Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 15, 2014

Erin 9.15.2014

my district (half are waiting to go to Brazil)
Apartment prep for bed bugs
Apartment prep for bed bugs
We finally got our apartment sprayed for bed bugs and so we had to study out in the hall because it was so full of POISON!!
I saw Brianna Feitz(former Orem neighbor)!!!!!! Aldous is her RS president
My meeting with Aldous
Sister Ryan and her Dog of All....
This one's for Brooke.... Hey there Famster!! So this week. Wow. There were quite the ups and downs. We went to a Jewish neighbor hood and wow..... people did not like us knocking on their doors. We had one lady who was really nice to us when she first opened the doors. We said we represent Jesus Christ and then she wigged out. She started spitting on us and throwing toys and pinecones at us. Now I know what Jesus felt like, only a little bit. She was screaming at us that there was no Jesus and it was really interesting because once those words came out of her mouth, all Christ like attributes left her and she turned into a mean lady. Interesting.... but even after that lil' experience, I feel so proud and happy to say that I represent Jesus Christ. It made me smile to think about it. We also met an incredible lady who wants to be baptized, well, we went back over to her house and who was waiting for us? Her world famous old time preacher. He attacked me. Not physically or anything like that, but spiritually, emotionally, mentally, all of the above. He got into my face and denied everything my heart and soul believe. He denied my testimony. He denied the Holy Ghost. I am positive he worships Satan because God was not in that room with us, it was Satan. I was bawling. Finally, the spirit told me to LEAVE NOW!!! So, while this man was literally spitting in my face and screaming at me, I stood up, knocking the chair over and bore solemn testimony of what I KNEW was true. I didn't care what he thought. I bore it and he tried a dozen or so times to interrupt me, but I kept going. Finally when I closed in the name of Jesus Christ, I grabbed my companion without another word and we walked out the door. The member who came with us said that I looked like Nephi, glowing with power and authority. I hope I never have to go through that again because it was awful. But at least my testimony did not waver. And it never will. But on the bright side of this week, we got to go to a women's conference where Elder Giddens (70) and Sister Linda Burton (RS general President) spoke to us. They asked me to be the microphone girl and carry around the mike all night. It was awesome. I felt so official with it. They had me do a sound check and all the other mike people were saying 'testing, testing' and when it was my turn I said 'ALOHA!!!'. The crowd went wild. I had a line of people want to talk to me afterwards because they said I was just so darn cute and funny! Hahaha. I thought it was hilarious. It even made the general authorities laugh a lot. Hehehe. I saw Aldous there and I literally dropped my stuff and ran to her. We almost tackled each other when we hugged and we hugged for a good couple of minutes. I got teary eyed when I saw her and she cried. She's one of my greatest friends ever! Then, to add to my joy, PTC walked in. I ran to them as well. I got lots of hugs and kisses and I even got lifted off the ground from them being so happy to see me. I wanted to cry the entire night just by seeing them. A lot of them called me Erin because we're FB friends and they stumbled and said Sister Echols. I said it was ok because I was Erin for a while. And plus, I like my name. I love hearing it. Well, that was the big things of my week so far! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF GREASE THAT BUILDS UP UNDERNIETH A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mamacita: Dace Face is soooo cute!! Does he remember me? Probably not..... oh well, at least we can become besties in a year when I see him again. :D HUZZAH!! Raquel got married!!! I miss her so much! Where are President and Sister Wilson going on their mission? Bro Vaughn will do awesome! He probably doesn't remember me either. Fabio: That meeting sounds incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to hear from 3 of my favorite general authorities!!! And you saw Megan and Debbi Sackett? Coolio!!! Jenife: How are the mini me's doing? I can't wait to meet them in person! You're the greatest older sister ever!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! Brain: Your email made me cry. I miss you a ton and I'm so thankful for the example you have been in my life. Thanks for writing me. It made my day! After all, this is the second time you've written me and it really helps me a ton. Ha! I'm still convinced you're having twins. Love you lots!!! Miguel: You went star gazing?!?! How fun!!! I'm excited for when I'm allowed to stay out late without rushing home for the 9:30 curfew. :D I've always wanted to see a super nova and the northern lights!!!!!!!!! It's a dream I have, along with being complimented by Simon, becoming an anesthesiologist, winning the nobel prize, be the first person to completely understand the human brain, see what light would look like if you could move the same speed as it and so on. I love you Miguel!!! Kev: Holy canoli boi! I had to read your email like 8 times to understand what you were saying! Seriously, I am not very good with rhymes. Hahaha. Ha! I think that's funny that they talked about me a lot. I think they might miss me and I know I miss them a TON! I'm glad Kaci finally responded to you. When does she come home? It's pretty soon right? Brookie: OH how I love you. I really hope you get my letter soon! I put my heart and soul into it! I can't wait to hug you too! I got to see the fam, but it felt weird without you there too. It was even more awkward how I had a birthday alone. Oh well, At least I'll see you next summer!!!!! ERIN RANDOMNESS: ‏ We finally got our bed bugs sprayed and they'll come in another couple of weeks to take care of all the newly hatched ones *we missed district meeting because the guy came to spray. And then, he was waiting for us in our apartment. So awkward, we gave him a pass along card and sent him on his way.... *we were on the phone with one of our investigators and she accidently didn't hang up afterwards so we could still hear her talking and she rattled off like 4 F words. Haha *that same day, we got called nuns and the b word. oops. Crazy people. *we got to talk to our investigator in jail. He called, and poor guy is going crazy in there. But, thank goodness, he still reads his Book of Mormon every day. *we almost got evicted from our apartment because our insurance wasn't working out, they almost kicked us out for that. *I got hit by a taxi and the driver was so worried that we were going to press charges but instead, we invited him to be baptized and he accepted! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THERE ARE BOOKS IN A LIBRARY!! Extra Photos...
We had to chase after the dog and catch him so we took pictures to celebrate our success
these are on my map

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