Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 20, 2014

Erin 10.20.2014

We got pulled off the street to join a taco party with a bazillion people from Mexico. We had a very enjoyable evening and ate tons of spicy tacos while preaching the gospel. The tacos were so hot that I thought my brain was going to melt. I could feel my eyes gushing water and the people were touched because they thought I was crying because of the gospel that we were talking about. Hahaha. Honest confusion. Haha. But I went with it and we had a very fruitful conversation. :D
I think I need to go buy new socks???
an old piano sitting in someone's driveway, I just had to take a picture. Did you know that We preach to the living AND the dead?
Well folks, I'm not being transferred. I just received word that I'll be training again. And not 1 new missionary... but 2!!! WHAAAAAA????? HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! I'm so nervous!!! God obviously see's something in me that I'm blind to because I definitely don't find myself qualified to do it. But, hey, I'll do my best. I might even make a record; corrupt 2 missionaries within their first transfer. hahaha. It was a crazy week, last night we were at our mission leader's home and they walked us out to our car to keep us safe. It was dark and late at night and on the way, we drove through their parking lot and 3 men jumped out from behind some cars and stopped our car. I slammed on the breaks so I wouldn't hit them, I don't know why I was being a dumb-head, but I rolled down the window to give them a pass along card. They all came to the window and nothing but evil was coming out of their mouths. We were in a sticky situation and I quickly had to get out. I told them that we were running late and that I hoped they stayed warm in the cold weather. They grabbed onto my window and I took off. Talk about a lead foot. I shook them off and got out of there. Holy cow. It was so intense! We quickly informed our ward mission leader (because it was in his parking lot) and now they will be having police patrol. WOW! We almost got jumped and kidnapped! It's a miracle because our little red car is a lot like 'Jerry' our favorite Toyota Camry car. It could not speed up worth it's life, but this time, boy oh boy, it sped up like a cherry red Ferrari. VROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have bed bugs AGAIN!!!! Welcome to the mission life greenies! Hah I also got bit by a dog. We were walking up to a house and a Ginormous dog covered in blood (it's back was dripping blood) came running around a corner. It came right up to me and started biting my leg and foot! I did a swift ninja kick to get it off and we ran. We ran and hopped ON our car. After a moment, the dog walked away. We drove away and my foot killed. It only left a couple scratches and broke the skin in one place, but it bruised like a maniac. My bones hurt so bad. I quickly took off my shoe and drenched my foot in hand sanitizer. It burned like crazy, but at least I got it clean incase the dog had rabies or something. Wowza. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN RAINBOWS LOVE POTS OF GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad: President Warnick's story is insane! I wish that we could have a major disaster here so we could do service as missionaries. It's the perfect opportunity for people to be humbled and ready to hear about the plan of salvation. Also, Brooke's idea of doing humanitarian is a great idea, just helping people for a living. :D Thanks for the Ebola update. It's nice to know it's not World War Z. Everyone in ATL is acting like it is. We live down the street from a CDC and it freaks everyone out. Oh Boy! Mom: The yard looks fantastic. I see my favorite bench in the first picture. The one I spent all summer on, just sitting here, doing nothing. It was fantastic. :D I can't wait to see what you and Brooke do to it! I still haven’t' gotten my letters or package, I might get them this week because I have to go to transfers to get my greenies, so I hope I can get them then! It's so fun that you get to watch Dace Face! Give him my love and cuddle with him for me! Jennifer: Is your house totally finished now?! I can't wait to see it! Miguel: I love this city! It's so great! I love all the crazy people here and all the extreme fashions! I feel out of place because I'm a skinny white girl, but it's the funniest thing when the cops pull us over on the side of a street because they see 2 white girls preaching to a gang. :-) Kevy: So fun that you went to a haunted place with Heather! hahahahaha It's hilarious that they made it super awkward for her! That's YSA for you Heather! #imnevergettingmarried Brooke: I love that you dumped out alcohol! You master of righteousness, you! Ya, I'm pretty nervous to train again and stay in Dunwoody. I wish so badly that I was leaving, but obviously God needs me here for something. RANDOMNESS: Well, the cat's out of the bag. The entire mission knows about Usher, so you can tell anyone you want now. (just not the picture) President Harding was just so excited about it so he announced it on a mission wide conference call, now EVERYBODY knows! We're basically famous. I feel bad, everyone who knows says that Echols taught Usher, and they can't remember my companion's name. I guess I have more of a reputation than her. HahaHa. ***we have bed bugs again. ***we had a run down with some Jehovah Witnesses. They got really mad at us when we wouldn't contend with them. We just smiled and they got ticked. ***we're teaching a family from Persia! And he's a prince! Huzzah for the Prince of Persia! #GoDisney ***I ate a habaneros. I felt like my face was sent to Hell. It was so hot. I drank probably a gallon of water which didn't help and I ate about a pound of radishes to try to stop the burn. haha. ***I did a flip in front of some of the little kids of the ward and now I'm one of the biggest topics for discussion because everyone was so shocked that I'm coordinated. I'm coordinated, I promise! I may be ditsy at times, but I'm coordinated! ***I accidently flashed a family. We walked outside and it was really windy.... talk about Marilyn Monroe, wow. It's a good thing I wear shorts! LOL. They thought it was hilarious! ***I accidently put our phone in my pockets of my shorts, so it was ringing and I had to get it. I awkwardly laid on the ground by our car and quickly grabbed it. when I stood up, there was a set of elders standing right behind me. Yep, awkward. I had to explain to them what I was doing. HaHaHaHaHa GOOD TIMES!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN DRUNKARDS LIKE TO MUMBLE!

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