Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 22, 2014

Brooke 9.22.2014

Brooke and her companion Sister McNeill and an oversized Cookie. Hello Family!! Did you guys get my letter??? This week was pretty crazy! We had our Zone Training Meeting and President Griffin talked about the new movie that's coming out called Meet the Mormons! He's going to show it to us!!!! MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! That will be my second movie night on the mission! (The first one was when I got snowed in in Asheville, NC.) I can't wait! Also, I've decided that I want to adopt the Griffin family into our family. They are so much fun and are so righteous! They're gonna be translated here pretty soon. :) So, this week, we had our Stake Conference too, and a lot of the Johnson City ward was there!!!!!! The PARKERS were there and I felt like I had been reunited with family! I also got to see Kyle, Shalise, Jessica Callahan, Brother Woodhouse, Bishop and Sister Roberts, Sister Numbers, the Mathsons, and a whole bunch of other people! Man I miss that ward! I love that I got to see many of them. :) I absolutely LOVE Tennessee! It's so different from anything I expected, but I love it! I love the accent and the people, and the culture! (Not so much the fried food, but other things are good!) You'd think after over a year of getting up at 6:30 am, that I'd be used to it by now, but NOPE! Every day, it's like the walking dead around here when the alarm goes off. Sister McNeill is a crazy morning person, so she is super chipper and just chatters while my eyes are still glued shut and I can't walk in a straight line. Also, 10:30 never felt so late. By the time it's lights out, I feel like it's 4 in the morning. Craziness! I love you all!!!! Muah! :) (That's what Jen would do!) I love you more than books love pages! Mom: Mom, did you get the text from Sister Stockinger? I think she sent you a picture of us with a giant cookie... I'm so glad Dad had an amazing birthday! That guy deserves it! :) And, yuns got to babysit the cutest nephew in existence. :) I how I love my Dace Face. Is he obsessed with Iron Man? From everything you send me, it seems like he LOVES him. He chose well. Robert Downey Jr. for life!!! I'm also glad you got to celebrate with Alex. It seems like there's a lot of things to do where he is. Fun! The leaves are starting to change here too. :) I like the colors, but NOT the cold! That's why I'm meant to be African, I think. ;) Raquel's wedding looks gorgeous! I like the picture with the red arrow pointing at a random lady in the back. :) Made me laugh. Haha. Is that shirt for me????? YAYAYAYAYA if it is!!! That picture is my favorite of all you good looking people in red! :) Dad: I'm so happy you had a great birthday! Birthdays are my favorite. :) I'm also glad you got my funny giraffe card! I thought it was pretty brilliant if I do say so myself. What gifts did you get? Are you going to finish the car before I get home? Wow, the Ogden Temple Dedication sounds like it was amazing. I can't wait to be able to go to the temple again! Have a great week! P.S. how did you Run From Work 5K go? Michael: Haha, squaw peak="make-out point" remember?? :) Hahahahahaha! What kind of phone did you get? Have someone take a picture of you with it and send it to me. I like to see these things. Is it still Tron themed? Wow, so you get to just do fun things with your clients? Is the one who recorded it the same one you tackled? What other things do you get to do? Anna still didn't write me, but that seems normal... :) Man, it TERRIFYING being a trainer. I feel inadequate every day. Kevin: That's crazy! Wait, what school session are you talking about? Are you going to school all of a sudden? Have a great week and eat something crazy for me! Jen: Yayayayayayayaya!!! Thank you soooo much Jennifer! You have no idea how much that means to me! That will be one of the best things that happens to me as a recently returned missionary! THANK YOU!! :) Hahaha, Dace's email is really funny. What was he so excited about? I love you and your beautiful family! (except Brian...I just love him because he's family. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just kidding! I really do love him too! :)) Erin: You better be ready to be tackled at the airport... I think I got your letter! Is it the one where you drew Jesus? Way to be boss and wear that name tag proudly. Also, you are hillarious! ALOHA!!! Hahaha, you crack me up! Woah small world! Brianna Feitz was there of all places?? "Old Brooke" Woop woop! I love your style of clothes! You're so cute!

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