Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 22, 2014

Erin 9.22.2014

Manzer's ankle had a bad reaction to a plant she touched on her ankle!
our gas station caught on fire, it was insane!someone dropped a cigarette and in a split second, it caught flames. The flames were like 15 feet into the air!it was really hot. you could feel the heat from like 100 feet away!
our cute balcony
the leaves are starting to change!!! The ward is a little interesting. We went over to our Ward Mission Leaders home and were talking about the Journey with his family and the wife straight up said No. Whoa! Most members tend to avoid us. I don't know if I've offended them in any way, but we're giving everything we have to build their faith and promote them to do missionary work. I never realized how hard it is to do missionary work without the members on your side, but now I know. And slowly but surely, we're kind of building their vision. Wow, it takes a TON of effort! We even had a member cuss us out and drop a couple f bombs. haha. They got mad when I started laughing. I don't know why, but I thought it was hilarious. Their face looked like it was going to explode. Hahahaha Sister Manzer and I went knocking around in a neighborhood and it's crazy because just about every house we knocked on was Jewish. One of the ladies was really sweet when she opened the door and offered us some water, once the words came from our mouths "We represent Jesus Christ", all Christ like attributes left her. She turned really mean. She screamed at us that there was no Jesus and slammed the door. It's interesting to me that once she admitted to herself that Jesus wasn't the son of God, all her Christ like attributes evaporated.... hmmmm. Coincidence? I think not! Some of the other Jewish people acted generally the same, we got doors slammed, spit on, screamed at, toys thrown at us, and so on.... but I have to admitt.... I've never been more proud/honored to say that I represent Jesus Christ. If I have to go through a fraction of what he had to go through, so be it. I'm happy to teach people about His gospel. I'm ecstatic to share His message. I'm joyous to talk about His life. Everything... I LOVE representing Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We even had a little Jewish kid throw a rock at us. I didn't see it coming as he threw it from behind. But all of a sudden, I wizzed around and caught it just inches from Manzer's head. I looked at the kid and then dropped it on the ground (Normally, I would have tilted my head slightly and looked at him with my basketball death glare, then chucked it back.... but I'm a missionary) BOOM BABY!! NINJA SKILLZ!!! I'm sending a letter this week!!!!! Our bed bugs are a comin' back and we have to get exterminated all over again. yuck. The elders in our ward have it way worse than we do. They actually wake up to blood smeared across the walls and the stench of death everywhere. Nasty! But it's ok. Obviously the people who work for the pest control need to get baptized, otherwise, they wouldn't need to keep coming to missionary's apartments!! Haha! Mum: Wow! Ya I saw the days!! Mine are so long! I secretly want to come home with Brooke unless I go to downtown ATL or PTC. I'm so happy you all had a fun time for dad's birthday! Dace Face is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love and miss him so much! He's probably already forgotten who I am. By the way.... Raquel's wedding is drop dead gorgeous!!! I'm so happy for her. What a man to have scooped up her heart!!!! Dad: YAYAYAYA!!!! I'm so happy you had an excellent birthday!!!! It's so cool that you got to be a part of the temple dedication!!!! I wish I could be there! It's so weird to think... I recently figured this out for things on my mission: I'll have no birthdays I'll have 4 general conferences I won't miss any of mom, michael, or kevin's birthdays Jennifer: Haha. Do you want to wait to bless Harley until I come home too?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Thanks for having Dace Face write me. Boy, do I miss that lil' man! I miss you and Brian too! It's crazy how much more I miss everyone in this mission part 2! Michael: Holy canolli! You got a new phone?!?! I claim your old one!!!!! (mine, with Heather, broke) It's so cool that you get to spend time in the mountains! One day, I'll be there with you bro! Kevin: It's really sad that you can't do your class. If I was there, I would have signed up with you! Did you get your money back? Send me some jokes and random facts again! Brooke: I love you!!! Ya, that's probably the letter I sent! I'm so happy you got it! I feel so weird! When you see me next in the summer, you won't even know who I am! I'm outgoing now!!!! RANDOMNESS: *I got called a boob this week from an old person. *Also, I got 3 oranges thrown at me. I got all of them and stunned the kids who were throwing them at me. I caught them all. People in DW really don't like missionaries... member and non member *Also, I got a rock chucked at me and snatched it out of the air like a ninja. *Also, We had our car inspections before zone conference and the AP's ran up to us and asked if I had an inhaler. I said yes and they handed us their keys and told us to run home and get it, so we missed the entire car inspections but a sister couldn't breath. It was so fun driving in their van. Right before we showed up, an ambulance came to get her. Excitement! *Also, I'm an epic photobomber

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