Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 27, 2014

Erin 10.27.2014

Boom Baby...Dog Pile
My Companionship
Friends forEVA.
We played dress up.
Sister Hawkins and Sister Echols.
That's a lot of languages.true southern bumper sticker. Gon miss dis.
Wow, Fam Bam. We had transfers!!!!!!!!!! I said goodbye to Sister Manzer with tears and got 2 new companions! And... they're both visa waiters! Hawkins is going to Brazil tomorrow and Giles is still waiting for one to Taiwan! We went to an international food market and taught the gospel is 4 languages! Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and English! HUZZAH!!!!! People who walked by heard all the different languages going on and they literally stopped in their tracks to listen to us because how many white girls do you know who can speak 4 languages? Not very many is my guess. You know the prophecy where it says that people of all nations will flock to you? Well...... I'm happy to announce that that has come true! We had people of all nations coming up to us!!!!! During Transfers, President had me stand in front of everyone for a moment because literally every missionary I meet says that they know me. I'm famous. So President had me stand in front of everyone so people could know what I look like. Now I'm even more famous. Him and Sis Harding always use me as the example of what not to do as a missionary. Hahaha. I think they're referring to crashing my bike, but I'm not sure. It's pretty funny because just about everyone in the mission knows I came back and I'm going to kill it out here. Oh Ya...Johnny Bradshaw from Orem High school is my District Leader! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ATLANTIANS LOVE TO DECORATE WITH FAKE SPIDERWEBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I GOT THE PACKAGE AND LETTER!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! I've had fun shooting my companions and reading all the stuff in it. The peach fuzzies were a hit at my zone conference. Everyone officially says, ''sister Echols' mom is the best", or "can sister Echols' mom send me a package too?'' Hahaha. I LOVED IT! I don't need my winter stuff just yet, but you can send it if you want, because I still have room. :D Just don't send the boots, because I don't think I need those yet. :D I'll think of a list of fun activities over the week and send it in my letter because I need time to think. :D Wow. Dace Face is cute, but he definitely did not sound like a happy camper..... The Halloween thing looks so fun! I don't remember doing it a few years ago. Did I have a surgery or something and couldn't go? Dad: I GOT YOUR LETTER!!!!!! Thanks so much. You have no idea how happy it made me. In DW it seems like the only source of happiness comes from getting something in the mail. It definitely made my day! Michael: Sorry your car broke down, but thanks for writing me. Can you write me a letter one day? Kevin: Hot dog! Going on a date with Juliana? She's so fun! She's really smart too. It was always fun being her partner in classes because she is a genius. Jennifer: I can't see your baby bump in the pictures of the Halloween cruise, but you actually look really tan! Weird huh? Hahah Brooke: I GOT YOUR LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was crying when I read it. It made me so happy and I really needed it. Even though I'm in DW, and surrounded by multitudes of people, I feel alone. The ward hates me and all the Jews here do too. Your letter really helped me a TON. As for a TKN souvenir, get me anything you think is totally me. You know me better than anyone, I'm sure you'll do great. :D RANDOMNESS: I was spelling our address out to a Senior Elder in the office over the phone and when I got to 'D', I didn't' say 'D as in Dog'... I said 'D as in Harrison Ford'. I then dropped the phone and screamed, 'AHH BABYLON!' The elder on the other line was like 'WOOOOOOWWWW'. Hahaha. It was so funny. ***I discovered a hidden talent: I can eat Jell-O upside down. ***I got toys thrown at me by a Jew and then they slammed the door. I had a hand full of action figures now, so I placed them on their doorstep, not just in a pile, but as the scene exactly played out. I wish I took a picture, but one toy was on top of a rock throwing little pebbles, while the 2 happy toys were standing there calmly with smiles on their faces holding leaves (book of Mormons). I wish I could have seen the reaction of the Jew when they opened the door and saw the toys there. Hahaha #westilllovethem ***I found a dead fish in the bushes by our apartment. Somebody thought they could get away with murder, but I found the body....sloppy murder scene. It was all so dramatic. ***I ate some Chinese pudding and became really grateful I didn't get assigned to China. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN DEAD FISHES LOVE TO STINK!!!!!

Brooke 10.27.2014

I breathed fire!!
Zombie baby
I always shoot my comp when she comes around the corner...this is from her point of view
I have to jump on people's tramps when I see them
Jesus AND I matched. We found this while walking around in Walgreens and I was wearing my nerd kit I GUESS?!!! AND.... We got invited to a bowling birthday party.
Hey Family!! Well, this week, Sister Griffin told us to get a flu shot, so we went to Walgreens to get one. It took them forever to clear me for the shot because my medical record has a big red flag on it because I’m allergic to the Tetanus shot. Finally, they got things figured out for me to get the shot, and the doctor took me back into the office to give it to me. As he was sticking the needle in my arm, he said, “Now, YOU might stop breathing…” and I was like, “Say what!?” He told me that they didn’t have any record of me ever having a flu shot before, so they didn’t know how I would react or if I was severely allergic to the flu shot like I was the Tetanus shot. After he put the shot in my arm, he said, “So, if you don’t mind, we need you to stay in the building for at least 20 minutes so we can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t stop breathing.” Hahahahahahaha! We got to look around Walgreens for 20 minutes and it wasn’t even our Pday. J Also this week, we were able to meet with our investigator Melissa who wants to get baptized. She’s so amazing! We met her on September 17th and she’s already read through Alma in the Book of Mormon. She wants to be baptized on November 29th! She’s golden. Also, we're preparing an excommunicated member for baptism again! We are working with our branch President and Stake President to make it happen. We have a "lesson" with him every week over the phone because he's a trucker and is all over the place. It's a really cool experience! Miracle!!! We went over to a former investigator's house and she was too busy because she was trying to build a fire, but nothing was catching. I was just trying to be funny and so I asked, "If I breath fire for you, will you let us in?" and she said yes. I went over to the fire, knelt down and just blew some air and the whole things burst into flames! I was shocked, my companion was shocked, and the former investigator was shocked. She immediately let us in and started listening to what we had to say. As it turns out, she lived just one street outside of our area, so we had to pass her off to a different set of missionaries, but she's now meeting with them regularly and progressing in the gospel! #dragon Isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard?? As for the other things that happened this week... well, I finally had some paparazzi moments like Erin does all the time. A group of boys (gross) saw me go into a less-active's house and so this huge group of people came and waited for me outside the door. When it was time to go, we had to have some help from the less-actives to get out to our car. The group was taking pictures of me because they thought I was "perty." GROSS! It was really annoying. #MormonNun Our member with us was like, "We just can't take you anywhere!" That part was really funny. I love you more than doctors love needles!! Mom: I don't have a new companion. I'm still training Sister McNeill. But, rumor has it that I'll be leaving Rogersville after this next transfer and spend the last 2 transfers of my mission in my last area. Can you believe it?? After this transfer, I'll only have 2 left! What?! The day I'm scheduled to fly home is February 26th, your number of days I have left is wrong. :) Oct: Dress up to go out to dinner/movie, make carameled apples. Nov: Thankful books. I'll let you know more when I can think of them. I'll help you with any yard work that needs to be done when I get home. I now have less than 4 months! Dace sounds like he's being a bum. He better be a gentleman when I get home. Dad: Did you watch Frozen? Wow, you are very valuable for your work! They need you! So do I! :) Are Tyler and Katie (I think that's her name) Barker even a little interested in learning? Good for the Elders for doing service for Tyler. Do you have the Barker's over for dinner at all? What color is the interior of the car going to be? It sounds like y'all had fun with the Halloween Cruise! What kind of KNXV souvenir do you want? Michael: Dear Michael, it is your duty and obligation to write your two sisters serving missions. Love, one of those missionaries. What kind of KNXV souvenir do you want? Kevin: Juliana was my visiting teacher! We had quite a few classes together too! She's so great. :) Thank you for sending those pictures! I really like the one of you on the deck roof! Jen: I hope you have a great day at work! Crack a joke or two with a customer! What kind of KNXV souvenir do you want? Erin: How was your week!? Did you get your two new missionaries?? Do you like them? Let me know! What kind of KNXV souvenir do you want? Actually, I already got you one, but if there's something specific you want, let me know!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Erin 10.20.2014

We got pulled off the street to join a taco party with a bazillion people from Mexico. We had a very enjoyable evening and ate tons of spicy tacos while preaching the gospel. The tacos were so hot that I thought my brain was going to melt. I could feel my eyes gushing water and the people were touched because they thought I was crying because of the gospel that we were talking about. Hahaha. Honest confusion. Haha. But I went with it and we had a very fruitful conversation. :D
I think I need to go buy new socks???
an old piano sitting in someone's driveway, I just had to take a picture. Did you know that We preach to the living AND the dead?
Well folks, I'm not being transferred. I just received word that I'll be training again. And not 1 new missionary... but 2!!! WHAAAAAA????? HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! I'm so nervous!!! God obviously see's something in me that I'm blind to because I definitely don't find myself qualified to do it. But, hey, I'll do my best. I might even make a record; corrupt 2 missionaries within their first transfer. hahaha. It was a crazy week, last night we were at our mission leader's home and they walked us out to our car to keep us safe. It was dark and late at night and on the way, we drove through their parking lot and 3 men jumped out from behind some cars and stopped our car. I slammed on the breaks so I wouldn't hit them, I don't know why I was being a dumb-head, but I rolled down the window to give them a pass along card. They all came to the window and nothing but evil was coming out of their mouths. We were in a sticky situation and I quickly had to get out. I told them that we were running late and that I hoped they stayed warm in the cold weather. They grabbed onto my window and I took off. Talk about a lead foot. I shook them off and got out of there. Holy cow. It was so intense! We quickly informed our ward mission leader (because it was in his parking lot) and now they will be having police patrol. WOW! We almost got jumped and kidnapped! It's a miracle because our little red car is a lot like 'Jerry' our favorite Toyota Camry car. It could not speed up worth it's life, but this time, boy oh boy, it sped up like a cherry red Ferrari. VROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have bed bugs AGAIN!!!! Welcome to the mission life greenies! Hah I also got bit by a dog. We were walking up to a house and a Ginormous dog covered in blood (it's back was dripping blood) came running around a corner. It came right up to me and started biting my leg and foot! I did a swift ninja kick to get it off and we ran. We ran and hopped ON our car. After a moment, the dog walked away. We drove away and my foot killed. It only left a couple scratches and broke the skin in one place, but it bruised like a maniac. My bones hurt so bad. I quickly took off my shoe and drenched my foot in hand sanitizer. It burned like crazy, but at least I got it clean incase the dog had rabies or something. Wowza. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN RAINBOWS LOVE POTS OF GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad: President Warnick's story is insane! I wish that we could have a major disaster here so we could do service as missionaries. It's the perfect opportunity for people to be humbled and ready to hear about the plan of salvation. Also, Brooke's idea of doing humanitarian is a great idea, just helping people for a living. :D Thanks for the Ebola update. It's nice to know it's not World War Z. Everyone in ATL is acting like it is. We live down the street from a CDC and it freaks everyone out. Oh Boy! Mom: The yard looks fantastic. I see my favorite bench in the first picture. The one I spent all summer on, just sitting here, doing nothing. It was fantastic. :D I can't wait to see what you and Brooke do to it! I still haven’t' gotten my letters or package, I might get them this week because I have to go to transfers to get my greenies, so I hope I can get them then! It's so fun that you get to watch Dace Face! Give him my love and cuddle with him for me! Jennifer: Is your house totally finished now?! I can't wait to see it! Miguel: I love this city! It's so great! I love all the crazy people here and all the extreme fashions! I feel out of place because I'm a skinny white girl, but it's the funniest thing when the cops pull us over on the side of a street because they see 2 white girls preaching to a gang. :-) Kevy: So fun that you went to a haunted place with Heather! hahahahaha It's hilarious that they made it super awkward for her! That's YSA for you Heather! #imnevergettingmarried Brooke: I love that you dumped out alcohol! You master of righteousness, you! Ya, I'm pretty nervous to train again and stay in Dunwoody. I wish so badly that I was leaving, but obviously God needs me here for something. RANDOMNESS: Well, the cat's out of the bag. The entire mission knows about Usher, so you can tell anyone you want now. (just not the picture) President Harding was just so excited about it so he announced it on a mission wide conference call, now EVERYBODY knows! We're basically famous. I feel bad, everyone who knows says that Echols taught Usher, and they can't remember my companion's name. I guess I have more of a reputation than her. HahaHa. ***we have bed bugs again. ***we had a run down with some Jehovah Witnesses. They got really mad at us when we wouldn't contend with them. We just smiled and they got ticked. ***we're teaching a family from Persia! And he's a prince! Huzzah for the Prince of Persia! #GoDisney ***I ate a habaneros. I felt like my face was sent to Hell. It was so hot. I drank probably a gallon of water which didn't help and I ate about a pound of radishes to try to stop the burn. haha. ***I did a flip in front of some of the little kids of the ward and now I'm one of the biggest topics for discussion because everyone was so shocked that I'm coordinated. I'm coordinated, I promise! I may be ditsy at times, but I'm coordinated! ***I accidently flashed a family. We walked outside and it was really windy.... talk about Marilyn Monroe, wow. It's a good thing I wear shorts! LOL. They thought it was hilarious! ***I accidently put our phone in my pockets of my shorts, so it was ringing and I had to get it. I awkwardly laid on the ground by our car and quickly grabbed it. when I stood up, there was a set of elders standing right behind me. Yep, awkward. I had to explain to them what I was doing. HaHaHaHaHa GOOD TIMES!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN DRUNKARDS LIKE TO MUMBLE!

Brooke 10.20.2014

My Halloween costume!
The district...
I drew myself a unibrow while I was coloring pictures of princesses! It's not even straight!
Coloring books put to good use! and....What can I say???? No caption needed
Hey Family! This week, we had our exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, and I was in Rogersville with Sister Schwab! We got to eat fried green tomatoes for the first time! They were a lot different than I would've thought... We also went to go see a less-active lady in our ward who's really old and sick, so she stays home with a nurse all the time. We met her nurse, and started teaching her! We committed her to be baptized on December 6th! We now have 4 people with a baptismal date, and I'm sure that number will continue to increase. Hooray for talking to everybody! These are our people with dates...Eddie on Nov. 22nd. Maritsa on Nov. 22nd. Melissa on Nov. 29th. Kilia on Dec. 6th. YAY! Also, we had another investigator (different from the first time) tell at us to "Go away!" through the door. It was great! Sister McNeill and I high-fived and yelled, "Rejected for the Savior!" The lady inside the house got all quiet and awkward. She didn't know what to say to that! Hahahaha! Our branch here loves us! They all come up to us and just compliment us on things. It's great. :) Being a missionary is the hardest/greatest thing I've ever done in my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything! We got the transfer call on Saturday...I'm staying in Rogersville with Sister McNeill! Woop! I realized a few days ago, that after this next transfer is over, I only have 2 left. Crazy! I love you more than crayons love color! Mom: I love the pictures of the yard! And no, it doesn't make me homesick. I am sad that everything will be dead when I get home, but I'm excited to work on the yard with you so it will be gorgeous when Erin gets home for the second time! :) I hope you have so much fun babysitting Dace! He's my favorite nephew. :) Oh man! I wish I was there to go on the Halloween Rafting excursion! That was soo much fun! I don't remember being attacked by pirates, but I remember the other things! I got your package at our Zone Training Meeting and have LOVED using my fun toys with Sister McNeill. I got your letter the day after. Thank you! Dad: I liked the story of the excommunicated guy. We're working with a guy like that right now. I was bold and just asked him straight out, "Charlie, when do you want to be baptized?" and he solemnly said, "13 years ago." We're working with our Branch President right now. Woah, that story of the people in Japan is crazy. Good for them for listening to the Spirit. I'm not worried about Ebola. If I'm meant to get it, I will. If not, and I take good care of myself, I'll be fine. It's all in the Lord's hands. We got an email from our Mission Mom telling us all to go get a flu shot. Needles. Gross. I can't wait to get your letter! Michael: I have a question out of all curiosity... what do you mean when you say, "get our lives established"? I've heard people say that before, but I don't even know what they are talking about. Help a sista out... :) I'm glad Anna's friends like you guys. Any friend who doesn't want to hang out with you isn't really a friend. They are the ones missing out. Kevin: Hahahaha, singles ward guys are stupid. Not you, just everyone else. They are all dumb. I think every girl people see you with is automatically assumed to be your girlfriend. I don't know why that is, but it's pretty funny. It's funny that someone asked her if she was black...der duh der. I like the fact about the Bible! P.S. I didn't get the picture of you on the deck roof... please resend it. Jen: Hey, can you send me a picture of your baby bump? I'm dying to see it again! How are my favorite nephew and niece doing? Erin: Mom told me you're staying in Dunwoody... you can do this. I got your letter this week, and it made me feel better than I do in Disneyland. If you need me to, I will write you a letter every single week until I see you again starting immediately.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brooke 10.14.2014

(McNeill, Me, and Anna Greene...the Weiner...we got to dump out alcohol!)
Ready for the Tornado today. Aloooooha! To sum up this week in two rained. Haha, just kidding. President Griffin introduced a new key indicator in our mission. We are now counting our hours we spend finding new investigators. The goal is to do 2 hours a day. This past week, Sister McNeill and I spent 12 hours finding people! We found some pretty golden investigators too. One of them is from Kenya but he lives in Kingsport, so we handed him off. The other is a cute mom who is from Johnson City!!! So, we handed her off too. The last one is right here in Rogersville, so we will start teaching her on Friday!! I can't wait! Melissa is doing well, she still wants to be baptized, so she set a new date of November 29th!! I can't wait! She's the most prepared person I've ever met in my life! We are going to start teaching her 3 kids and their kids. And hopefully her husband sometime soon. :) This week, Rogersville had a fair called Heritage Days, and McNeill and I went there and talked to everybody we the pouring rain. I didn't wear my rain boots because the sky was blue when we left, but then the clouds showed up and we were talking to people up to our ankles in rain water! It was awesome!! Today is my 14 month mark! Someone asked me how long I've been out and I said, "Tomorrow is my 14th mission birthday" and they thought I meant I was turning 14 years old! They believed it! Hahahaha! #foreveryoung Is it super rainy in Utah? We have a tornado watch today, so I'll keep my eyes out. Last time we got hit with a tornado, I had a broken hand and took cover with the Parker's. This time, if we even get a tornado, we'll have to decide where to go...and I DON'T have a broken hand. So, the odds are looking up. :) I love you more than butter loves cream! Mom: Ya, yesterday the library was closed. Did Heather drive herself to Utah?? Is Natha there too? I haven't gotten the letter or the package yet, I'll probably get them tomorrow at Zone Meeting. Just think, when I get home, I'll help you do all the weeding and yard/house work. :) Doris White had a baby?! Since when?! Hahaha, was Tyler trying to knock down a bee hive or something and fell out of the tree? Tell Heather to kiss his cast with lipstick and that will be my signature. :) Dad: I'm so glad that things are going well at work. Have you seen Emily's dad lately? Is he doing ok since she passed away a couple years ago? Dace Face is hilarious! It just blows my mind that he can talk now. I haven't heard it in person, so it's a little weird to imagine. The car's almost done?? Yay! Now, I've milked cows by hand and by machine. Machine is a lot easier. But, I'll never take drinking milk for granted because I know how much work goes into it. Wow. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like animals. Period. But, I'll survive. Hahaha. I will not be able to watch the Child of Faith video while I'm out here. I mean, I have lots of opportunities to, but I would be disobedient by doing it, so I'll have you show it to me in 4.5 months. :) Michael: Those dumb D**'s. It's their loss. You are a great friend, so they are missing out. I'm still going to get you something from TN because this is the only time I'll be here as a missionary. It might be just a post card, but I want you to keep it forever. :) So, when is little Michael Jr. being born?? I want more nieces and nephews. ;) Kevin: Yay for getting warts removed! Are you going to have a cool scar? Haha, I love your random facts that you send. Keep them coming! Thanks for the pictures! I miss your handsome face! Corn maze or spook alley???? HOW FUN! I can't wait to go to things like that! Jen: Your basement doesn't even look like your house. I don't recognize a single thing about it. I can't tell it's your basement! Thanks for sending the pictures! I miss seeing all those lovely people! How is Harley doing? And Dace? Erin: You and Manzer crack me up! You guys are so funny with all your pictures. Feel free to vent...I do it all the time. Sometimes I wish Satan had a face so I could throw my Quad at it... I still have one transfer to go. This Saturday, we get the transfer call to see if I'll still be here to do it. I think I will, but I don't know. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little excited for transfers. :) I don't know when I will be transferred, but I always look forward to seeing all my mish peeps. I want a chunk of asphalt! Maybe even an ATL t-shirt with USHER's face on it signed by USHER.... Just sayin'.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Erin 10.13.2014

I almost tripped over a turtle.
And his name shall be "Bob"
I was so proud of my parking job.
Our dishwasher exploded
Just LoVeLy!!!
This is what happens when people shove anti-mormon stuff at us...
Typical companionship
VanSant clan
You have always known I'm the goodchild huh! And my FaVoRiTe....Nothing is worse than eating your favorite food and a spider crawls out
Ok family... can I just vent for a sec? Ok thanks. This week was... well, let's just say I'm glad it's over.... Just in one day: All our investigators with a baptismal date dropped us All our Head Quarter referrals dropped us All our member team ups cancelled last second Our investigator, Amanda (30's with 3 young kids) died Our other investigator, Luis (Amanda's husband) wants to kill himself It never stopped pouring rain And the list just keeps going on and on and on and on and on...... And the rest of the week basically looked the same too. But ahhh, it feels good to tell someone about it. So, transfers are next week and I really hope I'm transferred. I think I'm ready for a new area and new people to call to repentance. This is really random, but one of the most popular pets in Atlanta are monkeys!!!!! People just walk down the street with them sitting on their shoulders!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORMS LOVE TO LAY OUT ON THE SIDE WALK AFTER A RAIN STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I have a 13 page letter coming to me from Brazil.... hahaha. Another Elder asked if he could write me. bahahahahaha And no... I haven't gotten the package or letter yet. I'll have to wait until next zone conference. But if I get transfered next week, I'll get it then. Have everyone keep sending me letters! It's the greatest feeling when Sister Harding makes a special trip out of her way to hand deliver a STACK of letters to a single missionary. Have everyone send me letters!!!! It's what I LIVE for!!! Tell everyone that if they love me... write me and prove it.... Hahaha Sister White is going to be such a good mom! Does Tommy come to church yet? Did Tyler break his arm by getting a bee sting? It looks good! I'll sign a post it note and send it home today. Give it to Heather to take it to Montana so Tyler can stick it on his cast. :D Dad: Dace Face sounds soooo cute! Has he forgotten me yet? I'm so happy you got my gift! It's not anything extravagant, but I thought of you. :D Wow. The day I speak in General conference... I'll give you a shout out. :D Michael: There's not anything or trinket unique to my mission: it's either gonna be a peach or a chunk of asphalt because remember... I live in one of the biggest cities in America. Hahaha Jennifer: What the flagnob????? Did you move? Your basement doesn't even look like your house!!!! By the way.... I trained Brian well, I love all the photobombs! Kevin: A missionary saw a picture of you and asked if you were my boyfriend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It continues!!! Brooke: Are you done training this transfer or do you still have another one to go? Are you nervous for transfers? I miss you twinlet! ERIN RANDOMNESS.... *I stepped on a pile of acorns and slipped like they do in the movies. My feet flew up and I fell down, but amazingly enough, I still landed on my feet. Manzer said that when I slipped, I did this really weird one handed side back handspring. Haha #likeaboss *we had an eating contest at Bishop Abamonte's house. It was between me and his 15 year old son. Guess who won? Yep! ME!!!! He looked like he was going to be sick after all those steaks, but nobody can beat an Echols girl! *I learned how to wax a car! *a walnut fell out of the tree as I stepped out of the car and it clonked me on my head! It hit me so hard that I split the walnut in half! Hahaha I guess I must have a really thick skull! *I got to eat this really exotic fruit called Kiwi Berries. THey're amazing! It looks like a grape, but when you cut it in half, it's a kiwi! No brown fuzz, just slick green skin and they're delicious.. expensive, but delicious! *the zone leaders are assigned by President to do week long exchanges with our district!!! Wow! A whole week! We must need some serious help! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN TURTLES LOVE TO HIDE!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Erin 10.6.2014

"USHER" Picture hidden until Erin comes back and does an unveil of him.
canning applesauce with the Asper's.
I made a scripture box that I carry around everywhere.
Sister Manzer and I.
Our district... kind of.
Temple with photobombers. And...we ate lunch on the steps because we got locked out of the church.
Holy guacamole folks! You're never going to believe what happened this week!!!!!!!! Ok.... here's the incredible miracle we had this past week. Sister Manzer and I were driving on a highway during rush hour, so you can imagine how stressful that was. I was at the wheel and my companion was making phone calls. She all of a sudden perked up and said, "Sister Echols! There's a man over there in that parking lot standing next to his motorcycle... should we share the gospel with him?" I said yes so we managed to make a U-turn in the crazy traffic. We found a nearby parking lot and managed to park and start walking over to where we saw that man. She turned to me and said he kind of looks like "USHER" (A world famous singer/dancer). I thought the same thing, but I wasn't sure if it was him. So we walked right up to him and it was like he knew we were coming, because he instantly smiled at us. Wow. It WAS "USHER"! We told him we represented Jesus Christ and he told us he was kind of busy. He said to go knock on the neighboring door and then come back. If nobody was home, he would give us his undivided attention. To his luck, nobody was home. Haha. We went back to him and we instantly started asking him questions about his beliefs and faith. Wow. He's got incredible faith! He loves Jesus!!! We soon were all wrapped up in the Restoration of the gospel and baring solemn, heart felt, soul sounding testimony. I kept calling him 'brother' and he kind of looked at me weird, but hey, we're all God's children. :) We shared the whole restoration and he was flabbergasted. Sister Manzer got all silent and shaky and really nervous so she didn't talk much. I did all the talking and I asked him, ""USHER", how many people notice you're a celebrity and come up to talk to you?" His response was nearly everyone. I then asked, "How many people notice you're a son of God and come up to talk with you about the Savior?" His response was silence. I'm sure that that was the lesser group of people. He told me that I wasn't like other people. Most teenage girls get all confuzzled and woozy talking to him, but not me. I kept 'my cool' so to speak and talked with him like any other person. When he told me I wasn't like other people, what a huge compliment! I know I'm weird and proud of it! I am Erin Echols, and God, the Creator of everything in existence made me for who I am. I'm proud to be a princess, a daughter of a royal king. I knew when "USHER" told me that, that that was a message from God, telling me that He's proud of me for what we've done. From the moment I saw him, I decided not to treat him like a celebrity. I decided to treat him like any other child of God who needs the gospel. And now that I think back on it..... how many opportunities is "USHER" going to get to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ? He took our information and left and wow.... what an experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for celebrities! Now all I need to do is move to Scotland and convert Gerard Butler!!! Ok... can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE General conference?!?!?! It's so incredible and can I say, so nice to sit down for a while for a couple of days. :D We had zone conference where we got to go to the temple and then watch Meet the Mormons!!!!!!!! The bishop in it... Bishop Sullivan in my stake President!!!!!!! HUZZAH! Represent ATL! We also had a new missionary training that they allowed us to go because even though I'm not training, I'm still in my first 12 weeks. Haha. I'm a noob. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BROOKE LOVES "USHER"!!! Mom: My favorite talks were by Bednar and Uchtdorf. I LOVE them sooooo much! We got to watch all four sessions at the church. It was nice to sit there. :D I'm soooo excited to get the package! I haven't gotten a package so far of my mission part 2 so this is exciting! Ya, it's crazy that fall's here. It's been freezing here. We got down in to the high 30's the other day. Supposedly, it's going to be another deathly cold winter. Poopsicle. I LOVE YOU! Dad: My GPS is broken and I don't know what to do.... we don't have a best buy here so I don't know how I can fix it. It turns off every time I plug it in and won't hold a charge. Do you know how I can help it work? Even though I don't like country music, I do like that song. you showed it to me several times during my intermission. :D I LOVE YOU!Jennifer: Dace Face is soooo cute! I can't wait until the day that you dress him up as Albert Einstein for Halloween. Then he can be my lab partner!!!!!! Muahahaha #sinisterlaugh. :D I'm way excited to see your new house! I'm sure it'll look amazing by the time I get back!! I LOVE YOU!Michael: Holy smokes boi... yes, you need a trinket! I'm getting everyone something. Even if it's a key chain or something cheap. I want everyone to remember ATL when I die. I LOVE YOU! Kevin: Thanks for chatting with me! I LOVE YOU! Brooke: Yes. Why yes.... I taught "USHER". He's so swag! I got your letter! Thanks so much for the talk! I loved it! And I loved how you marked it up for me!!!! It's funny because I'm doing the exact same thing to a talk by Uchtdorf for you! Hahahaha. I LOVE YOU! RANDOMNESS: I LOVE "USHER" ! ***I was voted most bubbly missionary DW has ever seen. ***I LOVE "USHER" ! ***the whole mission is joking about me as the 'shy Sister Echols' haha. nobody believes that I'm shy! ***I ate moldy apple pie because someone made it for me and I didn't want to be rude. Wowzer, mold is slimy and nasty. Next time, I'll just be rude I guess. ***did I mention I LOVE "USHER" ! ***I was stomping on leaves to hear the crunch beneath my feet. and then all of a sudden there wasn't a crunch, it was a squish. So I looked closer at that leaf and it ended up being a dead chipmunk! We were talking to a lady at the time and I squealed like snow white because when I looked down, blood splattered up my leg. Hahaha. GROSS! ***we had a new missionary training where I was asked to be the photographer! That's why you don't see me photobombing all the pics. Haha. It was soooo nice to be behind a lens again! ***Yes I LOVE "USHER" , ***I accidently slammed my elbow on the edge of a door. It hurt so bad that I fainted! It was only for a couple of seconds, but Manzer came running into a huge "thud" of me hitting the floor. hahahaha ***I got slapped in the forehead by a Muslim. Hahaha. He was talking to us, but his accent was really hard to understand. He smacked my forehead to try to put the knowledge in my brain. Sorry, son, it didn't work, it did, though, leave a hand print on my forehead for the next 10 mins. Hahaha. It was so awkward. He hit me so hard that I stumbled backward. He was really shocked when I laughed instead of getting mad. It didn't really hurt, it just shocked me. Hahahahahahahha I LOVE YOU MORE THAN DWARFS LOVE TO WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK ALL THE DAY LONG!