Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 6, 2014

Erin 10.6.2014

"USHER" Picture hidden until Erin comes back and does an unveil of him.
canning applesauce with the Asper's.
I made a scripture box that I carry around everywhere.
Sister Manzer and I.
Our district... kind of.
Temple with photobombers. And...we ate lunch on the steps because we got locked out of the church.
Holy guacamole folks! You're never going to believe what happened this week!!!!!!!! Ok.... here's the incredible miracle we had this past week. Sister Manzer and I were driving on a highway during rush hour, so you can imagine how stressful that was. I was at the wheel and my companion was making phone calls. She all of a sudden perked up and said, "Sister Echols! There's a man over there in that parking lot standing next to his motorcycle... should we share the gospel with him?" I said yes so we managed to make a U-turn in the crazy traffic. We found a nearby parking lot and managed to park and start walking over to where we saw that man. She turned to me and said he kind of looks like "USHER" (A world famous singer/dancer). I thought the same thing, but I wasn't sure if it was him. So we walked right up to him and it was like he knew we were coming, because he instantly smiled at us. Wow. It WAS "USHER"! We told him we represented Jesus Christ and he told us he was kind of busy. He said to go knock on the neighboring door and then come back. If nobody was home, he would give us his undivided attention. To his luck, nobody was home. Haha. We went back to him and we instantly started asking him questions about his beliefs and faith. Wow. He's got incredible faith! He loves Jesus!!! We soon were all wrapped up in the Restoration of the gospel and baring solemn, heart felt, soul sounding testimony. I kept calling him 'brother' and he kind of looked at me weird, but hey, we're all God's children. :) We shared the whole restoration and he was flabbergasted. Sister Manzer got all silent and shaky and really nervous so she didn't talk much. I did all the talking and I asked him, ""USHER", how many people notice you're a celebrity and come up to talk to you?" His response was nearly everyone. I then asked, "How many people notice you're a son of God and come up to talk with you about the Savior?" His response was silence. I'm sure that that was the lesser group of people. He told me that I wasn't like other people. Most teenage girls get all confuzzled and woozy talking to him, but not me. I kept 'my cool' so to speak and talked with him like any other person. When he told me I wasn't like other people, what a huge compliment! I know I'm weird and proud of it! I am Erin Echols, and God, the Creator of everything in existence made me for who I am. I'm proud to be a princess, a daughter of a royal king. I knew when "USHER" told me that, that that was a message from God, telling me that He's proud of me for what we've done. From the moment I saw him, I decided not to treat him like a celebrity. I decided to treat him like any other child of God who needs the gospel. And now that I think back on it..... how many opportunities is "USHER" going to get to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ? He took our information and left and wow.... what an experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for celebrities! Now all I need to do is move to Scotland and convert Gerard Butler!!! Ok... can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE General conference?!?!?! It's so incredible and can I say, so nice to sit down for a while for a couple of days. :D We had zone conference where we got to go to the temple and then watch Meet the Mormons!!!!!!!! The bishop in it... Bishop Sullivan in my stake President!!!!!!! HUZZAH! Represent ATL! We also had a new missionary training that they allowed us to go because even though I'm not training, I'm still in my first 12 weeks. Haha. I'm a noob. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BROOKE LOVES "USHER"!!! Mom: My favorite talks were by Bednar and Uchtdorf. I LOVE them sooooo much! We got to watch all four sessions at the church. It was nice to sit there. :D I'm soooo excited to get the package! I haven't gotten a package so far of my mission part 2 so this is exciting! Ya, it's crazy that fall's here. It's been freezing here. We got down in to the high 30's the other day. Supposedly, it's going to be another deathly cold winter. Poopsicle. I LOVE YOU! Dad: My GPS is broken and I don't know what to do.... we don't have a best buy here so I don't know how I can fix it. It turns off every time I plug it in and won't hold a charge. Do you know how I can help it work? Even though I don't like country music, I do like that song. you showed it to me several times during my intermission. :D I LOVE YOU!Jennifer: Dace Face is soooo cute! I can't wait until the day that you dress him up as Albert Einstein for Halloween. Then he can be my lab partner!!!!!! Muahahaha #sinisterlaugh. :D I'm way excited to see your new house! I'm sure it'll look amazing by the time I get back!! I LOVE YOU!Michael: Holy smokes boi... yes, you need a trinket! I'm getting everyone something. Even if it's a key chain or something cheap. I want everyone to remember ATL when I die. I LOVE YOU! Kevin: Thanks for chatting with me! I LOVE YOU! Brooke: Yes. Why yes.... I taught "USHER". He's so swag! I got your letter! Thanks so much for the talk! I loved it! And I loved how you marked it up for me!!!! It's funny because I'm doing the exact same thing to a talk by Uchtdorf for you! Hahahaha. I LOVE YOU! RANDOMNESS: I LOVE "USHER" ! ***I was voted most bubbly missionary DW has ever seen. ***I LOVE "USHER" ! ***the whole mission is joking about me as the 'shy Sister Echols' haha. nobody believes that I'm shy! ***I ate moldy apple pie because someone made it for me and I didn't want to be rude. Wowzer, mold is slimy and nasty. Next time, I'll just be rude I guess. ***did I mention I LOVE "USHER" ! ***I was stomping on leaves to hear the crunch beneath my feet. and then all of a sudden there wasn't a crunch, it was a squish. So I looked closer at that leaf and it ended up being a dead chipmunk! We were talking to a lady at the time and I squealed like snow white because when I looked down, blood splattered up my leg. Hahaha. GROSS! ***we had a new missionary training where I was asked to be the photographer! That's why you don't see me photobombing all the pics. Haha. It was soooo nice to be behind a lens again! ***Yes I LOVE "USHER" , ***I accidently slammed my elbow on the edge of a door. It hurt so bad that I fainted! It was only for a couple of seconds, but Manzer came running into a huge "thud" of me hitting the floor. hahahaha ***I got slapped in the forehead by a Muslim. Hahaha. He was talking to us, but his accent was really hard to understand. He smacked my forehead to try to put the knowledge in my brain. Sorry, son, it didn't work, it did, though, leave a hand print on my forehead for the next 10 mins. Hahaha. It was so awkward. He hit me so hard that I stumbled backward. He was really shocked when I laughed instead of getting mad. It didn't really hurt, it just shocked me. Hahahahahahahha I LOVE YOU MORE THAN DWARFS LOVE TO WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK ALL THE DAY LONG!

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