Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 29, 2014

Erin 9.29.2014

we worked on the only farm in ATL.
our little farm.
Mi compadre.
This is me.... in my true form...our scared faces
Well this week wasn't out of the ordinary. Sis Manzer and I were talking about how we both hate cats, but we wouldn't kick them no matter how much we disliked them. Well, right then, a cat rubbed up against the back of my leg so I swung my leg up... with the cat. The cat flew about 5 feet into the air, hit the back of my head, and fell over the edge of the railing. It literally was screaming!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Manzer shouted: You cat hater!!! Hahahahahahahaha. I think I nearly died because it was so funny. Well, that's what the cat gets for scaring me! I also had a nightmare this week. I got a random phone call from a man who introduced himself as Tommy. We talked for a bit, and he calmly said: Well Erin, we've prayed long and hard about this, and as President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I would like you to speak in General Conference this upcoming week. None of the other General Authorities would like to speak on the Sunday morning session, so, you get the whole 2 hours to yourself. Good luck. The 12 and I will be sitting on the front row of the audience.... grading you... on how well you do. WHAT?????? WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's like the worst thing I can even imagine!!!!! I woke up sweating and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. Hahaha #missionaryproblems Guess what??? It's probably not going to come true, but there are rumors going around the mission, that they might call me to be Spanish speaking! Don't tell anyone because it might not (probably won't) come true, but wowza!! That would be a dream come true!!! I was asked to give an on the spot talk in sacrament meeting as well as an on the spot lesson in Sunday school! Wow! Can you say stressful??? Well, for the talk, I basically got up there and rebuked the ward for not participating in the Lord's work and I was ridiculously bold. I kinda thought I was being a little mean, but afterwards, people kept telling be that they've never felt the need to repent after a young girl's sacrament talk. Hahahaha Yay! Maybe now, the work will pick up! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN A MISSIONARY LOVES SLEEP!!!!!!!!! Mom: Hahahaha. Your emails crack me up! Yay! I can't wait to get more letters and a package!! That's like all I live for this stage of my mission!!!! Just send me anything you think I would like. you know me... I'm not picky! I would like tons of letters flowing through the mail from everybody! What kind of ATL souvenir do you want? Dad: Oh how I love you! I love telling people that you're a secret agent for the government. They all love it too! I tell them that you sort with computers, but that you can't really explain what you do... but that's just because my little brain can't comprehend it haha. One day, I hope to be as smart as you, then I'll cure cancer, solve world hunger, and invent a machine that makes an infinite amount of popcorn. You genius, you. Jennifer: That picture with Dace Face is ADORABLE!!! That's so funny because I drew a picture on the envelope to mom that looks just like that! Haha. Great minds think alike!!!!! Michael: Darn! I wish I could have your phone! I love it! There are rumors here in the GAM of us getting iPads!!! Kevin: HAHAHAHA! I laughed so hard in the library that I snorted! Haha! Those jokes and fact are so funny!!!!! Brooke: I got this incredible talk by President Uchtdorf that I'm going to send to you. I hope it doesn't bother you that I write you a ton! RANDOMNESS: *We went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters and I whizzed out my Spanish and stunned them. Hahah *I'm obsessed with Hot Pockets, they're delicious *Every time I hear a plane, I get butterflies. I'm excited to finish for real this time. I hope there's a party and a half at the airport! *Sorry I didn't say goodbye last week, my computer time ran out! *Can you believe Brooke will be home in a couple of months??? *Are you absolutely positive Jennifer only has one baby????????? *Sister Hixon, Jessica Tripp, Mikayla Denison, and Elder Saunders (in Brazil) wrote me! Yayayayayayayay I LOVE GETTING MAIL!!!!!!!!!!! *Yes, Elder S. is yet another Elder who asked to write me! haha! *How's Brooke doing? How does she like training? *I laughed when someone was cussing us out which made them even madder. Haha. I felt bad #notreally *I committed an eternigator (eternal investigator) to a baptism date *We were having a grand ol' time with someone on the street and they said they want to come to church. When they saw the card, they hollered and said WHAT??? YOOZ ALL MOMONS??? We said YA and they were like WOW, I DIDN"T KNOW YOU COULD BE FUN! hahahahaha *Also, I accidently walked into someone's house, I went to knock and just walked in. Oops, thank goodness they didn't see me. I quietly shut the door and then rang the door bell and acted like nothing happened. Haha I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE PTC!!!!!!!! (Obviously.... which is a TON) Love,Erin

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