister Stockinger...I'm going to start telling the doctor's that she's my mom so she can come with me. Don't worry, you're not being replaced. ;P Dad: I think I've been getting your emails. There has only been a few times that I haven't got one, so I don't think you've been sending it to my home email. Dad, if you feel "insecure in how [you've] measured up as a father," DON'T. I'll make you say 100 nice things about yourself when I get home if you do. You KNOW I will. I love you with all my heart, and don't you forget it. :):) Yup, I have a pretty healthy looking shoulder ball. I don't even know how to ask for another's a little awkward. Why can't Mom travel by plane? Is it because of her heart? I hope you get to go back to the APM someday!! You changed those people! Michael: Write me. Love, someone who wrote you on your mission. Kevin: Yay for shaving your face! I like it when my brothers shave. They look like Apostles when they do. :) I bet you look so professional in your UPS uniform! Ya, I think I have a tumor in my shoulder. I have all the same symptoms that Erin had. You have to promise to take me on sibling dates too! Jen: This week, I showed an investigator a picture of our family, and the older brother asked if you were single. I said, "No, sorry." Next time I show people pics of the fam, I'm going to show them one of you and Brian holding Dace Face. Done and done. Erin: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm DYING right now! I love how you titled the picture of that Elder "Your Future!" Hahahaha! Hey, a few questions about your shoulder... Did you have the full range of motion with your shoulder? I do, it just hurts when I move it. I can move it fine though. Were some days less painful than others? Mine hurts most of the time, but sometimes it hurts a little less.

Erin 11.24.2014

It's not everyday that a parakeet lands on your head.
Thinking of Brooke and all her tractors.
We don't drive cars or ride bikes in Georgia, we ride Alligators.
We had fun with marshmallows.
we ate authentic Japanese food. Holy familia! Holy smokes, this week was so wet! It was in the 70's some days and down pouring 24?7. Today it's sunny and boy oh boy is the air clear. I feel like I'm helping my brain grow just by breathing the clean air. We got 14 inches in one day I think. We were so drenched. We got to play Laser tag last pday because there's an amazing place here in PTC that I never knew about. I was horrible at the laser tag because I was shooting all the wrong targets. hahaha. Talk about friendly fire, but then we did this ninja laser game. It's like a scene in Oceans 12 I think when they're trying to break into a place with all the lasers moving around. And if you touch them, you're out. Well, I owned it and became a boss ninja. I destroyed everyone else in the competition. Normally people score anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000. I got 32,000! Huzzah! #parkourskillscomealive I LOVE YOU MORE THAN FAT PEOPLE LOVE TWINKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS sorry my letter is so sporadic... I think ADHD has hit me. haha Mom: So fun that your family came into town! I can't believe Johnny is a dad! So for thanksgiving, we'll probably be eating a fancy, exotic box of Macaroni and cheese, Kraft style. It'll be scrumptious and I’m excited. Next year, we'll have to have a real thanksgiving, with real food. haha. At least, this will be one for the journal. :D Dad: Can you send me a bunch of random stuff about Australia? I hope you can go back someday. I'm so sad you couldn't go to your reunion. That would have been so fun. Maybe next time. I'll save my pennies because I want to go too! I've always wanted to leave the country and go somewhere exotic! Jennifer: I hope work is going good with you. :D and the pregnancy too. When are you due again? And are you sure it's only one baby? Michael: I hope work is going good for you... since you never write me. Kevin: I'm so happy you love work! It sounds way fun! It sounds like you have power and authority when you wear that uniform. And.... I"m so happy it's a rule that you have to shave. Haha. Brooke: You funny monkey, you! I hope you stay available for when you get home, because Elder Laws will be waiting for you. Hahaha. #perfectcouple #you'llhavecutekids I'm sorry your shoulder is giving you troubles. I hope and pray that it's nothing but a tear. It would scare me to death thinking that you had the same thing I did. I've been a hopeless wreck this whole week thinking about it. If you find out anything, have your mission president's wife call President Harding so I can know too. Are they going to send you home? RANDOMNESS: I accidently threw a chocolate bar and hit White in the face. hahaha *I slipped on a worm and fell. Hahaha. It was so embarrassing. *I hit a deer with the car this week, the car didn't get hurt at all, there was just blood everywhere. *I drop kicked an ACORN and it stabbed my foot and bruised it. haha. I kicked it so hard. *I officially have the nickname, GULLIBLE, in the WW ward because the bishop always tricks me into everything. I asked him why he was so short and he told me that he is a body builder and I believed him. He also told me that he didn't understand what 'extending the end of your mission was' so I explained it to him over like 10 minutes. He died of laughter afterwards. *I'm obsessed with pomegranates. Some members are going to Mexico and they're going to bring back a suitcase full of pomegranates just for me. :D *I now have an Australian accent. It's really hard for me to sound American now. It's official. I don't even have to think about my accent. I just let it go. LET IT GO! CAN"T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING! HERE I AM! AND HERE I STAND! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ELDERS LOVE THE RULE THAT YOU HAVE TO SHAVE EVERYDAY!!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brooke 11.17.2014

Hay...I got to hold a baby chicken and it's Mom........Me and the Hoffmeier Family. Julie Hoffmeier and her kids Ethan, Tori, Leslie, Me and Trinity. The only ones missing are Brian, Brittney and Zach.
Hello Family!! This week, I went to see a doctor for my shoulder in Johnson City and it was pretty unproductive. Good thing I have Sonya Stockinger who has become my temporary mother out here in Tennessee. She is a member who has driven me as far as an hour away for a doctor's appointment. :) She's the greatest! They told me that I either have a tear in my shoulder or a tumor. The weird thing about the tear is that I didn't do anything to hurt it! It just started hurting one day. Good news though, the last couple of days have been better than what it was. I haven't used my shoulder for anything really. I used to be able to do 100 push-ups with no problem, but now, I can hardly do 10. :( I'm turning into a weakling. At least it won't be like that after the Resurrection! I can't tell if it sticks out, but I do know that I can feel it when I breath and it pops when I move it. Weird, huh? I actually got a call from Sister Griffin this morning and she's going to call the head honcho for missionary medical stuff and see if there's any possible way I can get an MRI before the end of the year. On a better note, Melissa's baptism is scheduled for November 29th! She told us that she wants her whole family to be baptized as well! She wants us to start working on them! :) She's the greatest missionary ever! She was born to be a member! Everyone was. :) We had some investigators move on us. We went over to their house, and they were busy, so we went back a few days later and they had moved!! There was a new couple living in their house and so we made them new investigators and are going to start teaching them! I love you more than the number of medical problems Echols' have! Mom: I got to hear your voice this week when Sonya called you! I'm so excited for Christmas! I'm not the most excited about the gifts, but the Skyping! I hope I go to an area where they have Skype. I'm almost 100% sure I'm leaving on the 3rd of December. :( It's bitter sweet. But, I hope that I get to see all your lovely faces in a few weeks! You totally were an answer to the missionaries' prayers! I bet they LOVED you! I can't wait to do things like that for the missionaries! Brandon's married? :) Dad: Why didn't you go to California? I would have! :) I can't wait to see the new Hunger Games movies! Dad, let's move to Australia. I would be just fine with that. I've perfected my Aussie accent and I fool people all the time. It's easy. :) Michael: A few weeks ago, you had said to ask you questions, so I did, and you didn't answer all of them. Since you didn't like all the questions I asked, I'm going to let you ask them, and I'll answer. It's called compromise. :) I do have a few that I would like to ask though...why would you pick Spain or Italy, and I already knew that Mat Kearney was your favorite, so I don't need to ask why on that one. :) Take a picture planking this week! Anna: This conversation is not going anywhere... Time to change topics... What is your favorite thing in the world to do? Kevin: Woah! That sign is the greatest thing ever! We see those kinds of things all over in the south! Kylar is a really cool name! You should name one of your kids that. I'm so jealous you are going to see Mockingjay! I can't wait! Don't forget to shave this week! :) Hahahaha! Jen: I can't wait to see you on Christmas! Hooray for Skype! You better be there! Erin: I'm pretty jealous that you get to go to the temple. #prophet'swife I'm not sure if my shoulder blade sticks out, but it does grind and pop, and it hurts, and I can feel it when I breath. That's crazy. If I have a tumor, I blame you. Just kidding! I doubt they'll find anything. Doctor's in the south seem to be pretty slow. You know, they're on Mountain Time. The past few days, it's felt a little better, and I was able to sleep more last night, so that's good! Pray they find what's wrong with it!

Erin 11.17.2014

I found Tow Mater
The Haycock family at Ryleigh's mission call opening... to Las Vegas Spanish speaking
Sister Laser, Sister Stock, Me, Sister White (Notice Erin's Skirt???) and....Just for Kevin
FAMILIA!!!! Oh how I've missed you this week! I'm not homesick... at all.... but I was reminiscing on our many happy memories we've had together. I can't really remember much of anything that has happened in my life before yesterday, but the few things I do remember about being a normal human being, I cherish. This week.... wow. It was insane. I was asked to say a prayer in sacrament, yet again. I think this ward just really likes hearing my weird accent. Hahaha. They all think Mom is from Brazil and that Dad is from Australia. I guess it's kind of cool that everyone thinks I'm exotic even though I'm not. Haha We did a crazy service this week. We had to move thousands of pounds of blinds from a semi to a storage unit and White and I were the only girls there. Let's just say that I lifted more than half the boys there. They all were amazed and in awe at how strong I was. White couldn't even move the next day because she was so sore and I wasn't sore at all! The only thing that hurt was my collar bone from my name tag pressing up against it. But I'm so crazy strong! #bodilyblood Also at the service most people weren’t' LDS and one guy was chewing tobacco and swearing. I called him out and told him to watch his language, he turned into a gentleman after that and didn't swear once afterwards. :D So many people told me thank you for standing up for my beliefs even though they weren't members. They said I was very brave. Mom: You're a living answer to prayers! Every missionary dreams of having members like you around! I'm super duper excited for the Christmas package! I can't wait! Is it possible that you could mail me 2 ancestor names that I could do endowments for in the temple? I need it to finish a project here in the GAM. Dad: I have officially perfected my Australian accent. I trick everyone into believing I'm a native Aussie and when I tell them the truth at the end, they all are flabbergasted. Can you send me a list of Aussie phrases and their meanings with a list of random facts about Australia and Perth? haha. I'm glad you had a good week! I'll see you in 200 days! Jennifer: How's Dace Face liking the snow? Michael: Write me... your wife did.... thanks Anna Kevin: YOU CAN"T GO TO MOCKING JAY WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brooke: From all the emails from Mom and Dad, it sounds like you're looking for a tumor in your shoulder..... my symptoms: My shoulder blade stuck out from my back It popped and grinded every time I'd move it It hurt like crazy I could even feel it when I breathed. RANDOMNESS: ***I have found out that I am majorly obsessed with pomegranates. I eat one every day and I crave them just as much as pickles and oranges. Wow *** we walked up to a guy's house to talk to them and they were standing outside hanging up decorations.. I yelled, HI and the poor guy jumped and hooted. It scared me scarring him and I screamed and then my companion jumped at my scream and the guy's wife came running out the house to see what had happened. We had a good laugh at that one. Hehehehe *** I have decided that when I'm rich and famous one day, I'll invent water proof hairspray.... When you do your hair and it looks nice, and then you walk out into the humidity and it just poof’s gets annoying, so if we have waterproof hairspray, your hair can look fine in whatever the humidity! *** a member was trying to take a picture for us and during so... they dropped my camera... holy cow, my ninja skills kicked in and I dived and caught it. The whole room got silent and I hopped up, dusted off my skirt, posed for the picture, then everyone burst into laughter. Haha. *** a guy spit on me because he didn't want to talk to missionaries... I wiped off the spit from my neck and wiped it on his sleeve. We calmly turned around and walked away. He was shocked at how clever and calm I was and he invited us back. HUZZAH!! Yay for attitude! *** I met a Chinese lady and I introduce myself and the church in Mandarin. She looked shocked and started rambling off in Chinese and I had to awkwardly tell her that I couldn't speak it.... hahaha. Giles would be so proud of me!!!! *** I tripped over a dead possum.... we were walking on the street and somehow I didn't see it's corpse until I stumbled over it. Let's just say I washed my shoes like 8 times with the hose! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LITTLE OLD LADIES LIKE TO MARINADE IN PERFUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Brooke 11.10.2014

(Emu!...Keyly Kersey)
Hi Family!! Hey! Yesterday was such a good day! We were able to meet with Melissa and she wanted to move her Baptism date up a week because she just can't wait that long! It's weird because I have been telling Sister McNeill that I felt like we should move it up, but we never did. Last night, she did it for us. :) Also, I got a text from Sister Roner! She served here in the TKM several months back and she lives in Atlanta. They have seen Erin a few times and Sister Roner saw her again yesterday and let me know! I absolutely LOVE the Roners! Erin should marry one of their grandsons so I can be related to them! :) I was just really confused when she told me she saw her in the Whitewater ward... Oh, never mind...I just read that Erin was emergency transferred there on Saturday. THAT explains a lot! Erin just needs to stay out of trouble. I spoke in sacrament yesterday about the process of becoming a missionary!! And, I had the whole crowd laughing when I told them about Mom hunting down the mailman to get our Call Packets. Then, I had the whole crowd in tears when I told them about saying goodbye at the MTC. I got teary and couldn't speak for a moment. When I looked up, EVERYONE was bawling their eyes out. That was the first time any of them have ever seen me cry. We had 3 investigators come, and 14 less-actives we've been working with. All of them felt the spirit so strongly! After I spoke for 30 mins, Ray Price got up and spoke and started telling funny stories about me. He said, "When the missionaries come over to your house, make sure you put anything breakable up, or else Sister Echols will find it and break it." Everyone just bust up laughing because I've broken things at all of their houses, I think. Then, the strangest thing happened...Our investigators and less-actives started calling things out in the middle of sacrament about things that I've done or said! They were adding things like, "Put away shiny things too!" or "Hide anything that sparkles!" or "She told me, 'Service=Pants!'" I was dying of laughter on the stand! After the meeting, the whole branch came up to the stand where I was and just gave me hugs and told me how much they loved me! Our Branch Presidency couldn't even get off the stand because everyone had come up to talk to me! They all thought it was my last Sunday here in Rogersville. I told them that I had at least 3 more weeks. They were all crying and telling me that they never want me to leave! I think I'm going to be transferred in 3 weeks. It's bitter-sweet! I love you more than light bulbs love electricity! Mom: You are a TrunkStar! :) I love it though! I can't believe Erin got ET'ed! I will help you with any yard work! I bet you were a boss up on the Shumway's roof! I went in for an x-ray on my shoulder last week, but I'm still waiting to hear from the Doctor. They think it's one of two things. They think it's either a tear, or a tumor. They think the tumor is less likely, but they were worried when they found out about Erin's tumors. I've called them a few times, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. Dad: hahaha, you old fart! :) I think we're all getting old. You're just a few steps ahead of the rest of us. :) Poor Brother York! Man, I hate dealing with partially committed people. I never realized how many there were until I became a missionary. I like the lukewarm scriptures though. Michael: Yay for Bruce! Thanks for the Halloween picture! What is your favorite dream you've had? If you had to change your name, what would you pick? Where would you live if you had to live outside of the U.S? If you could have the singing voice of any famous singer, who would you choose? Kevin: Answer the same questions I asked Michael! Flagnob is just an expression commonly used by Corrie Larsen. I picked it up from her when we were sophomores. :) K**** H****** Echols has a ring to it. :) Get movin' boi! Jen: Yup, you're the cutest pregnant zombie in the northern hemisphere! Dace is Dr Who? I've never actually seen that, but he sure is cute! Dace's hair is so dark! Harley is getting so big! Can you feel her moving around? As for souvenirs, I would have thought you would have asked me to bring home a Titans Jersey... ;P Thanks for the email!! Erin: I'm so happy you're back in PTC!! I bet it's a blast to be in the same ward as the Hardings!! Sister Roner texted me! You won't be getting the letters I already mailed to you! :( I don't know what I did to my shoulder, I just woke up one day with it hurting and it's been hurting for a month and a half now. I can't even do my normal 100 push-ups anymore! But, I hope they can find something to fix. If not, I'll survive. Either way is fine with me.

Erin 11.10.2014

I love Giles!
Some of mine and Giles' last moments together
My Atlanta East Zone LEaders, Rawlings and Dobbins
Rawlings accidently stabbed my name on the shield. and.....Greatest Quote Ever!
Holy canolli family...... I got emergency transferred back to PTC this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It turns out that some missionaries and area really needed my area of expertise, so President received revelation and got me back here. I"M IN PTC!!!!!!!!!! It's sad because I'm not in the PTC ward, but I'm now in Whitewater which is the Harding's home ward. I see them daily. :D Wow. I think I'm still in shock from actually being here. Hahahahahahahaha. It was ridiculously hard saying goodbye to Sister Giles. I love her so much and I'm so glad we were companions. The next time I'll see her is at her homecoming because she's soon going to be shipped off to Taiwan. My new companion in WW (Whitewater) is Sister Miranda White from Cedar City. I'm training her. She's pretty cool. Her language is funny. she says, ''dude'', ''yo'', ''sup'', ''frick'' and all those 'cool dude' phrases. It's taking quite some time to be accustomed to it. We had Jimmy get baptized!!!!!!!!!! It was so funny... his baptismal suit was just a tiny bit too tight and it made him look way more skinnier than he actually was. When he got baptized by his uncle, he jumped out of the water and asked if he could do it again. Cute little nine year old. He took about an hour in the bathroom to do his hair right. He didn't want any help and when he came out, it was such a cute sloppy little part comb over. He was so proud he did it by himself. 30 minutes after his baptism is when I was shipped off back to PTC. :D I didn't even say goodbye to the members there. Wow. It all happened so fast. I have to go... but I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SWINES LOVE THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: Giles stayed in Dunwoody and I'm in the Whitewater ward in PTC. I'll miss Giles like crazy. I've really grown to love her.... a lot. She's so great and we'll be friends for life. :D It's ok that you're forgetful, I am too. I think I'm going crazy sometimes. Already, I've asked by companion her first name 4 times. I can never remember it. I can't wait to rake up leaves with you! Dad: Do you know a lady that goes by the name of Nancy Abbott? She's Greg Abbott's mumsy. I'm serving in her ward now. She's super cute. You really should do something with the Abbott's especially now that I'll be apart of the family too. When we met, she couldn't stop talking about Michael and how he's now home from his mission and available. I'm sensing a set up here. ;D It's so cool that you got to redo a roof! I always offer to help people here do theirs because we have so many ginormous trees that they fall on houses and hurt them, but they don't really take me seriously because I'm adorable and I wear a skirt... Then they ask me to hand them a tool. I don't know which one, so I handed them the whole box. They were amazed at how strong I was. And then still, they don't take me up on the offer. Haha. Poop. Jennifer: Those pictures are ridiculously adorable. I love them all! Harley is getting so big! And Dace Face is still the same cheeser as I left him! Thanks for taking time to email. It meant a lot to me. :D I'm excited for when I come home for real, we can hang out a ton! Michael: I love the picture. Thanks. It's ok if you don't like the feel of paper..... type your letter, print it off, and have Anna stick it in an envelope. That way, I'd still get a letter, and you don't have to touch paper. It's the best of both worlds!!!!!!! Kevin: She sounds cute. I approve. Just kidding, I don't know her yet. Brooke: DON"T SEND ANY MORE LETTERS TO DUNWOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got transferred back to PTC and I'll write you this week so you can have my address. :D But thanks, those letters really brighten my day and help me more than you know. :D What the heck happened to your shoulder? Why do you need an insurance card? RANDOMNESS: ***I learned how to write my name in Chinese characters ***I wanted to know how a clock worked so I took apart one of my watches (one of the 5 dollar ones) and figured it out and when I put it back together it didn't work anymore. Haha. Oops #curiositykilledthewatch ***I was eating dinner with a family and their 9 year old son came up to me and grabbed my face and put his face close to mine and this is what he said, "you look like you're allergic to nuts". Hahahahahahah. WHAAAAAA?????? It was so random! ***I ate a habanero pepper and I thought I was dying. It was so hot. I've had salsa and sauces before, but never a straight pepper. I like the spice, but not that much spice. I think I now know what Alma meant when he said he was pained with the fires of Hell. He probably ate a hananero pepper. ***we were meeting with the bishop and reporting on how our week went with all the missionaries. When it was my turn, I started reporting in spanish and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't even realize it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for Espanol!!!!!!!!!! ***I LOVE YOU MORE THAN JEANS LOVE TO STAY WET!!!!!!!!!!b>

Monday, November 3, 2014

Brooke 11.03.2014

Happy Halloween!
Jumping in leaves
We taught a "pot head" and Foxy'
One more...Wearing masks.
Hi Family! This week, I got to touch a pig's snout! I recorded it too, but I don't know how to send it. :) I guess you'll all just have to wait a little over 100 days to see it. :) I squealed like a little girl when I touched it! It was so slimy, like a slug, and it was so squishy, like a marshmallow, and it smelled rotten, like mud. :) We were trying to meet a less-active, and she was being really cold towards us, and I heard and OINK, so I ran to the far side of their porch where they had a big pig under their porch. I threw my camera to Sister McNeill and said, "Hold my scriptures and watch this!!" I touched the nose and squealed, and the less-active just bust up laughing! She was laughing so hard that she was crying. After that, she was super friendly towards us. :) The way to get someone to open up, is to make them laugh. On Halloween, we had to stay in, so we had our district meeting up in Kingsport for a couple hours, and then we all (9 missionaries) stayed at the church and played sports like Tomahawk, basketball, soccer, and Norwegian kickball! After that, we all told scary stories. It was the funnest day ever! We spent the whole day with several recent converts from Kingsport and they had a blast with us. We wanted pizza and had it delivered to the church by a recent convert because we weren't supposed to be out. We then left at 8:30 to be home by 9. It was the greatest 2nd pday ever! Also, our investigator, Jessie and her girls fed us dinner on Saturday! We had pork, potatoes, sauerkraut, green beans, and rolls. It was all so good! I love you more than kids love Jell-O! Mom: Thanks for fixing my countdown! Did Dace do good and hold still for his haircut? I bet it looks so cute! I really don't like snow as a missionary. When it snows, we can't use our car, but we still have to be out on foot. That's not the best idea for Rogersville, TN. I bet those boys loved your coin collection! I think it's awesome, so I'm sure they do too. :) One of my favorite memories is just looking at all your coins. Dad: Good for you for doing great at work! And doing great on the car! I agree with Erin...I wish people would stop being rude. I'll protect you when I get home. You are such a hard worker with everything you do!! I like both your GHOUL puns! What is your choice of beverage when you're dead? GHOUL-aid. I came up with that. :) Michael: Oh, I did get your email last week, it just shows that it came in after I had already gotten off the computer because my time was up. You might want to send it earlier next time. Oh, I kinda knew what you meant about being STABLE... Bruce broke down?? Poor guy. I hope it gets fixed soon. Anna: Thanks for emailing me! Of course I say EW to boys...I'm gonna be a mormon nun. I know they're God's children too, but they are gross and stupid. Everyone out here keeps trying to set me up with people they know in Utah, or here in Tennessee. Dumb. Good thing I have the Millennium! Haha. Kevin: Oh man! I can't wait to see Maleficent! I have a whole list of movies I need to see apparently! Who the flagnob is Kelli!?!? Do I know her? Where did she go to school? What's her last name? I like the fact about swearing in front of dead people! :) Jen: Email me. Your husband did. :) Erin: Johnny Bradshaw!!! Is he related to an Elder Bradshaw who is serving here in Knoxville and he went to Olympus High School? They look like they could be cousins or something. I'm glad you like your new companions! That's so fun! Way to have the gift of tongues and be able to speak to the people of all nations! I'll try to write you every week, but I'm not very good at it, but I'll keep trying! You drank alcohol?! Hahahahaha! I almost died laughing!

Erin 11.03.2014

Biscotti is our best friend on Fast Sundays
I celebrated my 3 month mark AGAIN with some of my favorite goodies.
I was backing the car and looked back and saw this.... I have the cutest companion ever!!!!
our companionship....
Sis Clary teaching us ballroom poses
The Oakley's>...and also My favorite mural in ATL.
Ahoy there Familia! Holy smokes... this week, I drank alcohol! That's probably not the best sentence to start out a missionary letter, but it's true! We went to a member's house and she had some really cool Chinese Honey potion which helps you live longer (haha) and I really wanted to try it. I thought it fitting with a Chinese speaking companion. So we drank them like shots and instantly I felt a burning sensation in my mouth and throat. I said, "Wow! That's got a zing to it! It kind of reminds me of alcohol!" Uh oh.... alcohol? I tracked down the box and read the ingredients and sure enough..... .5% alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! Ima sinner! I felt so bad that I couldn't sleep at all for the next couple of nights, it was either the guilt or the alcohol content in my blood. Haha. You know how cray-to-the-Z I get with caffeine..... just imagine alcohol. haha #underagedrinking #drinkinganddriving #justbroke2lawsandacommandment #misioneraloca I learned how to can chicken. Is that a southern thing? The member that taught us asked me if I took medication for anything..... What? Then she asked if I was ADHD. Hahaha. Why does everyone think that? Is there something that I don't know? Haha I also ate an octopus suction cup dipped in Habanero sauce. Wow was that thing spicy. And chewy. Haha. Nasty. I thought it was chicken when I saw it. Then I thought it was fish when I smelt it. Then I thought it was a slug when I chewed it. That escalated quickly. Ha. The sauce was so hot but we got a new investigator out of it. The man cooking it said that if a "skinny-### white girl" (his words, but I didn't want to swear) could take the heat, then he would listen to what we have to say. Haha. Challenge accepted. Challenge owned. New investigator. Boom baby! Well, you know me. Lots of exciting things happen all the time, but I can never remember any of them... so until next week! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MISSIONARIES ARE WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: The yard looks scrumptious! I love the colors! I'm so excited for the day when it's cold and I can stay inside and watch others get cold. Haha. You must have been a teacher when it comes to your coin collection. Remember how fun it was to go through your foreign coins? It was a party and a half! Olive Garden sounds sooooo good! I'm so Jealous! Spoiled Kevin! Ya, Maleficent was a really good movie. I can't wait to see it again when I come home in the summer. Dad: Hahaha. You're so funny! Hehe. ha. Ho. Haha. hehehe. Hihihi. Bahaha! I crack myself up sometimes. ;D Hahaha. I'm sorry there are very hurtful things said to you sometimes. Sometimes I wish I could just slap people in the face with a fish. But look at you... always doing good things to others even when you yourself aren’t' feeling that good. Trooper. :) Jennifer: I heard Dace Face got a haircut! Cute! What was he for Halloween? How's the belly? Brian: Holy guacamole.... thanks so much for thinking about me! That is sooo weird because literally this morning, I was thinking about you guys and how much I miss you all! Hahaha. Of course you would chop up your finger! Welcome to the club! Things are going good. The people are great but the ward needs to go to boot camp to get whipped into shape. ;D I miss you! Michael: Ya, you're right, you DO suck at writing. ''out of the mouths of two or more witnesses''. :) I sent you a hand written letter every week of your entire two year mission, I'm sure you can be creative and have Anna or someone stick it in the envelop for you. You don't even have to write, type or send pictures or drawings or something. Anna: Thanks for your email! Ya, I'm pretty famous myself. Just being around me is like being in the presence of royalty. I LOVE my new companions! Kevy: Who the flagnob is Kelli????? You studly muffin you! I absolutely love the jokes and random facts. Haha. I laugh every time. I don't understand the jokes most the time, but I laugh anyway. I'll even crack up if someone around me laughs or coughs. Haha I guess I just expect it to be funny. Haha. Brookelyn: Bahahahaha. I got your post card today!!!!!!!!!! Praise the lord!!!! You have no idea how much I love it. Being in this ward, I need all the help I can get! I'm writing you a loooong letter that you should get this week or next. I hope you enjoy it! "you might just stop breathing" Hahahaha. I died almost. The people in the library are looking over at me weird haha RANDOMNESS: ***I accidently drank some vinegar. I had a jar in the fridge and I thought it was a water bottle so I ran in and took a ginormous gulp. I then spent the next ten minutes cleaning up the kitchen because it went everywhere. Haha *** We got chased by a drug cartel, but thank goodness I'm a Nascar driver and drove away. We soon discovered we had driven into a dead end and had to pass through them again. Haha *** I accidently swore in Spanish. I tried saying a word to some people and they all bust up laughing and said I had sworn. Ha. I don't even know which word it was. *** I got kissed on the cheek by a mob of little girls. They tackled me at the church and buried me with kisses. ALso, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN TRICK OR TREATERS LOVE SUGAR HIGHS!