Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 8, 2014

Erin 9.8.2014

(Went to a Missionary open house and some friend brought a Photo Booth) Hi Fam Bam! BED BUGS! We've been infested for a week now and we can't sleep in our beds. So, we improvised... we made beds on the floor in the living room. :D It's hard waking up each morning feeling as though you have leprosy and chicken pox, but at least we don't look like we do. Haha. We still look like representatives of Jesus Christ, even if our mortal bodies do not feel that way. We go throughout each day with smiles on our faces and we're ready to face the Adversary. It's actually kind of cool, the guy who came to check our apartment to confirm whether or not we actually had bed bugs took one look and said, "Ok, wow. We've got to get our guys up here to spray this. this is REALLY infested." He continued to talk to us about everyday stuff; cops, service, his best friend, flight school. Then he told us that his best friend served an LDS mission! We gave him a card and invited him to learn more and he is soooo cool! He said he'll check it out and talk to his friend more about it. :D We've been super busy with trying to get our apartment ready for the extermination guys to come kill the bugs. We had to pull up the carpet, take out the lights and outlets and stuff. It's all so crazy. He said that we'll have them for a couple of week because we have the kind where the spray doesn't kill the eggs. So when they hatch, we'll have to start the process all over again. I'm sorry it's so expensive for the mission. I feel bad. It's someone's tithing money that could be paying for another missionary. I feel sick when I think of the price. In the ward, it's really hard. We're slowly gaining members' trust, but it's definitely quite the process. Every day, we meet at least 2 more members of the ward who are not active at all. More often than not, at least 1 of those are not friendly to the gospel and insist on having their records removed. I said in my letter last week that it's extremely hard watching more people leave the church than enter, and that's still true this week also. My heart feels crushed each time I walk away from one of those people's houses. I feel like I'm not fulfilling my purpose. I'm doing the opposite. I guess, by removing their records, it can help them to start progressing again. I think the only way to help me through this is to think of something good that will eventually come out of it. :D We had such an awesome miracle!!!!! We got an HQ referral and the lady requested a bible. So, one night, before curfew, we stopped by her house. When we introduced who we were, she started to close the door and wanted nothing to do with us. I asked why and she said it was because we were LDS. When she found that out, she tried canceling the request for a bible. She wouldn't take the bible because it was associated with our religion. We asked her why she didn't like our religion and she opened right up. She said that she didn't like us because we had very different views on things. She hated the fact that we had our own bible along with the normal bible. We explained what the BOM really was. She opened the door right up. After 10 or so minutes, she was fascinated and asked if we had an extra BOM to leave with her. She gave us her name and number and said, "come teach me more on Thursday!" HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! I have such a testimony of being bold! If we hadn't been bold and asked her WHY, she never would have told us and we never would have gotten anywhere, but now, she will learn about God's true gospel!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THERE ARE ELECTRONS IN A SULFERIC ACID COMPOUND MOLECULE!!! #H2SO4 #ilovescience #nexteinstein Mum: I'm so jealous you went to Montana and got to see your family! I love them all bunches! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR LETTERS!! Now, the rest of the family can follow your example and write to me too. Haha. It's cool that you figured how to use FB to create a page for your family. :D In our ward, we're having the youth teach all the adults how to use technology because nobody here knows how. Tehe Pop: Work sounds busy, especially since you have stuff to do till the end of the year. When people ask me what my parents do for a living is that they both test hot tubs and you're a spy. :D Just kidding, I don't. I say that mom is a model for a living and you're a professional computer hacker. Hahaha. Ok, ok. I tell them that Mom works for God and you work for a computer company. :) I LOVE YOU!!! Jennifer: Don't have your babies until I get home! Harley and Marie can wait an extra 5 months inside your belly!!!!!! :D Hehe Michael/Anna: Wowza! That was the longest email I've ever gotten from you! My longest paragraph from Michael and my first paragraph from Anna! How have you been? I love it here. The area is..... well, let's just say, it an area that I'll be excited when next transfer comes around in 6 weeks. :) It's good, just hard. Fun that you ate Greek food! Michael, you hot dog. Rock climbing sounds fun! Kevin: Was the summer in Idaho worth it? Did you get ridiculously buff and tan? It looks way fun in Montana and it sounds like you had lots of adventures! Did any of the family ask about me or Brooke? I LOVE YOU boyfriend!!!! Brooke: Bahaha! You fool! How'd you miss a spider in your shower??? If it makes you feel any better, I got a bee sting on my right cheek (that's bum, not face.... Mom, don't put that on the blog haha). It swelled a little bit and felt as though a samurai warrior stabbed me with his super sharp sword. : RANDOMNESS……Manzer and I are sleeping on the ground because we're so infested with bed bugs and one night she kicked me. Not a normal kick, more like a kangaroo kick. haha *Last night... she reached over in her sleep, grabbed my throat and started to choke me. I ripped off her hand and woke her up. In her dream, she was dreaming about shaking somebody's hand and greeting them, but instead, she got a hold of my throat. Hahahahahaha She was so confused and I was just plain upset. My adrenaline got so high after that because I thought someone was trying to kill me, I couldn't go back to sleep because my heart was racing. Haha *I accidently hugged a guy. Haha. I don't think I'm quite in missionary mode yet... *I'm pretty sure I eat a bag of popcorn, a pb&j sandwich, a peach, a pear, and 2 oranges, and sometimes a bowl of cereal every time we come into our home at night. I'm just so hungry all the time! * you'd be so proud of me, I drink half of a water bottle everyday!!!!! Huzzah! Of course, I have to pee like a mad man, but at least I drink some water. :) *we have a MAJOR flood warning going around all of Atlanta because we've been having ginormous storms. I hope we get flooded big time, then we can do service and wear normal clothes. I also like the thrill of danger, just a little bit, not too much.... Haha *I got 2 mosquito bites on either side of my forehead and someone came up to me and said, "SEE?!?! I told you Mormons have horns!!!" Haha #awkward #ipromisetheyarejustmosquitobites Also, my torso looks like I have chicken pox from all the bed bug bites. Also, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE PIXELS OUR EYES CAN SEE!!
(Biggest bird poop ever, just kidding, it's a slug)
(I accidently super-glued my fingers together.)
My arm works again!!!(good thing for shorts under the skirts)
(Part of our district with an elder going to Peru)
(Sister Woodruff took us to eat real Chinese food!)
(some members fed us and we had to eat outside because there was only guys)
(yellow eyes)

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