Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 29, 2014

Brooke 9.29.2014

Happy Late Hump Day.
Sister Schwab and I matched...what the?
Hey familia!! So, yesterday... WE COMMITTED 3 PEOPLE FOR BAPTISM!!!! The first one was Melissa Tunnel. She's turning 50 in December and she's been searching for this her whole life! She went to the Appalachian fair and filled out a church survey and so we've tried several times to deliver a Book of Mormon to her unsuccessfully. On the third time this past Saturday, she was home. She came right out and accepted the Book of Mormon. She said that God gave us the Bible, so why wouldn't he give us more scriptures. She also said that there were prophets in Bible times, so where are they now? We said, "We'd love to come back and share our message" and asked when. She was like, "Can you come back tomorrow??" and so we set up a time. Yesterday, we went back and she was waiting for us at a picnic table in her yard. I said the opening prayer and she was already in tears. We taught the Restoration and she was bawling the whole time. She had said that a few weeks before, she was praying, begging God to tell her where to go in her search because she was going to give up searching for the truth. She was driving past her old church where she'd always gone and read the sign out front and felt nothing drawing her there. She felt like there was something more. Two weeks after that prayer, we showed up. God had just answered her prayers! She kept saying, "You girls are so lucky for finding this so early in your lives. I've been searching my whole life, just waiting to find it. I just didn't know where to look." We pointed out that something (the SPIRIT) had led her to fill out that survey at the fair. She said, "I know. I've never done anything like that. After I filled it out, I thought to myself, Why did I just do that? Even my daughter asked me why I did it. I just didn't know." She was so happy as we talked to her. She said that everyone in her life needs to hear what we have to say. She said that she can't wait to tell her husband that she finally found it! She told us that she was sitting at the picnic table because she felt, "I can't miss them again. I can't miss them again." So, she cleared up her day and just sat at that table, waiting for us to come. She's the most prepared person I've ever met in my life!!! The other two we committed for a date are Eddie Bowlers and Maritsa Pullham. Eddie is a less-active's nephew, while Maritsa is that same less-active's granddaughter. Eddie is in his 40's I think and Maritsa is 12. We taught the Restoration and they both want to be baptized!!! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you more than stingrays love saltwater!! Mom: I'm glad you got my letter! I got the post cards and a letter a while back with 2 pictures in it. I love fall! I actually miss doing yard work for fall. I look forward to my package! I love getting stuff, but I'm fine without it too. So, don't feel bad for not sending things. :) I look forward to helping you finish the house!! I can't wait! Good for Zach Tolman for going on a mission. Glenda will survive because you and Dad both did when your baby girls left the same day. She can do it. Thanks for the picture of Dace Face!! I can't believe Tyler broke his arm! Now, he feels mine and Erin's pains! :) We could all be triplets! Dad: I don't get the Minnesota thing, but that's ok. :) I'm glad things are going pretty good at work. I'm excited for things to slow down. Fall is amazing here in Tennessee! Everything looks like fruit-loops. :) Thanks for the scriptures. I love Enos. He's one of my heroes. The car is really coming along!! Yay! I hope you have a great week! Michael: Noble. :) What kinds of things do you and Anna like to do? Do you have any special movies or songs? What do you two do on holidays? I'm glad your job isn't the worst one you've had. Gross...bums. Yuck! Kevin: Hahaha, cereal in root beer, seaweed, and Jabeneros. :) I ate Ghost Pepper beef jerky the other day. Man, THAT was hot. It was really good though. The people watching me eat it didn't think a skinny little white girl would show 'em how it's done!! My eyes got a little teary, but after a few minutes, everything was back to normal. Take some random pictures of you for me this week! Jen: Happy bump day! Oh, I guess EVERY day is bump day for you. :) YAY for baby bumps! Erin: So, I've decided that you should be me for Halloween. Just sayin'. Just kidding! Only if you want. :) Way to wear that name tag the way it's meant to be worn...proudly. :)

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