Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 13, 2014

Erin 10.13.2014

I almost tripped over a turtle.
And his name shall be "Bob"
I was so proud of my parking job.
Our dishwasher exploded
Just LoVeLy!!!
This is what happens when people shove anti-mormon stuff at us...
Typical companionship
VanSant clan
You have always known I'm the goodchild huh! And my FaVoRiTe....Nothing is worse than eating your favorite food and a spider crawls out
Ok family... can I just vent for a sec? Ok thanks. This week was... well, let's just say I'm glad it's over.... Just in one day: All our investigators with a baptismal date dropped us All our Head Quarter referrals dropped us All our member team ups cancelled last second Our investigator, Amanda (30's with 3 young kids) died Our other investigator, Luis (Amanda's husband) wants to kill himself It never stopped pouring rain And the list just keeps going on and on and on and on and on...... And the rest of the week basically looked the same too. But ahhh, it feels good to tell someone about it. So, transfers are next week and I really hope I'm transferred. I think I'm ready for a new area and new people to call to repentance. This is really random, but one of the most popular pets in Atlanta are monkeys!!!!! People just walk down the street with them sitting on their shoulders!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORMS LOVE TO LAY OUT ON THE SIDE WALK AFTER A RAIN STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I have a 13 page letter coming to me from Brazil.... hahaha. Another Elder asked if he could write me. bahahahahaha And no... I haven't gotten the package or letter yet. I'll have to wait until next zone conference. But if I get transfered next week, I'll get it then. Have everyone keep sending me letters! It's the greatest feeling when Sister Harding makes a special trip out of her way to hand deliver a STACK of letters to a single missionary. Have everyone send me letters!!!! It's what I LIVE for!!! Tell everyone that if they love me... write me and prove it.... Hahaha Sister White is going to be such a good mom! Does Tommy come to church yet? Did Tyler break his arm by getting a bee sting? It looks good! I'll sign a post it note and send it home today. Give it to Heather to take it to Montana so Tyler can stick it on his cast. :D Dad: Dace Face sounds soooo cute! Has he forgotten me yet? I'm so happy you got my gift! It's not anything extravagant, but I thought of you. :D Wow. The day I speak in General conference... I'll give you a shout out. :D Michael: There's not anything or trinket unique to my mission: it's either gonna be a peach or a chunk of asphalt because remember... I live in one of the biggest cities in America. Hahaha Jennifer: What the flagnob????? Did you move? Your basement doesn't even look like your house!!!! By the way.... I trained Brian well, I love all the photobombs! Kevin: A missionary saw a picture of you and asked if you were my boyfriend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It continues!!! Brooke: Are you done training this transfer or do you still have another one to go? Are you nervous for transfers? I miss you twinlet! ERIN RANDOMNESS.... *I stepped on a pile of acorns and slipped like they do in the movies. My feet flew up and I fell down, but amazingly enough, I still landed on my feet. Manzer said that when I slipped, I did this really weird one handed side back handspring. Haha #likeaboss *we had an eating contest at Bishop Abamonte's house. It was between me and his 15 year old son. Guess who won? Yep! ME!!!! He looked like he was going to be sick after all those steaks, but nobody can beat an Echols girl! *I learned how to wax a car! *a walnut fell out of the tree as I stepped out of the car and it clonked me on my head! It hit me so hard that I split the walnut in half! Hahaha I guess I must have a really thick skull! *I got to eat this really exotic fruit called Kiwi Berries. THey're amazing! It looks like a grape, but when you cut it in half, it's a kiwi! No brown fuzz, just slick green skin and they're delicious.. expensive, but delicious! *the zone leaders are assigned by President to do week long exchanges with our district!!! Wow! A whole week! We must need some serious help! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN TURTLES LOVE TO HIDE!

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