Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Erin 9.2.2014

(ATL ATL ATL ATL!!!!!!!!!!Kashima fam...Look how tan I am...makin' truffles!...Our bed bug solution...Stalker status.... this guy looks like Albert Einstein...The Danklefs came all the way up from PTC to see me!...Trip to ATL...Wet spider web...YSA sisters(funny)...YSA sisters) Well, this week was kind of sad and exciting at the same time. Our bishop has asked that we contact all the less-actives and in-actives. A lot of them have labeled themselves as DNC (Do Not Contact), but instead, we thought it meant (Definitely Needs Contact). We chippely go to contact them and they are so anti-God that we help them in the way we best can. We help them remove their records. My heart weeps every time I do it because if they want nothing to do with this church, in reality, they want nothing to do with God, because this is His church. It's so sad, but we do what we can to help them start progress again. We got a bed bug infestation in our apartment, so we have to have an exterminator come, throw away or mattresses and pray that our clothes will be alright. It's so crazy. You wake up and you feel like you just got struck by lighting, you itch like crazy and tingle everywhere. Even when you shower, it feels as though you're not clean because you itch so badly, We tore apart our room and slept on the living room floor. The mission office just laughs every time I call for something, because we always get the weirdest things happening to us. Hahaha. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN CANIBALS LOVE TOE NECKLACES!!!!! Mom: YOU"RE IN MONTANA?!?!?!?! What? I'm so jealous! It sounds like you're having lots and lots and lots of fun! I LOVE Montana! Tell the whole fam bam Hi for me! I love and miss them all sooooo much! And, also, tell them to write me and send me pictures and packages and stuff like that. :) Dad: You're so cute! You've always been such a hard worker and a great friend! I'm sure Bro Ontiveros will get baptized and join God's family. I'm positive. I'm so excited for you to get Brooke back! It turns out that I'll be serving in Georgia for 22 months total! I might as well be an Elder! Jennifer: No wayyyyy! I realized that 'missinoary tithing' just last night!!! Dace Face's notes are super cute! I love how he called Brooke Erin. :D I love and miss you bunches! Give Harley and Marie kisses for me. Michael: You went rock climbing? Fun! You're emails are very vague. Just remember, I wrote you a hand written letter almost every week for 2 years, I'm sure you can add a sentence or two to your emails. Haha. I love you boi! Kevin: You cute boy! I'm so happy you're a farmer! And I'm so jealous you're in Montana right now! How long are you going to live in Idaho still? Brooke: How's the hand? Pftshahaha! I still crack up when I think of it! I love you and I don't think you heard, but I'll tell you what Dad means when he says, 'don't get arrested'...... I almost got arrested. We were right outside of a gated community and the only way in was to sneak in. A car drove through the gate and I sprinted to get through before it closed again and lo and behold who was waiting on the other side of the gate? Yep, a security officer. He hollered at me and came running towards me. I totally would have run away, but since I was wearing a nametag that said "Jesus Christ" and I was wearing a skirt, I decided not to. I calmly walked towards him thinking everything would be alright, but to my surprise, he took me into custody. And he called the cops to come pick me up. As I glumly sat on the curb, I wanted to burst into tears knowing that I was about to be arrested for trespassing, but instead, I started talking to the security officer. We talked about everything; life, BYUI, missions, basketball, families, the restored gospel, everything... eventually we were laughing at the smallest things and he finally released me. He invited me back to teach him more. Haha! #epic That's the short story of it. Haha. Isn't that crazy?!?! RANDOMNESS....... I miss you. *I can't wait for you to see Brooke. *Brooke never wrote me. *did you know I'm obsessed with fruit? I buy a TON of it on Pdays and then it's gone by the next day.... *my favorite prophet in the Old Testament is by far Isaiah. *the scripture I want on my missionary plaque is D&C 6:36. *Manzer got kissed by a drunk Hispanic and I pounced on him. Poor guy. Didn't see me coming. She went to shake his hand and he pulled her in for a kiss. I threw him off of her and she just stood there in shock, trying to comprehend what had happened and I became a ninja. It was a sketchy situation, because there were 3 drunk men. We quickly hopped in the car and left. I think I might have sworn, but I can't remember..... *I have a wicked high immune system. Everyone here is getting sick but I'm not. I think that may have a fact that I eat at least 4 oranges every day, but I'm not sure. :D #healthyasahorse Also, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN TRACEY LOVES PETER AT THE PERK!!!

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