Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 6, 2014

Brooke 10.6.2014

The camera case
They call me creepy
I got pooped on by a cow!
Feeding baby cows!
braid mustaches
Watching "Meet the Mormons" with President Griffin and our whole zone! In case you're wondering about how I'm able to send pictures... Sister McNeill's sister sent her a cool USB thing that let's me download my pictures. :)( Hey family! Conference was amazing!! This week, I got to milk cows!!! We went over to Melissa's dairy farm and she taught us how to milk her cows. I got pooped on! Then, a cow stepped on my arm and now I have a hoof-shaped bruise on my arm. I'm glad that cow didn't break my arm! As I was putting on of the suction things on the utter, the cow lifted it's leg up and back and down onto my arm. It covered me in poop. What an adventure! We also got to bottle feed 3 day old baby cows! They were so cute! Also, as you can see in the picture, a dog literally ate my camera case. The camera and battery were fine. He didn't touch my camera (thank goodness), but the camera is insured, not the case. :/ There was only one bite mark in my battery, so it works fine. That's just my luck! Hahahahaha! It's really funny though. We were at a member's house and the dog snooped around in my backpack. :) I have so many funny memories from Tennessee! We had some drama this week. We went to an investigator's house and when we pulled up, they were sitting on the porch. When we got out, they all ran inside and closed the door. So, not knowing what to do, we knocked on the door and just stood there for about 5 mins. Then, the mom yelled through the window, "Go away!! We don't want to talk to you!" I calmly replied, "We just want to know why?" There was no response. Then, the daughter starting yelling through the window the same things. We decided to leave, so we left them a note on their door, and as we were leaving, I yelled back through the window, "Bye! We love you guys!" There was absolutely no response to that. They didn't know what to say. McNeill and I were pretty down after that, but then I realized something amazing...I'm proud to take rejection for the Savior. We decided that every time we get a door slammed in our face, or people yell rude things at us, we're going to high-five and say, "Rejected for the Savior!" and make a happy event out of it! YAY! Some people are just dumb. That doesn't mean we have to be too. :) I love you more than cows love to MOO! Oh ya!! And this week, we got to watch Meet the Mormons! We spent all day in Kentucky with President Griffin and the four assistants. It was a party!!!! My license got passed around and everyone was laughing at how I look like a 12 year old! They were all busting up! The movie was sooooooo good! Mom: I'm excited for the package! For conference, we watched the first 2 sessions at the church. Then, we watched the next one with a less-active and our investigators Eddie and Maritsa. Then, we watched the last one with the Greene family. They're are all so fun! I loved the different languages! My favorite talks were the ones by Elder Bednar and President Uchtdorf. They're incredible. Yay for fall! Dad: Giddaye mate! I love the lyrics of the Carrie Underwood song you sent! Also, the lyrics to My Soul Hungered are amazing too. I listen to that song all the time! I can't wait to listen to the Carrie Underwood song! Michael: Hahaha, when you said, "We are decently active," the first thing I thought of was being active in the church! I was like, "Wha?!" That's how you know I've been a missionary for a really long time! What do you do with all of Anna's friends? Do you hang out with the Dye's anymore? Kallen, Morgan, or Jon Jon? How long do you think you'll live at home? I'm not being pushy, I'm just curious. Kevin: Write me you crazy kid! I still need you to send me crazy random pictures of you! Jen: Is Dace being a knight or Link for Halloween? He'll always be my knight in shining armor! What a cute kid! I'm so excited to have sleepovers in your not-so-scary basement! I miss you! Erin: "World Celebrity" ??????????? What the flagnob?! Jealous! :):):):):):) When is he getting baptized?? Hahaha, jk. ;) You will get to speak in General Conference when your righteous husband is prophet. Good luck. It doesn't bother me AT ALL that you write a lot. I look forward to it like a baby looks forward to being burped. :) ahahahaha. You know be better than anyone, so I want you to surprise me with the ATL souvenier. Actually, for my souvenier, can you bring me "World Celebrity"? HAHAHAHAHA!!! (smart thinking on asking people what they want though, I didn't even think of that.) What kind of KNXV souvenier do you want?

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