Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brooke 10.14.2014

(McNeill, Me, and Anna Greene...the Weiner...we got to dump out alcohol!)
Ready for the Tornado today. Aloooooha! To sum up this week in two rained. Haha, just kidding. President Griffin introduced a new key indicator in our mission. We are now counting our hours we spend finding new investigators. The goal is to do 2 hours a day. This past week, Sister McNeill and I spent 12 hours finding people! We found some pretty golden investigators too. One of them is from Kenya but he lives in Kingsport, so we handed him off. The other is a cute mom who is from Johnson City!!! So, we handed her off too. The last one is right here in Rogersville, so we will start teaching her on Friday!! I can't wait! Melissa is doing well, she still wants to be baptized, so she set a new date of November 29th!! I can't wait! She's the most prepared person I've ever met in my life! We are going to start teaching her 3 kids and their kids. And hopefully her husband sometime soon. :) This week, Rogersville had a fair called Heritage Days, and McNeill and I went there and talked to everybody we the pouring rain. I didn't wear my rain boots because the sky was blue when we left, but then the clouds showed up and we were talking to people up to our ankles in rain water! It was awesome!! Today is my 14 month mark! Someone asked me how long I've been out and I said, "Tomorrow is my 14th mission birthday" and they thought I meant I was turning 14 years old! They believed it! Hahahaha! #foreveryoung Is it super rainy in Utah? We have a tornado watch today, so I'll keep my eyes out. Last time we got hit with a tornado, I had a broken hand and took cover with the Parker's. This time, if we even get a tornado, we'll have to decide where to go...and I DON'T have a broken hand. So, the odds are looking up. :) I love you more than butter loves cream! Mom: Ya, yesterday the library was closed. Did Heather drive herself to Utah?? Is Natha there too? I haven't gotten the letter or the package yet, I'll probably get them tomorrow at Zone Meeting. Just think, when I get home, I'll help you do all the weeding and yard/house work. :) Doris White had a baby?! Since when?! Hahaha, was Tyler trying to knock down a bee hive or something and fell out of the tree? Tell Heather to kiss his cast with lipstick and that will be my signature. :) Dad: I'm so glad that things are going well at work. Have you seen Emily's dad lately? Is he doing ok since she passed away a couple years ago? Dace Face is hilarious! It just blows my mind that he can talk now. I haven't heard it in person, so it's a little weird to imagine. The car's almost done?? Yay! Now, I've milked cows by hand and by machine. Machine is a lot easier. But, I'll never take drinking milk for granted because I know how much work goes into it. Wow. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like animals. Period. But, I'll survive. Hahaha. I will not be able to watch the Child of Faith video while I'm out here. I mean, I have lots of opportunities to, but I would be disobedient by doing it, so I'll have you show it to me in 4.5 months. :) Michael: Those dumb D**'s. It's their loss. You are a great friend, so they are missing out. I'm still going to get you something from TN because this is the only time I'll be here as a missionary. It might be just a post card, but I want you to keep it forever. :) So, when is little Michael Jr. being born?? I want more nieces and nephews. ;) Kevin: Yay for getting warts removed! Are you going to have a cool scar? Haha, I love your random facts that you send. Keep them coming! Thanks for the pictures! I miss your handsome face! Corn maze or spook alley???? HOW FUN! I can't wait to go to things like that! Jen: Your basement doesn't even look like your house. I don't recognize a single thing about it. I can't tell it's your basement! Thanks for sending the pictures! I miss seeing all those lovely people! How is Harley doing? And Dace? Erin: You and Manzer crack me up! You guys are so funny with all your pictures. Feel free to vent...I do it all the time. Sometimes I wish Satan had a face so I could throw my Quad at it... I still have one transfer to go. This Saturday, we get the transfer call to see if I'll still be here to do it. I think I will, but I don't know. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little excited for transfers. :) I don't know when I will be transferred, but I always look forward to seeing all my mish peeps. I want a chunk of asphalt! Maybe even an ATL t-shirt with USHER's face on it signed by USHER.... Just sayin'.

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