Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 8, 2014

Brooke 9.8.2014

(One of our members has Sugar Gliders as pets that just fly around her house. This one landed on me, so I wanted to take a picture with it... It pooped on me!!! You can even see the little pebbles behind his little legs! Groooossss! P.S. I had a red Power-ade, can you tell?)
(Our investigator,John, wanted to take a picture with the sun-flowers, so I made him hold a Book of Mormon. P.S. I look BLONDE! What?!)
(They say "Everything's bigger in Texas". I say, "Everything's creepier in Tennessee...." this spider had a shell! With Spikes!! Ewwww!)
(These kids were reading, so I thought I'd join em!...Ashlynne calls us "Jesus' girls"...I got in the pool the other day...Me, Anna, and Sam Greene) I can send pics today because I'm on a computer in Kingsport!! Woop woop! I got my brace off!!!!!!! I"M HEALED!!!!!!!!! The doc came in after he had it re-x-rayed. He was like, "HOW??? Just tell me HOW! There is no evidence of any break or damage in your hand!!!!" He was absolutely shocked! The church is true!!! Of course, we started talking about the gospel, and he was just blown away by everything! It was incredible!! This week, I found out on Friday something terrifying... Prez called and told me he wanted me to train!!!!!! I'm so scared! I feel like I'm gonna corrupt that poor missionary! I'm nervous and excited and terrified and stoked all at the same time! Sister Hargis was sick all week, so we had to stay home. :/ I got cabin fever and I was just running around the apartment cleaning things so I'll be ready for my greenie. :) So, there's no news about anybody or anything. The branch here loves me! They celebrated when they found out I was staying! (I knew I would stay, but they celebrated anyways.) Sorry, today's will be short, but... I love you more than Jack Sparrow loves rum!!! Dad: Hahaha, me and Erin are twins for sure! 4 breaks, and really itchy. Sounds like the Echols' curse! Dad, the car is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I showed it off to the other missionaries here! That red is the perfect color for it! I can't wait to see it with my own eyes. I hate spiders too! Mom: Haha, that sounds like a long day, but a fun day too! Hahaha, "Blast from the past" is the title that Erin and I would use about good ole times! I hope you had an absolute BLAST in MT!! Haha, I'm an electronic hoarder too. :) Your dad is so cute! Michael: That's really funny that Kevin asked for the fudge recipe at the same time!! Thank you for all the pics! I really like the tron shirts! That beach is gorgeous!! Where is that? I like your squid hat! You pull it off nicely! Hi Anna! Thanks for writing me! Sometimes, I forget that I have a new family member (probably because I haven't met you yet), but that'll change in 5 months!! Love you both! Kevin: Kevin, so I've decided that I want you to marry Sister Messer. She's the greatest person on the face of the planet, and I want her as my Sister in law. Her favorite band is "Shine down" so start listening to it so you two will have something to like together. :) Hahahahaha! YOU STUD MUFFIN YOU! You sound like you've had a blast being a farmer. I'm glad you're having the time of your life! Jen: How is mini you doing? How about your better half? Also, what about Baby Harley? :) I love you Jennifer!! I hope you have an amazing week! Crave some chips and salsa for me! Erin: I haven't gotten a letter from you yet, but hopefully soon! I can write again, so I'll start writing to my list of people that have written me and I wasn't able to respond to. I have a large list, but family comes first. :) I'm counting down the days until I get to hug you again. Forget counting down days till I go home...that's old school. What I'm most excited for is seeing my BFFE again. :)

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