Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 27, 2014

Erin 10.27.2014

Boom Baby...Dog Pile
My Companionship
Friends forEVA.
We played dress up.
Sister Hawkins and Sister Echols.
That's a lot of languages.true southern bumper sticker. Gon miss dis.
Wow, Fam Bam. We had transfers!!!!!!!!!! I said goodbye to Sister Manzer with tears and got 2 new companions! And... they're both visa waiters! Hawkins is going to Brazil tomorrow and Giles is still waiting for one to Taiwan! We went to an international food market and taught the gospel is 4 languages! Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and English! HUZZAH!!!!! People who walked by heard all the different languages going on and they literally stopped in their tracks to listen to us because how many white girls do you know who can speak 4 languages? Not very many is my guess. You know the prophecy where it says that people of all nations will flock to you? Well...... I'm happy to announce that that has come true! We had people of all nations coming up to us!!!!! During Transfers, President had me stand in front of everyone for a moment because literally every missionary I meet says that they know me. I'm famous. So President had me stand in front of everyone so people could know what I look like. Now I'm even more famous. Him and Sis Harding always use me as the example of what not to do as a missionary. Hahaha. I think they're referring to crashing my bike, but I'm not sure. It's pretty funny because just about everyone in the mission knows I came back and I'm going to kill it out here. Oh Ya...Johnny Bradshaw from Orem High school is my District Leader! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ATLANTIANS LOVE TO DECORATE WITH FAKE SPIDERWEBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I GOT THE PACKAGE AND LETTER!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! I've had fun shooting my companions and reading all the stuff in it. The peach fuzzies were a hit at my zone conference. Everyone officially says, ''sister Echols' mom is the best", or "can sister Echols' mom send me a package too?'' Hahaha. I LOVED IT! I don't need my winter stuff just yet, but you can send it if you want, because I still have room. :D Just don't send the boots, because I don't think I need those yet. :D I'll think of a list of fun activities over the week and send it in my letter because I need time to think. :D Wow. Dace Face is cute, but he definitely did not sound like a happy camper..... The Halloween thing looks so fun! I don't remember doing it a few years ago. Did I have a surgery or something and couldn't go? Dad: I GOT YOUR LETTER!!!!!! Thanks so much. You have no idea how happy it made me. In DW it seems like the only source of happiness comes from getting something in the mail. It definitely made my day! Michael: Sorry your car broke down, but thanks for writing me. Can you write me a letter one day? Kevin: Hot dog! Going on a date with Juliana? She's so fun! She's really smart too. It was always fun being her partner in classes because she is a genius. Jennifer: I can't see your baby bump in the pictures of the Halloween cruise, but you actually look really tan! Weird huh? Hahah Brooke: I GOT YOUR LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was crying when I read it. It made me so happy and I really needed it. Even though I'm in DW, and surrounded by multitudes of people, I feel alone. The ward hates me and all the Jews here do too. Your letter really helped me a TON. As for a TKN souvenir, get me anything you think is totally me. You know me better than anyone, I'm sure you'll do great. :D RANDOMNESS: I was spelling our address out to a Senior Elder in the office over the phone and when I got to 'D', I didn't' say 'D as in Dog'... I said 'D as in Harrison Ford'. I then dropped the phone and screamed, 'AHH BABYLON!' The elder on the other line was like 'WOOOOOOWWWW'. Hahaha. It was so funny. ***I discovered a hidden talent: I can eat Jell-O upside down. ***I got toys thrown at me by a Jew and then they slammed the door. I had a hand full of action figures now, so I placed them on their doorstep, not just in a pile, but as the scene exactly played out. I wish I took a picture, but one toy was on top of a rock throwing little pebbles, while the 2 happy toys were standing there calmly with smiles on their faces holding leaves (book of Mormons). I wish I could have seen the reaction of the Jew when they opened the door and saw the toys there. Hahaha #westilllovethem ***I found a dead fish in the bushes by our apartment. Somebody thought they could get away with murder, but I found the body....sloppy murder scene. It was all so dramatic. ***I ate some Chinese pudding and became really grateful I didn't get assigned to China. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN DEAD FISHES LOVE TO STINK!!!!!

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